Did you know that passengers too have certain responsibilities? Most of the travellers think it is the authorities who should know everything properly but passengers must be informed as well. There are certain responsibilities of passengers too. The topic is not much discussed and we would like to put some light on it. Read on if you want to know…

1. Passengers who do not have any reservations must travel by the unreserved class or try booking last minute if they get a spot. Also, they must have a station ticket otherwise the TC could fine you.

2. All the passengers should arrive few minutes early at the station before their trains arrive.

3. Passengers with heavy baggage must keep bags locked and safe. Also, an important tip – if you have lots to carry, try travelling with one bag as it will be easy to load and unload in the train. You cannot take care of too many little bags.

4. People travelling with kids have to be careful at crowded stations. The crowd can separate your child from you and then a lot of problems come in the picture.

5. All the travellers can now buy unreserved train tickets 3 days before their travel date. This is to avoid last minute rush at the counters. You can also cancel the old ticket and buy a new one in case you change your timing. Usually tickets get cancelled on the spot at the station on the reservation counters.

6. You can buy unreserved tickets from any station to every station.

7. If you have booked your train tickets, make sure you check the status. Indian railways PNR status can be checked on TravelKhana. Just enter your 10 digit number and you can get all the details.

8. Kids who are on 5 years and younger must have a half ticket if they are travelling by the unreserved class. And kids who are 12 years and above must have a full ticket.

9. Always check your tickets before logging off from the website or leaving the counter.

10. There are a lot of illegal measures to get unreserved or any train tickets. It is better to book through the IRCTC website or from a station. Do not trust any random person selling tickets near or outside stations.

11. In the railway rule book, it shows that unreserved passengers can carry 35 kg per adult and 17 kg per child wherever they are travelling. If the weight exceeds the basic weight allowed then passengers have to book for extra luggage according to their needs. If they fail to do so, you will end up paying a lot if a TC or a staff member checks.

12. If the train fails to make it, go and cancel or change the ticket information. You cannot travel in another train with any ticket. If a ticket collector or examiner catches you then you could get into trouble and will have to pay a fine.

We hope this guide helped you. Keep all these rules in mind before you go against any rules and regulations.

Responsibilities of passengers while travelling in trains

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