With the winter season approaching and temperature dipping, the urge to consume sweets is natural. The famous gajaks, halwas, sweets always remain in high demand especially in winter time not just because they taste yum and tasty but also as they keep you warm during the cold weather. Want to have a look at the must-try Indian sweets that you should eat. Have a look at the items below.

  • Gajar ka Halwa – With the onset of winter, carrot is among those vegetable that comes as a delight and this bright red coloured vegetable makes the amazing and lip smacking halwa simply loved by many. It is been made up with grated carrots and milk/khoya and sugar blended with nuts, elaichi, coconut powder as per the desire and preference. Nothing can beat the excellent taste of gajar ka halwa.6
  • Moong ki dal ka halwa – The presence of lots of ghee and delicious taste and rich aroma of this halwa makes it one of the favourites of many. Definitely, preparing this halwa is quite a time consuming task but worth to invest time in. Also, it is supposed to be having a long shelf life so easily could be carried anywhere along and enjoy anytime.5
  • Til Ladoo – It is another one of the must-haves in winter time that keeps your body warm and is full with taste and flavour. Made up with sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, cardamom, jaggery and lots of ghee, the ladoos are irresistibly yummy and are perfect to consume.2
  • Gajak – With the winter season approaching, we all love to wait for those delicious gajaks and different varieties of chikkis that are made from a different blend of sesame seeds, peanuts, jaggery and else. They are delicious in taste, and eating a bite of them definitely makes you want something more of the same.7
  • Gondh ka ladoo – This delight is not only meant to be consumed by only new mothers or pregnant ladies. It could be one of the healthy and delicious treats and can be eaten by anyone who is seeking for a sweet bite. Made up by using edible gum, wheat flour, ghee, sugar, almonds, melon seeds, elaichi etc, it is certainly one of the preferable and in-demand treats.3
  • Naan Khatai – A famous and delightful treat to have, they are made up by using all purpose flour/maida, semolina/sooji, cardamom, powdered sugar, and pistachios. Bake the delicious and tasty cookies and have them anytime you want to, usually preferred after the meals.4
  • Gulab Jamun – Though, it is one of the favourites of many, but can be conveniently enjoyed and consumed in any of the season, but they taste better in winters. Perfect to have in winters, they are hot, soft, and spongy and made up from using khoya, maida, cardamoms, and kesar. Made up into round balls, they are dipped into sugar syrup or chaashni first, leaving them taste magical.1

So, eat any of the delights this winter and do let us know, which one is tastier and personally your favourite. Stay tune for more posts.

7 Must-Try Warm and Tasty Indian Sweets

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