food in train

food in train

Planning your journey right when travelling on a train is of the utmost importance! We book the tickets for travelling, confirm our booking, check our PNR status from time to time, and finally, on the day of the travel, we leave for our destination. The moment we get on the train, and it starts slowly moving forward, we realize that we have only snacks in our bags and have completely forgotten to pack a meal for our journey! You can always book dinner, breakfast and lunch meals on the train, but to be very honest, the food may not always be to your liking. So what to do?

Well, to make your munching happier during your journey, TravelKhana is there!

What is TravelKhana?

TravelKhana is an online portal that allows you to book a meal while on your way in the train and get it delivered to you at your desired station! TravelKhana has tie-ups with a lot of restaurants that fall within the route of around 4000 or more trains that run in the entire country. You will have to order your meal through TravelKhana, and you will get the food delivered right to your seat.

How does TravelKhana work?

Booking a meal with TravelKhana is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you will have to go their online homepage, which will give you the option to enter either your train detail or PNR number.
  2. If you opt for entering train detail, then you will have to mention the name of the train from the list of options provided by them. Then you will have to mention the point from where you will be starting your journey, and then, finally your date of travel.
  3. After entering your train details, TravelKhana will provide you with a list of restaurants that they have tie ups with the stations that fall within the train’s route.
  4. Their online menus will also be provided so you can check that and book the dish of your choice.
  5. A minimum order value will be provided for each restaurant, and hence, you need to keep that in mind.
  6. You can either opt for cash on delivery or pay by debit or credit card.
  7. Suppose you are travelling from Howrah to Tatanagar, and you want to order a meal. Then order a meal from a restaurant in the Kharagpur Jn. and the food will be delivered to you at that station, at your seat!
  8. Enjoy a nice and fresh, steaming plate of your order.

TravelKhana also has a mobile app, which runs in offline mode as well, and hence, you can enjoy the benefits of an uninterrupted TravelKhana service, even when you do not have an internet connection! You can also pre-book your meals with TravelKhana if you want to plan from beforehand.

TravelKhana’s achievements

TravelKhana has come a long way in just a couple of years. It has already received the prestigious accolades of IAMAI Best Travel Website 2014 and CNBC TV 18 Start-up of the Year 2013. A genius idea, and an uninterrupted and efficient service is what has led TravelKhana to make a position for itself in the Indian Railway food sector.

What makes TravelKhana, the “food king of Indian trains”?

There are a lot of factors that combine to make TravelKhana, the “food king of Indian trains.” The three main motto, adopted by TravelKhana has helped it in achieving this title. And they are- Hygiene, Flavour and Availability.

Hygiene: TravelKhana knows that it is essential to eat hygienic food and how difficult it gets if one’s stomach gets upset while travelling. So, TravelKhana makes sure that you get your food as fresh and hygienic as you will have it at your home!

Flavour: There can never be any comprise with the flavour when it comes to good food. TravelKhana has, thus, tied up with restaurants that are actually known for their tasty dishes so that TravelKhana users can enjoy a delicious meal, while on an exciting train journey.

Availability: Wherever, whenever, TravelKhana is always available! You can also download it as a mobile app on your Android smartphone, which makes it easier for you to book. This app works even when the Internet connection is off since the Internet does not function well in trains, and hence, you can book your food even when you are offline. Once you place your order with TravelKhana, be rest assured that you will get your food delivered right to your seat at the desired station.

Apart from these there are a few special features of this site, which helps in making TravelKhana the best in the business:

  • TravelKhana has an excellent service which never fails.
  • All of TravelKhana’s efforts are aimed at satisfying their customers and improving their food experience while travelling with the Indian Railways.
  • TravelKhana has tie-ups with restaurants in more than 500 cities, which serve food in more than 4000 trains.
  • Specialties of particular cities are also served on your train. Suppose you are crossing Mathura on your journey, then you can order Peda, which will be delivered to you at your seat.
  • You can choose from a wide range of options that covers almost every type of cuisine. From Veg and Non-Veg Combo meals to sandwiches, TravelKhana gives you the opportunity to enjoy any kind of cuisine that you want on your travel.
  • If you are travelling with a group and order in bulk, then TravelKhana has special offers lined up for you!
  • The various methods of payment (cash on delivery or payment through Credit or Debit card) make it more viable and convenient.
  • You can also check your PNR status, look up the timetable and check your reservation with TravelKhana.

TravelKhana aims at providing you a wholesome, satisfying experience when it comes with travelling with the Indian Railways. So, whenever you plan to travel in train, just remember one name ‘TravelKhana’ and all your food worries with vanish instantly!

TravelKhana: The Food King of Indian Trains

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