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The Indian rail bridges are now making up their way entrance to international market as well. Undoubtedly, the country has been blessed to have some of the best known designs in bridges, expressway, flyovers, dams, tunnels, cloverleafs, elevated freeways and more. Such kind of bridges and structures play a pivotal role in making world’s biggest rail network. As per the sources, the longest rail cum road bridge is been located on the river Gange in Patna, Bihar and still is under construction. Read on and grab more details about famous and longest bridges of the country.

  • Vembanad Bridge – Located in Kerala state, the total length of the bridge is 4.62 km. Supposed to be connecting Vallarpadam and Edappally in Kochi, the bridge is been dedicated to only carrying goods train and traffic and it runs about 15 trains each day. Constructed over the backwaters of famous Vembanad lake, it used to cross by nearby 3 small islands. In India, Vembanad lake is been considered as the longest lakes and is also used for traditional sports of Nehru Trophy Snake boat race.Vembanad Bridge
  • Upper Son bridge – Also been famously been called as Nehru Setu rail bridge, it is the second largest rail bridges in the country having a total length of 3.065 km. This rail bridge is been constructed over Son River in the state of Bihar, India and this popular river road bridge is been running parallel to the long Nehru Setu rail bridge.Upper Son bridge
  • Havelock bridge – Being 2.7 km long, it is also famously been called around as old Godavari bridge constructed over the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. At present, it is used to host civic water supply pipelines. There is another one that is been famous as Kovvur Rajahmundry bridge that is Asia’s second largest rail cum road bridge crossing a water body.Havelock bridge
  • Mahanadi rail bridge – It is 2.1 km long, and is been constructed over great and famous Mahanadi river situated nearby Cuttack in the Orissa state. Adding to this, the great river is also been known and famous to be holding one of the largest dams in the country that is Hirakud Dam situated by Sambalpur district.Mahanadi rail bridge
  • Pamban bridge – Reckoned as the second longest sea bridge of the country, it has a total length of about 2.065 km. Being India’s first sea bridge and third largest rail bridges of the country, it is been built across the Palk strait water body. Also been famous as the Rameshwaram bridge, it connects Rameshwaram island to other parts of the country.Pamban bridge
  • Sharavathi river bridge – Sharavathi river is been famous as the major river of Karnataka state and is 2.06 km long and situated nearby Honnavar. The river basin actually lies in the much known Western Ghats and that is also been recognized as a home to fauna and flora rare species forming the very much recognized Jog waterfalls.Sharavathi river bridge

Hope, the information about the rail bridges is clear and informative. If you haven’t been to any of them, try travelling over them and simply capture a lifetime moment.

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