Indian Railways has certainly developed over time, but unfortunately, the quality of food for train journey has remained below the mark. If you think you need to just rely on the food offered by local vendors and panty car, you are mistaken as there are services that offer you fresh food as per your order right on the train on a preferred station of your choice. You just need to call these services and find their vendors on a particular station. You can check the menu and choose an order that is delivered on any enlisted station of these services.

The best part is you can place a food order right from the train or can place an online booking. When you are travelling in groups, such facilities help you place an organised order in the nick of time. While placing an order, you don’t need to pay anything in advance. Most vendors look for cash on delivery, which means you only pay when you get the food.

Thanks to these mixed range of services, you can choose a menu for food for train journey. The food is offered on delivery with a guarantee of freshness. The services are, however, much dependent on the train schedule. Train delays can be hampering, but no matter where you choose to get the order delivered, the vendor will check and track the train in real time for delivery. Next time, you are taking a train journey; just enjoy the benefits of having fresh food served on your seat.

Get the Best Food for Train Journey

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One thought on “Get the Best Food for Train Journey

  1. Sir,

    I planning to visit bangalore in august 2013. my journey will start on 13th august from khandwa by karnatak express train no 12628. we are pure vegetarian and even dont eat garlic, onion, cabbage, potato and we take food only before sunset. will you please suggest the suitable station where you can arrange food for us timely. oue return journey will on on 20.08.13 from bangalore to khandwa.


    ashok jain

    mobile no 09406621015

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