Living in the twenty first century, you today enjoy the luxuries of modern technology. The people in earlier ages had to undergo several difficulties as the technology was not so advanced as it is today. Indian Railways no doubt for almost a century played a very vital role in transporting the people from one corner of the country to another but the services were not that commendable due to certain limitations. People complained a lot against the railway authorities but nothing fruitful happened until the introduction of technology in the railway services. Today various services related to railways have become very appreciable. The services like getting the latest PNR status have become very easy and convenient now. You can without any difficulties check IRCTC PNR status in just few seconds. Thanks to modern technology as well its perfect functions with railways.

IRCTC website and its features

The website of IRCTC is one such website that disseminates the information regarding the railway services in India. It facilitates several services like internet reservation, PNR status check; and information about the seat availability, rules and regulations of railway, trains between stations, fare inquiry, and renders information about many railways related services. Also it provides the route maps of different trains. In fact, IRCTC website disseminates full information about the railway services and functions towards enhancing the luxury and comfort of the train passengers in every way.

How to check IRCTC PNR status?

Checking PNR status through IRCTC website is very easy. If you do not know the website, you can simply type your query in any search engine and you will immediately find the website. When you go to the website of IRCTC, you can check PNR status in following ways:

  • Find the icon with PNR status
  • Click on the icon PNR status
  • Type ten digit PNR number in the space given
  • Once you click OK after typing the ten digit PNR number, you will immediately get the PNR status

Other information displayed along with the PNR status

Checking latest PNR status is thus quite easy and convenient. But yes, you need to have certain knowledge of internet and make few efforts to get a perfect answer to your query from the site as it is a huge knowledge bank of the railway. In other ways of PNR check, you may get the limited information. But when you check IRCTC PNR status, you can also get other related information like booking status, boarding station, boarding date and time and class etc. Frequent checking of the website will make you more comfortable with use of it and find out more information every time. Also you get the full forms of some abbreviations like RAC, GNWL, RLWL and WL etc. Due to the technology it has become very comfortable to check the PNR status. Unlike earlier days you needn’t visit the train ticket booking windows and stand in the queue for hours just to get the latest PNR status. Just few clicks on your computer and get the required information any time.

Check IRCTC PNR status in just few seconds

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