With the help of the Information Technology, the railway has changed its work style completely. There are a number of services which were in the past just a dream, butat present they are facts. There are a number of such services started recently only and have got grand response from different sectors of the society. Once upon a time there were huge queues seen at the inquiry counter of the railway station while nowadays one can simply log on the website of the railway and can get all the necessary information about a train.

The Tracking of the Train:-

There is a system for train tracking online. It provides complete information about the train which is running on the tracks at that time. It provides details about the movement of the train and update the inquirers accordingly with the help of the internet. The IT department of the railway keeps on updating the status of the train on a real time basis. Therefore, the person, whoeverinquires gets the perfect information about the train. Hence, it is useful to many people associated with the movement of the train in different ways.

The System:-

One can log on the website of the Indian Railway. To track your train online, there is a special portal provided there namely spoturtrain. One can move there and click on it to open the portal. Immediately it opens and asks for the train number about which one wants to know. One just needs to enter the concerned train number and in a few seconds all the relevant details of the same is provided on the screen. The information includes the train name, the last station, it stopped, the time of the halt and the next station of the train. It also includes the time when the train will arrive at the final destination. Hence, it provides complete information about the train. For example, if one wants to check the 12802 train running status, one needs to enter the train number 12802 in the portal.

The Utility:-

This facility is much useful to them who needs to reach a particular destination at a particular time. In such case one can check if the train is running as per schedule or running later than it. One can change his further plan according to the train or can arrange for alternate modes of transportation to reach at a particular destination at a particular time. It also helps to a number of various service providers who are dependent on the movement of a particular train. This facility is much helpful when one needs to receive the guests at the railway station or meet the people who are passing through concerned train. Hence, with this new system many people can save their time as well as make necessary changes in his schedule.

There are many new systems launched by the railway and the TravelKhana has also started the food supply service in the railway to provide delicious and fresh food to the travellers.

An Advanced Facility for the Train Tracking

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