Bhadrak is a very ancient land described in legends from the age of the puranas. It has contributed to Orissa’s agrarian and maritime prosperity, its trade and commerce since decades. The city is home to many temples that are visited by Hindus from all parts of the country. Reaching the city is convenient via railways. Also, the food delivery in Bhadrak station relieves tourists from the hassle of carrying their own food. The various temples of Bhadrak are –

  • Akhandalamani Temple – This temple is the home of Lord Shiva and is situated on the bank of River Baitarani. What attracts tourists the most is the history of the place. According to facts, around 350 years ago, even since the black granite stone was discovered under the ground and the King dreamt of God, he started worshipping Lord Akhandalamani. The history of the King and God constitutes a place of special interest in Bhadrak. Also, the intricate carvings of the temple are worth a look. Many festivals and fairs are organized outside the temple, the chief one being Mahashivaratri, when huge number of pilgrims flock to the temple. In the month of saavan, people from all parts of the country come here to pour holy water on Siva Linga. This temple is the main source of profit to the tourism of Bhadrak.
  • Maa Bhadrakali Temple – This is a famous temple of Goddess Bhadrakali, built in the vicinity of Aharapada, a revenue village which is some 8 kms from Bhadrak. In order to reach the shrine, one has to travel via Utarabahini and Santhia districts. The name of the town, according to beliefs, is derived from the name of the deity.
  • Sri Biranchinarayan Temple – Located in Palia Village, around 15km south of Bhadrak is yet another famous temple, the Sri Biranchinarayan Temple. It occupies an important spot on the cultural map of Odisha. The Biranchinarayan Temple is an evidence of the heritage of Surya Upasana in the state. Another name for Lord Surya is Biranchi Narayan, the God of light and luster. This temple is thus dedicated to Biranchinarayan.
  • Maa Dharamai Temple –This temple of Goddess Dhamrai is found in Dharama, a small coastal town on the River Dhamra. This place is about 60 km from Bhadrak, surrounded by Basudebpur in North, Chandbali in West, Bay of Bengal in East and Kalibhanjadia in the South. The deity and temple have a number of folk tales to their names. There are a number of folk tales and legends regarding the deity and the temple. According to a historical legend, a merchant by the name of Dhaneswar, who regularly traded with the Sri Lanka, brought a deity named “Pashana Mangala” from the neighboring country and established it at Dharamai on his way back home.
  • Sri Radha Madanmohan Temple – A very popular temple among tourists, its exclusivity is that the temple has over 500 clothes of Sri Chaitanya preserved here and this attracts a lot of tourists.

If ancient folktales, scriptures and architecture light your bulb of interest, Bhadrak in Orissa is a must visit.

Bhadrak – An Abode of Temples

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