Modern rail factory Raebareli

Have you ever wondered where do the rail coaches that we travel in come from? Have you ever wondered how they are made? If not, this story will leave you proud of the Indian Modern Rail Coach Factory in RaeBareli. It will leave you proud not only because it is one of the largest rail coach factories in India, but also because it is saves almost 3,750 tonnes of carbon emissions annually due to its Eco-Friendly technology.

Modern rail factory
Factory floor

Modern coach factory – 

In India, there are two more rail coach factories in Perambur, Tamil Nadu and Kapurthala, Punjab. But Modern Coach Factory is the only one which utilizes modern technology and eco-friendly practices to make the whole ecosystem pleasing to work in.

The rail coaches are manufactured here with the help of robots configured by computers leading to maximum precision in rail coach design. The bogeys manufactured in this facility have capability to run between 160-200 kmph as compared to the bogeys manufactured in traditional coach factories which can go up to 130 kmph only.

The coaches are installed with comfortable interiors and bio-toilets for sanitation. At various places inside the coach including washrooms, braille is used to help those who are differently able.

It is our responsibility also to keep these coaches clean. Isn’t it?

Eco-Friendly initiatives –

The manufacturing plant uses world’s largest daylight harvesting project. Sunlight is harvested and spread in such a way that it lights up the campus as if it was lit by artificial light. At the same time it keeps temperature comfortable to work in. The exhaust system of this factory is completely powered by wind energy. The 2 MW solar power plant saves almost 20.52 lakh units of electricity annually.

Modern rail coach factory
Solar powered interiors & Wind powered exhaust system

Not only the factory, but the city as a whole is made a green and safe place to live in. Sewage treatment plants ensure that waste is properly processed and cleanses almost 3.6 metric litres of water per day. 4000 water harvesting pits are planned within the campus. All the street lighting is done by LED lights saving 16.76 thousand units annually.

Additionally, 40,000 saplings were planted in partnership with state forest department to make environment green and pure for the people living in township.

Modern rail coach factory
Safe environment for factory workers

There are many good initiatives happening all over India and we believe that its our right to know about those. Next time when you travel in a rail coach, you will experience an emotional attachment to it because you know the history behind it and how it is contributing environmentally.

If you know more about this technological and environmental wonder, let us know

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