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Indian Railways is one of the best means of transportation in India. Many people depend on it to get around the country. In order to improve its service and convenience, Indian Railways keeps working on it. This time, the world’s fourth largest railway network has announced the Amrit Bharat program to transform India’s thousands of railway stations, making them more beautiful and modern. 

Ministry of Railways has formulated a new policy for modernization of stations named “Amrit Bharat Scheme”. Order Food in Train – Travelkhana

What is Amrit Bharat Scheme?

The Amrit-Bharat scheme replaces the existing railway scheme called the Adarsh Station Scheme. The Adarsh scheme was announced in 2009 for the beautification and modernization of the station with an annual turnover of less than Rs 20 crore and a passenger volume of less than 5 million.

The Amrit Bharat program aims to improve and modernize the resort facilities. Under the project, more than 1,000 stations will be equipped with master plans to continuously develop stations with a long-term vision. The railway zone is in charge of selecting the station for the renovation offensive.

Aims of the Amrit Bharat Scheme

Amrit Bharat Scheme

Infrastructure Development of Station

The Amrit program focuses on the construction of raised platforms in all station categories and the development of a well-covered drainage system on the platform. In addition, it also aims to build structures beyond the minimum equipment (MEA) and develop rooftops, cafeterias, town centers and train stations. The program will widen the streets and introduce special pedestrians to make the station easily accessible to people. Undesirable structures will be removed, well-planned parking areas will be created, and proper signage and lighting will be installed on the station grounds.

Enhancement of Amenities at Station

A free Wi-Fi facility is available to passengers at the station. Better furniture will be installed in waiting rooms, platforms, rest rooms and offices. This allows passengers to feel comfortable and travel well on the train. It is also planned to consider the space to install the 5G tower.

 Things will be Made Easier for Divyangjan

As per the rules and regulations of the Railway Board of India, there will be an upgrade in the facilities which will be made available to Divyangajan. Especially for Divyangjan, the toilets are built in sufficient numbers, easily accessible and visible to them. The order of cleaning is also ensured within the framework of the regulations. Other facilities are also available for the passengers.

How It Will Impact the Journey Experience of Passengers

  1. When passengers arrive at the station without seeing the live train running status and find that the train is delayed, they can wait quietly at the station.
  2. Thanks to the availability of WiFi, passengers can easily download movies, series and books for their entertainment package at the station.
  3. Under the schedule, modernization will occur in phases and as an ongoing process.
  4. Raised platforms will reduce the number of accidents on the train tracks.
  5. As part of the program, the facility is focused on Divyangjan. Passengers with special abilities can benefit and enhance their travel experience.
  6. If the accessibility of the station is improved, catering on trains will be improved.

Overall, the program will completely transform the train traveler’s experience. The improvement of lighting will change the safety of rail passengers. Travelers can easily get on or off the train at night without worrying about safety. As part of the program, small stations are also taken into account and included in the series of developments. In addition, rail information and food apps for train travelers will work more efficiently and make the journey easier for travelers. In addition, you can also use the Travelkhana train app to make your travel more convenient. The app helps you check train running status, train schedule, PNR status and more. You can also use this app to reserve meals online for your trip.

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Amrit Bharat Scheme All You Need to Know | Indian Railways

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