Pelling: The mesmerizing experience

The Indian railway is known for a number of reasons. The reason for its popularity is not the vast network or a number of stations. The prime reason is the improvement in its services in the last few years, and it is not limited to merely a few points or stations. Across the network, one can see the change in the railway which has offered the passengers more than a satisfactory journey experience. The Railway has a station in a number of cities and towns. In case there is not a station in a town, the nearby city or town has definitely one. Hence, to access the network of Indian railway is much easy and comfortable for any passenger.

The station:

Darjeeling is the nearest railway station to Pelling which is one of the known tourist destinations in India. It is hardly 29 kilometres from the Darjeeling station and hence the tourists can easily access it with the help of local transportation services as well as private players. The Darjeeling has always been in the limelight due to its number of tourist spots. Amazing landscapes, natural beauty, pleasant weather and historic places have made this destination on the top of the list of all the tourists visiting this area.

It is also much known due to its importance and history associated with it which backs till medieval period. Even in the holy book of Hinduism and ancient scriptures, there is a reference to this city and hence from the viewpoint of tourism also it carries great significance. There are historical places, museums, hills, parks, and zoos that can make one enjoy every single moment spent on a wonderful vacation here.

The tourist attractions:

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as a toy train is one of the leading destinations here that tourists seek. It is a train that runs on narrow gauge and had got its place on the list of UNESCO world heritage site also. There is also Tiger hills where one can enjoy the beautiful look of tea plantations all around. One can move there by foot or even hire a jeep to reach faster. If you want to have an excellent view of the Kanchendzonga National Park and Temple of Lord Shiva, known as Mahakaal Temple you can also visit the observatory hill.

There are also Singalia National Park, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Batasia Loop and Japanese Peace Pagoda as well as Neora Valley National Park which is most famous and most visited tourist spots here.

Those who want to enjoy the nature and have some memorable moments can have quality time here. Due to its climate, facilities for tourists, easy access to various areas this tourist spot has been a favourite among the tourists. Even the state tourism department makes huge efforts to keep it on the list of the leading tourist spots. To have a wonderful vacation there cannot be any other destination better than Darjeeling and hence for an individual tour lover one visit to this destination is a must.

Nearest Railway Station to Pelling

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