When it is travel time, everyone goes overboard in securing confirmed seats? This is hardly surprising as a vast majority of the population still prefers to travel by train and the rail reservation window is open before 60 days. So keep the crowds at bay and book your tickets well in advance? However, booking your ticket in advance is only great if you are sure about your travel plans in advance. For many travelers, this is not the case as they have to hustle and bustle through the long queues to secure their tickets and ensure seat availability, as well.

Seat availability is one of the major concerns in the Indian railways as it is pretty difficult to get them at any time of the year. However, with the advent of online reservation system, things have become much simpler. Apart from the official website of the Indian railways, a host of private websites provide this feature. One has to thank the internet for going with the wind.  The best part of these websites is that one can book their tickets with the help of a debit or credit card.

The database is embedded in the system for 90 days and all one needs is a user name and password.

A glance at the steps, which need to be followed for determining seat availability in a particular train are-

  • Go to the website www.irctc.com
  •  Enter the details of your arrival and exit points
  • You can enter the journey date or can choose one from the calendar icon
  • Choose the class in which you want to travel.  In the case you are checking Irctc seat availability in all classes; you can tick the option flexible.

  • You will get a list of trains on the selected route. Then you need to select the train in which you want to travel and then click the button check status.

Following this simple process, one can get the seat availability in their desired train.

Though a fact mentioning is that train reservation can be availed with a little amount of planning, yet food has been a perennial issue with the passengers using this mode of transport. Anyways who has travelled by the railways will never vouch for the fact that the food is of the highest quality. Cashing in on this endeavor, a lot of private outlets have emerged.

Place an order with them is as counting one, two or three. You just need to visit the website of these companies, choose the arrival along with the departure stations, select your date of journey and place the order where you want your food to be delivered. The payment options are flexible as one can choose to pay from their debit or credit cards. In case of you choosing to avail the option of cash on delivery, ensure that you have sufficient amount of change in hand.

Get Your Seat Confirmed and Place an Food in Train Order

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