Now finally Railway travel will be comfortable and Railway stations are stench free by 2020. Indian Railways has completed successful trials of bio digesters and  Each coach is fitted with four bio-digesters, which ensures eco-friendly toilet system by treating human excreta with special enzymes produced by a patented bacteria culture. “The basic idea is to replace all open defecation systems presently operational in all conventional coaches by the year 2020 to give hygienic and pleasant travel experience to the commuters. According to officials the system is bit costly right now but the railways and union environment ministry are working on the modalities to share the cost-burden.” Since 2007, the Rail Coach Factory has rolled out 195 conventional coaches to different zones of Indian Railways.

For other AC and special coaches, the Controlled Discharge Toilet Systems (CDTS) had been installed by railways which were designed to ensure that waste from the toilets is retained in tanks while the train is waiting at a station or it is passing through city limits. When the train picks up certain speed (say 30kmph) the waste gets discharged on to the tracks. “This system had helped to keep the stations and tracks within the city limits clean but at outskirts and at certain points the situation deteriorated. So green toilets using bio-digesters is a better solution. will keep updating you about its passion around one of the greatest Railway systems of the world and thus keep bringing you news and updates from Indian Railways. If you need great food in a train in Indian railways network then feel free to call 8800138811 or visit TravelKhana at

At Last Trains will be Tracks without the Stench

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