Yes, you are reading it correct. This is going to be true and with time all 11,000 trains that are at present in operation and all 8,500 stations will have CCTV surveillance. In its sheer endeavour and undertaking to render a secure and safe travelling experience to everyone looking for rail mode of transportation, Indian Railways is been aiming for the procurement of approximate 12 lakh CCTV cameras ensuring advanced and latest surveillance systems across all the trains as well as stations located all around the nation. As per the sources and information, railways has been planning to make a provision for about Rs. 3000 crore in its 2018-19 budget focusing on installing CCTV systems in all 11,000 trains proffering premier as well as suburban services and across all 8,500 stations been over the Indian Rail network assuring to proffer security as well as safety at rail premises.

In accord to the plan that has been finalized, each coach will be equipped with about 8 CCTV cameras covering as much portion as of aisle, entry gates as well as vestibules. On the other side, all the vital and important points at railway stations will be backed with the systems. At present, there are about 50 trains that are in operation mode and approximate 395 stations that are supposed to be backed with CCTV systems. In accord to a senior Railway officer, all premier trains as well as mail or express trains involving Shatabdi, Rajdhani, local passenger trains and Duronto trains will be going to be backed with latest and advanced surveillance systems in the coming two years. They have been looking and seeking for other options as well in order to fund the installation and set up of CCTV surveillance systems and if required, they could even look up for the resources from the market itself.

With the increase in number of derailments last year, this time rail budget is been on top notch priority in order to take care of safety and prevention of accidents as could be possible. It is been even followed up with the thought to enhance and improvise passenger amenities assuring to make their journey pleasant and memorable. As per Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley, he would disclose all the details of the provision in his budget 2018-19 for strengthening and empowering safety mechanism in train operations. The highlights of the budget will be replacement of all old tracks, elimination of 4,943 unmanned level crossings and strengthening of the remaining tracks involving other safety related proposals as well. Adding to this, unmanned level crossings and track defects are been among the prime reasons for so many derailments and train accidents so far. A rail officer stated that it has been finalized to eliminate all the unmanned level crossings by the year 2020.

All 8,500 stations and 11,000 trains will have CCTV surveillance

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