The technological advancement and emergence has simply made lives of people hassle free and time saving. No matter, whether you have to pay your bills or book tickets, everything has become simpler and just by sitting in front of the system for few minutes, everything gets managed proficiently. Indian Railways has already been handling such a large network promisingly and still managing to make it more advance so that there will be less concerns of people travelling in trains from all over the globe. Introduction of PNR number is been like bliss for Indian Railways as well as for passengers as hundreds of trains run on daily basis carrying so many passengers here and there and arranging railway seats is merely in anyone’s control. If your PNR number status is confirmed, you can travel in train and if it is not, you will get your refund back and could think of other transportation.

It is pivotal to keep a check on PNR status in order to travel via train. Along with checking it on Indian Railways website, there are other private service providers as well that help people in obtaining all information like PNR status, seat availability in any train, check out Indian Railways time table, and much more without any problem. TravelKhana is one of them and is engaged in the food delivery in trains at any of the railway station as per the convenience of passengers on time. With passage of time and expansion of services, it has broadened its area of offerings and just for the record, make sure that PNR number is mandatory for all order bookings on all TravelKhana channels, no matter whether you are using its website or mobile app or through call.


So, if you want to order fresh and hygienic food in train with TravelKhana or seek for any other booking, always make sure to let them know about your PNR number. Checking out PNR status has its own advantages like people know about their rail ticket status beforehand and could decide accordingly about their travel and could be tension free. The prime reason behind generation of PNR number by Railways at the time of booking is to efficiently manage the overall process and make life of passengers hassle free and smooth. PNR number is a unique ten digit number generated randomly at the time of booking and checking for PNR status is very much simple. All you have to do is to feed your PNR number in a box and click on status button and in few minutes, you will get all the details of your travel and status. Now, you can enjoy your rail excursions as well as grab a bite of your favourite meal, beverages, sweets, anything without any problem by ordering it with Travel Khana and get back with lots of memories. So, avail such services, stay updated, take full advantage of such offerings and have a safe and happy travel.


PNR number is mandatory for order booking on all TravelKhana channels

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