Want to get a feel of the super luxurious and express trains running at present in India? Those times have really come a long way when people used to carry their own luggage, feel the vibe at the station of tea vendors and more. In this era of superfast and uber luxurious and royal trains, train travel is not just a means of transportation but also a worth experience to cherish for. Do know about the luxurious and royal trains of the country and go through the following pointers.

  • The Deccan Odyssey – The very first appeal of this outstandingly beautiful blue coloured royal train will make you feel and leave in awe for sure. This royal 5 star luxurious indulgence will make you brag of amazingly crafted and designed cabins, also been referred to as the perfect blend of luxury and transport. It starts from Mumbai or Delhi and will take you across different routes from there covering some of the spectacular landmarks of the country. This royal train is been designed keeping in mind to let people imagine and feel the beauty and living style and standard of Maharajas way back in the 16th Adding to this, there is a lot more that you can do while being abroad on this train, from trying out delicious multi cuisine offered by the expert chefs to enjoying with other facilities to relaxing with a body massage or a spa. On an average, the tariff for the same begins with INR 4.27 Lakh.The Deccan Odyssey
  • Maharajas’ express – It is a beauty beyond imagination. Been acclaimed by World Travel Awards with a title of ‘World’s leading luxury train’ for 6 consecutive years, it starts from North Delhi or South Trivandrum. It is been built with an idea to explore and discover the country’s rich heritage while been on-board. There is even a presidential suite available on the train that would simply give the luxury train five star for its facilities, private lounges, money, washrooms, bedrooms, dining area and so. The tariff for the train starts from INR 3.97 Lakh.Maharajas_ express
  • Royal Rajasthan on Wheels – The train name depicts in itself about the exploration of the rich heritage and traditions of Rajasthan. It starts from Delhi and will take you through different striking and beautiful fortresses and palaces that were built at the Rajputana time. People will get a chance to experience the hospitality and valour of Rajput culture and upon entering; they will be greeted with warmth of hospitality and grand red carpet musical welcome and so. The tariff of the train begins with Rs. 3.78 Lakh.  Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Royal Rajasthan on Wheels 1
  • Palace on Wheels – Being the original luxury and royal train of the country, it actually shows what luxury and elegance is all about. Recently, it has gone under a face-lift and as per the sources, the train was once utilized as a way of transportation by the Kings of princely states of Gujarat, Rajputana and others and also by the Nizams of Hyderabad. It starts from Jaipur and takes travellers through the heritage and heart of Rajasthan. The tariff is been INR 3.63 Lakh.Palace on Wheels
Luxurious Trains in India

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