There is good news for all train travellers, Indian railways has connected all locomotives operating with ISRO satellites. Now it has become easier for all to keep a track of all trains and according to the same feed the control charts depicting information related to showing the train’s arrival timing, departure timing and so. In the New Year, a new start has been made and as per a senior railway officer, the train details and movement status will be fetched and fed to the control charts using ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization that is a satellite based real time train information system in an automatic way. As per the official, the system was executed on 8th January this year on few trains including New Delhi Patna express, Delhi Jammu routes, New Delhi Amritsar express and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra and Bandra Terminus.


Adding to this, this system is going to help Railways to advance its railway network and control room for effective train movement all across the network. This step will be taken to further improvise the preciseness of fetching train running related information. Wondering about this system is going to work? The RTIS device is installed in the locomotives that will detect the speed and position of the train using geo GAGAN positioning system. Based on the application logic and information fetched, the device will send you the exact train movement updates including its arrival and departure, unscheduled halts, run through halts, mid section updates and send it to the central location server in the CRIS data center using MSS – Mobile Satellite Service of ISRO.


After processing of the information in CLS, it will be relayed to the control office application that is COA system for automatic control charts plotting and that too without any manual intervention in the respective divisions. COA is been already integrated with NTES and Railways is also working with ISRO to utilize the satellite system in order to check accidents if here are any at unmanned railway crossings along with track train movements. Earlier, when Railways was working with ISRO on a pilot project, the department has installed space agency developed IC – integrated circuit chips on some of the locomotives. The regional Indian navigation satellite system was utilized and accessed to alert road users of arriving or leaving trains via hooters installed at various road crossings. Now, the department of Railways has annihilated all the unmanned level crossing excluding the one in Uttar Pradesh, due to some local concerns. Prior to this technique that has been developed by CRIS with ISRO, the divisional controls related to the train running and movement were dependent somehow on the information that is been provided by the station master to the controller and the relevant data was fed in the control chart manually but now with this system, it becomes lot easier and smooth to know the position and details of the train.


Indian Railways connects Locomotives via ISRO satellites

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