Diwali is one of the auspicious occasion for Hindus, it is said that when Lord Rama returned from 14years of exile with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. During his exile duration he defeated Lanka King Ravana. So when he came back to Ayodhya ( Rama Kingdom) villagers and rest family welcomed them by lighting Diyas and candles all around the village and celebrated with lots of mouth-watering dishes, sweets and cracking crackers. So since then every year after 18 or 20 days of Dusshera we celebrate this day as “Diwali” some people also call it “Deepawali” that also indicates victory of good over evil or light over darkness.

Diwali food means lots of sweets and snacks items like-

  • Gulab Jamun– You can’t say no to lip-smacking GulabJamun, soft round delectable sweet, melt in mouth and dripped in sugar solution, an icon sweet dish for Indians. Gulab Jamun is more enjoyable when it is hot and served inShikora (kulhad), it is also known as Lal Mohan because of its heartwarming colour.

  • Besan Laddu– One of youngster’s favorite laddu’s and very expected sweet in Diwali. Very simple to make you just need some Gram flour (besan), sugar, Ghee and some dry fruits (if you want). The moment you will take its first bite you heart and soul will fill with happiness.India holds large varieties of cuisines and sweet dishes among which Besanladdu is very scrumptious and is just finger licking when maid withroasted dry fruits and lots of Desi Ghee. It gives a stirring taste to your taste bud.

Image Source: Pavan Gupta – Flickr

  • Namak Pare – A very favorite and easy snacks during festive season  that can be stored for long time. Again because of salty taste it brings smile on your face during festive season.

  • Gujiyas- It is mainly known as a North Indian Cuisine. Gujiya is another famous sweet that is in demand, cones of Maida flour filled with fried semolina with the blend of dry fruits, Khoa and sugar, its taste will take to the another world.

  • Mathari- After having lots of sweets when you see something like Matri or Nimki you can’t resist yourself from having it.There are two types of Mathari baked and deep fried one salty in taste. People who are health conscious and avoid oil they can go with the baked option but it become little bit hard after being bake, I personally love fried one. Ingredients use for Mathari is dough of Maida floor with salt and baking soda, cut it in desired shape and fry in oil.

Diwali means lots and lots of shopping, new clothes, visiting people, cleaning and renovating home, lots of delectable food, snacks, gifts exchange, lights, worshiping Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha and yes bursting crackers.

Diwali is also very special for us because we spend a quality time with our family and loved ones, so after long time these social gatherings are very enjoyable and auspicious. After such a long duration we get these finger licking dishes in our plates.

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