Reaching Gateway of India in a hassle free manner

Gateway of India is one of the iconic and heritage centers in Mumbai. On one side is the Taj hotel and the other side is Arabian Sea. This monument has witnessed tide along with time, and people who visit Mumbai for sure pay a visit. For people staying in Mumbai, you can take a train to Churchgate and from them avail a share cab or taxi. If you are of the adventurous type, you can take a walk along the length of the road to other British era buildings on route to the city. To have a spending view of this monument you can take a ferry and the view of the Arabian Sea and Taj Hotel in the background is bound to leave you craving for more.

The nearest railway station to gateway of India is Churchgate. It is also referred to as Veer Nariman Street, which is a top tier location in South Mumbai. This place derives its name from the Churchgate railway station as well as St Thomas church. Some of the prestigious organizations along with educational institutions are located here. Churchgate is the headquarters of Western Railway and when you are in Mumbai, paying a visit to Churchgate is a must. Being one of the busiest and oldest stations in Mumbai, it is connected to the rest of Mumbai by trains, cabs and buses. Numerous tourists visit this place and it is one of the prominent film shooting locations in Mumbai.


The origin of the name Churchgate dates back to the 18th century. Located at a distance of half a km from Churchgate, the St Thomas church is the guiding force. This station is the starting point of several trains and there is a mad rush of office going people boarding these trains.

Important monuments

Churchgate is the home of the High court. Narman Point close to the Flora Point is a historical place and Marine Drive referred to as the Queen’s necklace is also a place worthy to visit. While Marine drive is a boulevard stretching 3 kms situated in the South of Mumbai, Nariman Point is a prominent business center located on a land separated from the sea. Some of the important tourist destinations in Mumbai like the Elephanta caves, Rajabhai Tower and our very own Gateway of India are situated here. The University of Mumbai and Business Center of Mumbai are also located here. In terms of sports, Churchgate is not to be far left behind as the well-known sports grounds like Wankhede, Braboune Stadium is set up here.

Churchgate is the home to iconic buildings in Mumbai and you cannot ignore visiting it. If you are a shopping freak it is a paradise and there are plenty of options to look forward too. This place has anything and everything, though sari is the most preferred shopping item.

To conclude, Churchgate is one of the prominent locations in South Mumbai that you cannot afford to miss. Hope the above mentioned information acts as a helping guide in your next journey towards the place.

Nearest Railway Station to Gateway of India

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