you know the latest PNR status. Seeing the unchanged status you feel sometimes nervous. But your joys know no bounds when you see the message on your mobile stating the confirmation of your ticket. Today you have the luxury of mobile phone and seldom feel the pains the people underwent to know the PNR status. Now without even slightly inconveniencing yourself, you can get the latest PNR status on mobile phone. Thanks to Indian Railways who has updated usage of technology which is very much helpful to tens and thousands of travelers who use it frequently.

PNR facility on your mobile phone

Nearly all the mobile phones these days have the special facility to check the PNR status. No need to go to the railway stations and stand in queue to bear the behavior of the official sitting on the counter for just checking the PNR status. But with your mobile phone you can check it with an application. It is quite simple process but with much effective and helpful result.  In fact, you can receive lots of information about the railways through your mobile phone. If you are not familiar with the PNR check facility on your mobile phone, you may follow the following steps:

  • Find the ‘Live’ services on your mobile
  • Click travel and utilities
  • Further click ‘railways’
  • Click on the ‘PNR status’
  • Enter the ten digit PNR number and click ‘OK’ and you will receive the latest PNR status.

PNR through using service numbers

There are certain service numbers that can be used to get the PNR status through message on your screen. What you require to do is to type the ten-digit PNR number on your mobile phone and then text it on any of the service numbers. Once you text the PNR number, you will immediately receive the PNR status through a message. Here you should bear in mind that not all service numbers may be toll free and they may charge you certain amounts which depend on the operator . But that should not be a problem as it is your moral responsibility that you pay for the services you receive.

Use of mobile apps

Certain sophisticated mobile phones support the apps like Android apps and IRCTC apps etc. You can download such apps if your mobile phone supports them. You can then use those applications in getting the latest PNR status. You need to have the internet connection to make it work for you. Such apps connect to certain websites and facilitate the dissemination of information about the PNR status. Getting the PNR status on mobile in modern days has thus become very easy and free of any hassles faced in the earlier decades.


PNR status on mobile: a luxury of modern Indian railways

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