Travelers coming to New Delhi generally visit the popular monuments around the city and leave. What they all miss is the shopping arena of Delhi. From its bustling bazaars to famous boutiques, Delhi does not stop to excite the common traveler.

Delhi is known for showcasing some of the best collections ranging from jewelry, clothing, handicrafts and carpets. The saris available in Delhi catch the eye of many travelers turned shoppers.


Being the capital of India, New Delhi is connected to every nook and corner of the country. But people especially visiting from the eastern or south eastern part of the world can easily find Howrah to New Delhi trains from the city of Kolkata.

The places of shopping interest in Delhi are as follows:

Chandni Chowk

Comprising different bazaar and shopping points, Chandi Chowk in Old Delhi, is definitely the perfect place for shopping. Travelers will find many things like spices, books, attar and many other things. The main highlight of this place is its bustling crowd and colorful hues. For any first time traveler, a visit to Khari Baoli can leave his or her nostrils filled with the aroma of spices. If you are not so fond of spices, then take a sniff of the best quality attar at Gulab Singh Johri Mal. Women travelers will love the designs and intricate carvings of silver, pearl and gold jewelry found at Dariba Kalan. Many travelers also love to visit the muslin, silk, crepe, satin and cotton draped lanes of Katra Neel. If you are specially looking for pearls and shawls, then your visit to Moti Bazaar will prove beneficial.

Meena Bazar

Known for its authentic Muslim culture, this beautiful market is situated Jama Masjid Kalan and Dari. Established in the year 1970, this place exudes medieval elegance and charm. You will find shops showcasing different burka styles (veil worn by Muslim women). Apart from this, you can also check the shops that are famous for selling mattresses, pillows and blankets. This place is known for its exotic pieces among many travelers.

Hauz Khas Village

Discovering the shopping lanes of this place is one of the biggest achievements for any traveler. As vendors come and go, travelers may find some interesting stuff on the street or some might just look inside the chic boutiques lined up along the pavement. From designer Indian clothing to handmade furniture, you will find this place is filled with arts and crafts. You will also find different shops selling old Bollywood movie posters, which are quite popular among many tourists.

Karol Bagh Market

This place bustles with energy during the evening. The side lanes are covered with vendors selling different types of things. You can easily get a designer lehenga-choli (the traditional Indian blouse and skirt). Apart from this, you can make yourself or a family member feel like a princess by buying the princess styled shoes available in this market. Travelers will also find different spices, nuts and fruits packed in special shiny and designer paper, which can easily be bought as gift items. If you are a hardware lover then do check the chrome plated motorcycle parts available in this market.

Delhi – The shopping paradise for many

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