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Delight Your Train Trip with Sandwich Travekhana

Sandwiches are a delicious option for breakfast, brunch, or a snack. It is one of the most amazing dishes that developed in European countries and reached Asian countries. The sandwich is made with bread and fillings of eggs, vegetables, paneer, mushrooms or meat. Add different types of spices, flavors and sauces. order food in train.

You can have a bite of your favorite sandwich on the train to enjoy your journey. It’s a perfect salty snack that comes in a variety of flavors.

Different Types of Vegetarian Sandwiches That You Can Get on the Train

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Filled with assorted vegetables, paneer, chutney, salsa and corn, the vegetable sandwiches are a delight. Vegetable sandwiches can be fried, grilled, or air grilled. There are different options for vegetarian sandwiches.

Aloo Sandwich

Potato sandwiches are made with fillings made from a mixture of boiled potatoes, spices, and herbs on the bread. It is a popular Indian sandwich. It can be enjoyed with ketchup or peanut chutney.

Veg Club Sandwich

The Veg Club Sandwich consists of various fried vegetables, potatoes and tomatoes. In its preparation, 3 or more slices of bread are used. It’s a perfect sandwich for breakfast, brunch, or even lunch.

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Grilled vegetable sandwiches filled with vegetables and cheese are a popular recipe in India. It is roasted in the oven or in a pan with a hot plate. You can enjoy it with a sauce or a chutney. Apart from a vegetable sandwich, you can also try a grilled cheese jam sandwich or a soy keema sandwich.

Tomato Cucumber Sandwich

It is a lettuce sandwich that usually has slices of tomato and cucumber. This is an easy sandwich recipe that can be customized with mayonnaise, hanging curd sauce, cheese spread, or green chutney.

Paneer Sandwich

One of the most delicious sandwiches, the paneer sandwich has a crumbled paneer filling and some of your favorite vegetables sandwiched between two slices of bread. It can be grilled or roasted. There are also various paneer sandwiches like paneer bhurji sandwich, paneer tawa sandwich, paneer kulcha cheese toastie etc.

Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Two slices of bread with cheese properly toasted to provide an incredible flavor. Cheese Grilled Sandwich is served with tomato ketchup, an authentic dish to enjoy for a snack or breakfast. In addition to simple grilled cheese sandwiches, you can also try grilled corn cheese sandwiches, which are filled with spicy corn, tomatoes, and cheese.

Mix Veg Sandwich

With various vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, and others, the Mix Veg Sandwich is a delicious sandwich with vegetarian goodness. You can enjoy the mixed vegetable sandwich with mayonnaise, ketchup and tikhi chutney. In addition, you can also order a veggie burger. Burgers are an iconic sandwich.

Pizza Sandwich

Pizza sandwiches are one of the most famous fusion dishes created by combining pizza and sandwich recipes. It is prepared with bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella, vegetables, herbs and spices. The dish is ideal for people who love both pizza and sandwiches.

Brown Bread Veg Sandwich 

Whole wheat sandwiches are made with whole wheat bread instead of white bread. These sandwiches are considered healthy compared to white bread sandwiches. Whole wheat sandwiches also come in variations like mixed vegetable sandwich, whole wheat grilled cheese sandwich, paneer sandwich etc.

Mushroom Sandwich

Mushroom sandwiches are easy recipes made with sautéed mushrooms, onion, and garlic. It uses different spices to give it a delicious flavor and is grilled to achieve the perfect texture. You can order the mushroom sandwich with hot sauce.

Types of Non-Veg Sandwich You Can Get on Train

With meat, seafood and egg fillings, the non-veg sandwiches are one of the best options to satisfy the taste buds. It is a delicious type of snack to enjoy while traveling by train.

Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich is a favorite of many. Chicken sandwiches are hearty snacks for a single meal. The sandwich usually consists of boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breasts. There are several types of chicken sandwiches, including chicken burger, chicken on a bun, chicken club sandwich, hot chicken, or chicken salad sandwich.

Egg Sandwich

Egg Bhurji Sandwich, Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich, Masala Egg Sandwich, Cheesy Egg Sandwich and many more egg recipe sandwiches. Choose your favorite and order it on the train to enjoy your trip. Egg sandwiches are typically toasted for exceptional texture and flavor. Also, for its preparation, boiled eggs are used, which have a high protein content. Diet aficionados get spring rolls made with milk bread or 100% wheat bread.

Bread Omelette Sandwich

The bread and omelette sandwich is a fusion sandwich version ideal for an Indian breakfast. It is a well-known street food. To make this fluffy, flat, and thin tortilla sandwich, you first cook a tortilla, then pan-grill it, adding chili, cilantro, pepper, and other spices.

Seafood Sandwich

Seafood sandwiches are made with sautéed shrimp, langoustine, fish, oysters, or crab. It is a delicious snack to enjoy on the train, especially during your train journey at stations in coastal towns like Howrah, Cuttack, etc.

Non-Veg Salad Sandwich

Non-veg salad sandwiches are made up of vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, bell pepper, whipped, boiled egg and lightly sautéed chicken, tender pieces of chicken or seafood, a delicious type of snack that is also healthy and good for people on a diet.

Now that you know the different types of sandwiches, you can hop on the wagon, choose one or more sandwiches that will make you drool and order through the Travelkhaa Food app.

How many types of sandwiches are available on the train?

Different types of sandwich fillings are available, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Chicken, aloo, burger and salad are some of the most popular types of sandwiches in India.     

How can I order a sandwich on the train?

You can order sandwiches on the train with Travelkhana apps like Travelkhana. It is an electronic catering platform that offers many train meal delivery on time.

  1. Install the Travelkhana app or visit the Travelkhana website.
  2. Enter the PNR number or train number and the service station.
  3. Click the Order Now button. A list of restaurants opens at stations along the route.
  4. Click on the restaurant where you would like your food order delivered.
  5. Explore the restaurant’s breakfast and snack menu options. Choose your favorite style of sandwich.
  6. Order. You can also order sides to complete your sandwich meal.


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Delight Your Train Trip with Sandwich Travekhana

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