In India, most of the people prefer to travel by train as it is the cheapest and most convenient form of transport. In fact, travelling has indeed become easy with the advent of online reservation system. One does not have to move from pillar to post to get their ticket booked. All you need to do is to have a glance at the Irctc time table and find out the route the train is covering. If you have a travel schedule in front of you, it becomes easy to plan your holidays not only for the Indian tourists, but the foreign visitors to the country, as well.

The internet has ensured that one has greater access to the train schedules. One of the major advantages of online ticket booking is that it allows you to book tickets till the last minute the charts are prepared. All one needs to do is to book the tickets from the comfort of their home and ensure that the print out is ready. This ensures that one does not have to stand in the steady queues of the railway reservation system. The technology along with the superior customer service ensures that travelling has become easy as readymade information is available at the finger tips.

The major advantage of this form of booking over the counter as well as phone booking is that you can compare the prices along with the discounts. So, if you are going on a journey where a single penny is worth a million dollars, a proper time table ensures that with the help of the time table, everything is well planned in advance.

Advantages –

  • One is aware of the arrival as well as the departure of the train.

  • You are aware of the route the train is covering.

  • You can plan for your travel in advance as one is aware of the fares along with the rules.

  • The changes of the train within a given journey are mentioned.

Disadvantages –

  • Permanent changes to a train journey here and there are generally not updated in a seasonal time table.

  • The time table does not show if any cancellation has taken place, say, for example, if the staff is on strike or any natural calamity has occurred.

  • Time tables do not fare the exact fares. If you do a research, you may find cheaper fares.

In spite of a majority of population travelling by the railways, the schedules are bound to get hit. In such a scenario, the food aspect is the one which is most affected. Considering the fact that the food quality in the Indian railways has not been so great, lot of private vendors have emerged. They services are focused on quality and the taste is of superior standards. All you need to do is to log into the website of the company and place the order. In fact, most of them have convenient payment options and all major debit cards are accepted.

The Railway Time Table and The Benefits of It

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