The most useful and largest travel medium is the Indian railways. You can go to every possible place by taking trains. Affordable rates and comfortable services are what make the trains more accessible and a great source to go places in and across India. Most of the people depend on the trains to go to work on a day to day basis and travel around while touring or during festive seasons. What are the benefits and uses of knowing the time table? Also, which is an easy source to get the entire train schedule?

1. Finding the train schedule: –

The vital reason why you should track and find the schedule of the train you will be travelling through is for travelling purposes. It is better to be well-informed than to be clueless. You can make better decisions if you know the routes, timings and schedules of the trains. This is helpful when you are booking your tickets online.

  1. Which source to use: –Several blogs and private websites list down schedules but not all of them exact details. Besides that, you will not find out about every train. A trusted and one of the most used sources is TravelKhana. You can find the entire accurate time table of every train which runs in India. The system updates whenever any new train is incorporated which helps you keep a track of the new trains in the picture. Other than this, railway stations too have schedule details but that sometimes can be difficult. If you do not regularly go the stations, you shouldn’t spend time by going specially to ask about schedules. If your phone is with you 24*7, then download the TravelKhana official mobile app and get all the details on the mobile app. While you are checking the schedule and booking your train, make sure you also pick your favourite food. Book your train food through their website or app.
    3. Tips to book the right train: –You cannot just book a train if it has seats. You need to make a lot of considerations. If you are travelling with someone else, ask them their timings and the coach they want to travel by.

Secondly, find a trusted source like TravelKhana to check about train timetable and availability of seats.

Thirdly, keep in mind that train food will not be as good as you think it is. So book the food beforehand.

Other than all this, if you are travelling with kids or elderly people or you are an old individual, select a comfortable berth to travel in. A crowded coach could be troublesome for many.

Set a budget and spend a little for your own comfort. It is advisable that you and your family have a fun, relaxed and exciting happy journey.

Last but not the least, carry extra water, all your essentials safely and anti-bacterial tissues and wipes. Not everyone can be comfortable using the bathrooms in the train. Though few trains will soon be having the hygienic vacuum toilets yet that is still going to take a while to install.

Whenever you travel by trains on a long journey, always be well organised.

Make smart decisions by knowing train schedules

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