Summers are here! And so is the dehydration, low energy, and heat stroke. But do not worry, I have brought you a collection of easy homemade drinks that will not only refresh you but also has other health benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Aam Panna with fizz –

Don’t we eagerly wait for this every summer? Every home I know stock up their kitchen with raw mangoes and ripe ones too to make different kinds of pickles and sauces. One drink that can be easily made for those scorching summers is Aam Panna, and we are going to add a bit of zing it.

For aam panna, pressure cook raw mangoes and take out its pulp once they cool down. Blend the pulp with sugar and salt. You can refrigerate this paste and take out little each time to make a glass of panna. Take ½ cup of this pulp, add jeera powder and black pepper powder, add ½ cup of soda. Serve it immediately before soda fizzles out. Replace your alcoholic drinks that dehydrates you, with Aam panna. Raw mangoes also prevent heat stroke.

aam panna
Aam panna | Image credit:
  • Angoor ka Sherbet –

Thank God that we get nice juicy fruits during summers. It is amazing that we can use each one of those and create a classic summer drink of our choice. One of my favorites is black grapes drink.

Blend some seedless black grapes, cumin seeds, mint leaves, sugar, little bit of ginger and black salt. Strain it through the sieve to get a smooth syrup. Fill 1/3rd of the glass with this syrup and add aerated lemonade or soda to get that fizz. Serve it with crushed ice.

Angoor ka sherbet
Angoor ka sherbet | Image credit:
  • Beetroot Chaas –

Chaas is a common drink during summers. Infact in some hot regions in India, chaas is mandatory drink before food. It is not only a coolant, but also helps in digestion. What if we present this same drink in bright color and even richer in health benefits.

Boil the beetroot and peel its skin and roughly chop it when it is cooled down. Meanwhile, whisk yoghurt with water to bring to a diluted consistency. You can also use natural buttermilk but if that’s not available yoghurt is good enough. Blend the beetroot and whisk the required amount of paste in the diluted yoghurt. Put tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger and green chilies into it. Heat the drink for 30 secs and let it cool down. Serve it chilled.

Beetroot chaas
Beetroot Chaas | Image credit:
  • Tangy Jal Jeera with Imli –

A simple drink that we all love, Jal Jeera is a homemade invention. We can make it a bit tangy by adding Tamarind paste. Jeera improves digestion while tamarind loaded with Vitamin C boosts immunity.

Take ½ cup of tamarind paste, cumin powder, a pinch of chaat masala, chopped ginger, salt and sugar to taste. Add cold water to this mix and strain it through a smooth cloth. Enjoy your drink with crushed ice, a slice of lemon and mint leaves.

Tangy jal jeera
Tangy jal jeera | Image credit:
  • Rosemary lemonade –

Lemonade is an easy option for guests if you have a party at home. Bring out a twist in it by adding any of the herbs such as rosemary, thyme or basil. It will a distinct taste to the drink. In a 1.5 cups of water, add sugar and boil it to dissolve sugar. Once it is dissolved, add 3-4 sprigs of rosemary. Allow it to cool and serve it with ice.

Lemonade | Image credit:

‘Which one will you have today?’

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5 homemade summer drinks with a twist

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