When it is travel time, everyone seems to go overboard with train seat availability. What may sound surprising to most of us is the mad scramble for tickets. This is considering the fact that the majority of the masses choose the railways as the mode of transportation, one need to plan their travel in advance for confirmed tickets. So, no need to press the panic button, and book your tickets in advance with the help of online ticket reservation system. For many travelers, this is not the case as they have to stand for long hours to ensure that they have a ticket for travel.

Thanks to the emergence of the internet as the long grind is a think of the past. Numerous websites are there which provide accurate information about the seat availability. The best part about these websites is that once the availability is determined, you can book a ticket through your debit or credit card. Considering the fact that one is spoilt for choices in terms of websites, how to determine one becomes a significant challenge of sorts.

Out of the lot, the official website of the Indian railways seems to be the obvious choice. One needs to create a user id along with a password. In fact, some simple and descriptive questions need to be answered before you are able to register. This is followed by the arrival of the first page where you need to specify the dates of your journey, the station from where you want to board and when you want to get down, as well. If the following inputs are filled in details, one is bound to get the seat availability on the desired train. A point noteworthy is that one can choose from any of the existing routes or the class of your travel as per the budget. The net result is the correct information about the seat availability is in front of you

Considering the fact that the railways are the lifeline of passenger transport in the country, and a vast majority of masses tend to rely on it the facilities should of the highest order. But the picture is completely different as the food which is served is completely out of the blue. One has to simple engulf the food and the taste along with the quality is no where the picture before. Cashing in on the pathetic state of food in the Indian railways, a lot of private vendors have emerged. Ordering food has never been as easy and one just needs to log on to the website, choose the date along with the time of order and select the menu, which the particular sector is serving. What more the payment can be made through the secured gateways and credit or debit card are the preferred modes.

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