Technology has taken over everything these days. It is very easy to access a lot of things by using your laptop or phone. Same goes with tracking your train or any train. With TravelKhana, it is super easy to find out where your train is currently. You can use their track train system on the website or mobile application to find out the location and time of the train. This service is extremely helpful since it shows the exact area or station where your train is at. And also you can schedule your time accordingly since it shows the timings as well.

How does it work?

You can check the arrival and departure of the train from stations with the timing. Everybody needs this comfort when they are taking a train for a long journey. When you visit TravelKhana’s website, these are few things you have to do to track your train…

a. On the main page, you will spot a box, which says type train name or number in which you need to fill in the proper details.

b. A drop down menu will be visible, just select your station and click on confirm.

c. After you have filled the following information, you can either click on departure or arrival to check any details you want to know

d. TravelKhana also has an auto track feature. If you open the location on the map, this feature will keep all the tabs on the train movements from the arrival to the departure.

track-trainThe best thing about this service is that, you can use it while in the train on your phone via their app. You can keep looking at the movement and route of your own trains. This mobile app is available on Android and Windows platforms. Not just this, but you can also book your food on their website. There are multiple cuisine options to pick from.

How is this useful?

This service is very useful for a lot of people. It can help a busy person schedule their timing accordingly. Since the time and locations are apt and 100 percent accurate, you always have a tab of train in the right order. The service also shows if the train is late or on time. Trains arriving late are not a new thing when it comes to the Indian Railways. Often a lot of us have to wait for too much time for our trains to arrive. With this service, you can find out if your train is late and thus arrive late at the station from where you are to board the train. This app is a must have if you are an avid traveller and you usually take trains for all your journeys.

The bonus feature which TravelKhana offers is that you can book food while you are already in the train in between your journey. Make sure you book an hour early and once the next station arrives, you will have a delicious meal served!

So take perks of the incredible train tracking system and stop spending extra time waiting for trains at the station.

How can I track my train?

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