It is a well known fact that Indian railways has always been the most valued and availed medium of transport for both leisure and frequent travelers. The reason is that travelling by train is safe, comfort and also convenient for the majority of the travelers. Moreover, Indian Railways is covered throughout the length and breadth of the country, when compared to the other forms of transport like airplanes that are both expensive and have fewer terminals in the country. This is where Indian railways tends to score over the others and has always been the favorite of the majority of the population, as well as international travelers, who seek pleasure upon visiting the country.

Facilities for frequent travelers

Previously, frequent travelers had to face several issues when trying to travel by train and the very thought of having to book a ticket might sound more than a hassle for them. Those taking the help of the agents could perhaps get the tickets on time, but upon spending some commission for the ticket derived. But there are many who may need to travel frequently from one place to the other for personal purposes and might find having to pay commissions to brokers a bit expensive. They were forced to stand in queues for several hours, before they could reach the counter to book their ticket. Having to stands in the sun or rain is something no one would like to face. At the same time, for some, they have to travel a good distance, before coming upon an authorized railway booking counter or the station to avail their tickets. This would mean having to neglect their regular duties and to travel a lot of distance to book the tickets for the journey. All this definitely posed to be more of a hassle.


Advent of online ticketing

To do away with the issues that passengers of railways had to face, the Indian railways had introduced some time back the concept of online ticketing. This did prove to become a huge hit among the passengers, especially those who are frequent travelers. Now, they are able to book their tickets without having to visit the railway station, booking counter or rely upon those agents. These days, sitting at the comfort of the home or the office, or for that matter even on the move, the person can easily book his tickets without any hassle from the online site. The online site does provide a greater leverage for the person to book his tickets and also to check out his Indian railway pnr, to ensure that he has received a confirmed booking, allowing him to travel in style and comfort. All these facilities are available to the person without any additional expenditure. Furthermore, the person is able to secure his ticket within minutes. He is just required to provide little information on the site at the booking page. Immediately a ticket is issued a copy of which is sent to his mobile phone that can be used as virtual ticket and shown to the TT during the journey.

Even reputed sites like Travelkhana allow the person to check and confirm his booking status, effortlessly.

Checking PNR Status: A wonderful way to make frequent travels

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