There are a number of people who cannot remain hungry for a longer period. For them, the long route journey with Indian Railways was very difficult as there was always a problem of food on the long route journey. Though Indian Railways really tried hard to cope up this problem and also tried to have pantry car that can provide food service to the passengers, but the food by the pantry was always under suspicion with low quality and tasteless food complaints. With increasing the longer routes, Railways also focused to resolve this problem and finally asked the private caterers to provide quality food services to the passengers with the help of food parcels.

The food parcel service: There are a few caterers, who can offer the service with the help of their network that is spread across the nation. They established a system according to which the passenger can order the food parcel on the website of the food service provider or can all the customer service agent and ask to book the order. The passenger is provided with various menu options and once he selects a particular item, he is asked for his contact details and PNR number. The payment method is also very convenient and one can do it offline as well as online. In the online payment, one can make it with the help of a credit card, debit card or even net banking. In the offline method, one can pay cash to the delivery boy when he comes to concerned station for the food delivery.


The Food Quality: The food quality of the food supplied by the food provider has always been appreciated by a number of users of their services. There are a lot of passengers who felt quite satisfied with the food quality, quantity, packing, delivery and the taste. The service and the coordination of the service provider are really of high quality that does not disappoint the passengers. There are various items in the food that can also help one to enjoy the journey with a full tummy. The service is also effective as there are a number of routes covered by the service providers, and therefore, it is considered as a mobile Railway Restaurant also that can provide high quality food in a few minutes of the order. The fresh food prepared by the expert chefs in a hygienic kitchen is really appreciated as the open market food has a huge risk of food poisoning also.

The supply: The food supply system is much effectively arranged by the service provider and according to it the delivery boy waits with the parcel before the train reaches the concerned station. This helps one to enjoy hot and fresh food when one really needs it. It is also much useful for the passengers who need to have food at a particular time. Hence, considering the overall services, the food service by the food suppliers is highly appreciated by a number of passengers on different routes.

Enjoy the high quality as well as healthy food

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