There are so many things in our lives that have become easy because of the internet. From railway booking to flight booking, all we need doing is sitting for 10 minutes by the computer. But, that does not improve the Indian Railways system by any means. There are still delays and cancellations, which leave us baffled and angry standing at the railways station. This is the reason PNR number had been introduced. Arranging for railway seats is not within our control, but ensuring their status, surely is. With the help of the PNR number present on top of the ticket, we can easily know whether our tickets are in the waiting list or have been confirmed. If the news is in the negative, then we can acquire our refund and go for other means of transportation.

Benefits of having a PNR number –

It is important to keep track of Indian rail PNR status when a passenger has to travel in a train frequently for business. Flights are expensive and railways are reasonable and inexpensive. Only the reservation problems cannot change our liking for a traditional mode of transportation.

There are several benefits of knowing the PNR status which include: –

  • We can know whether our ticket is an RAC or is stuck on the waiting list.
  • If the ticket has been confirmed, then passengers can be tension-free.
  • Availing an alternate mode of transportation well beforehand.

The main reason why the PNR number has been introduced is better management of passengers daily. This helps Indian Railways to perform better, without harassing passengers.

Several ways of checking status –

The PNR status can be checked in a number of ways. The first and the easiest way is sending an SMS to a particular railway number, mentioning your PNR number. The status of your ticket will be delivering to you via message. This number can be found on all the maintained websites of Indian railways. Those who wish to do the status checking procedure from their PC, the IRCTC website can be really helpful. All one has to do is go to the section in the web page that says “booking history.” Another simple method would be going to the official Indian railway website and enter the PNR number. The longer and grueling method would be ending up at the information kiosks at the railways stations.

After standing in a long queue, one can get details like current location, train routes and some other useful details, as well. The railway counters are also helpful. They can also offer such helpful information. Often people have problems understanding the little codes and information provided in the status. In order to understand them in details, the internet should be accessed. The different codes are like CNF, RLWL, PQWL, etc. Detailed information is provided about all of them on the web pages. Once a passenger gets used to checking the PNR status, life becomes easy for him. Indian Railways is taking an initiative to ease out people’s problems, so we should take advantage of it.

Managing Our Travels Well Through PNR Status

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