Indian Railways is regarded to be the life support system of the country. It is also the biggest railway system of the world that functions under single administration. Train journey from tourist’s view point unlocks an avenue by which the traveler can take glimpse of the country from an exceptional standpoint.

An Important Mode of Transportation –

Moreover, the Indian Railways covers about 62,000 km of rail, which is about 7,500 stations as well as over 7,800 locomotives that is indeed a marvel by itself. In short, people from all segments of the society and throughout the country have been depending on the Indian railways for travelling to and fro to places of their choices for various reasons.

Different Classes –

The Indian railways have introduced different classes to suit the affordability and comfort of the travelers, irrespective of the destination traveled by them. The various classes present in any train include First Class, 2nd AC, 1st Ac, Sleeper Class, unreserved class and 3rd AC. The ordinary budgeted traveler can travel without any hassle in the general sleeper class. In case, money is not the issue and the individual is eager to have modest seclusion amount, the travelling in first class can be a better option to avail. Using spot my train online utility one can track train location, it is easier to.

Understanding the Different Classes of a General Train –

  • 1st AC: These are air conditioned saloons having two or four bunks, personal basin for washing hands, inclusive of bedding. It is luxurious, comfortable and pretty expensive.
  • 2nd AC: These are air conditioned having four bunks, next best to 1st AC and half its rate.
  • 1st Class (Non AC): It is similar to that of 1st Class AC, however, devoid of air conditioning or bedding and much economical.
  • 3rd AC: It has fully air conditioned coaches having 6 bunks for each compartment. Although a bit overcrowded, it is tidy, relaxing and expensive as well.
  • Sleeper Class: It is similar to that of 3rd AC, however without bedding or air conditioning and is normally packed.
  • Unreserved 2nd Class: It has wide open coaches along with bench seats. Often it is crowded, but extremely economical.

If the individual is keen to have proper glimpse of ‘real’ India, then he/she is advised to travel in compartments of their choice and budget, since Indian railways is completely safe and secure for travelling even for single women. With people here being friendly, foreign travelers and tourists coming from other parts of the country would not have much of an issue to travel to any place they desire to.

Availing Gorakhdham Express –

To find current 12556 running status, the individual can opt for various websites on the internet that would provide them real time train information. Gorakhdham Express runs between Hissar and Gorakhpur Junction. The departure time is 4:25 pm in the evening and reaches at 9:50 am.

Travelling by train with a fully reserved ticket is something that is sure to give the traveler peace of mind.

Important Advice and Tips for Travelling in Trains in India

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