Want to know about the most desired and best New Year’s Eve foods? Have a look at the following must to grab items and it is been believed that consuming them on the eve of New Year brings a lot of prosperity, good health and fame for the people.

  • Greens – People love to consume delicious and tasty greeny leafy vegetables on the New Year’s Eve with love and happiness. It is been believed that these vegetables and greens resemble money. In case, it is possible, just try out bean sprouts and sesame seeds once and enjoy the coming of the next year. Set resolutions for the big year and have a great year ahead.7
  • Beans – Symbolizing like coins, beans are also known to resemble money and are must to try out for sure this New Year’s Eve. No matter whether you love to grab healthy fiber filled beans, black eyes peas, lentils, black beans or such, everything will get soaked up with that champagne or your favourite glass of drink. If you are wondering what to eat, simply try out roasted red pepper, lentil, sherry Vinaigrette, olives, or spinach salad with walnuts to grab.1
  • Noodles and Grains – Noodles are famous for resembling long life whereas grains are popular and well known standing for abundance. Do eat a lot of grains such as rice and quinoa and do try out more luck and prosperity in the coming year. It is also been said that to get more luck and happiness in life, slurp the delicious and tasty noodles as much as you can. 6
  • Fruit – It is been said that Mexican pop a grape on every New Year’s eve meant to get fame and prosperity. For every stroke of midnight, people love to eat them focusing on the coming days and months coming in the next year. In case, if a single piece is bitter, they focus on that month and keep that thing in their mind. Along with this, there are other famous fruits as well to consider and eat, such as pomegranates with its seeds resembling prosperity and the figs as the symbol and epitome of fertility. If you haven’t, try out watermelon boat salad for once and enjoy.5
  • Pork – Pigs are always considered and recognized as lucky to have as they are beefy, big and fleshy. Also, they are known to be root forward and tasty. Earlier, in the American South, greens, pork and beans are known to be blended in a preferable dish that is famous all over as the Hoppin’ John for New Year’s Eve. If you haven’t tried it yet, simply try out pesto coated pork chops this time.4
  • Cake – Try to get something delicious and indulge in the cravings especially delicious and yummy chocolates. If you haven’t, try out ring shaped cakes having trinkets baked inside symbolizing a full circle and good start of the New Year.3
  • Fish – Fish is believed to be lucky, their scales symbolize coins and they invoke the thought of abundance. If you haven’t tried it yet, this time go for Salmon with Mango Salsa.2
Best Must Have New Year’s Eve Foods

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