There is a special connection of sweets with Indians. I know, you all agree with me. There is always a person at the dinner table who will ask after finishing food, ‘Meethe mei kya hai? The large variety of cuisines and dishes in Indian category lends to even more varieties available in Indian sweets that will for sure satisfy one’s taste buds. Though, we all have slightly a strong desire for hot and delicious Gulab Jamuns but here follows some other sweets that one should not miss out.

Malaiyo – Famous as a native sweet of Varanasi, it is simply amazing made up with cardamom and raw milk. Having fluffy and light texture, it is highly recommended to try out.



Chena Poda – If you love cooking, make sure to watch how Chena Poda is made. Dry fruits, cottage cheese and sugar are blended and baked to make burnt cottage cheese with an amazing flavoured crispy cover. Sound’s yummy, right? Go and try it.



Aam Shrikhand – All of us know that how much mangoes are been loved by Indian people? It is a perfect sweet to enjoy mangoes with creamy and cool shrikhand. Perfect to have in summers, it will definitely make you lick your fingers.



Doda Barfi – It is a beautiful blend of dalia, cashews, almonds and sliced pistachios that were generally for garnishing. The chewy and great taste of doda will leave you completely satisfied.



Shahi Tukda – It is a delicious sweet in which leftover bread is been used with saffron and malai and a bite of it actually makes you want more and more.



Lauki halwa – It is another tasty treat for sweet lovers, especially on a cold winter day. A bit creamy in texture, it is made up with milk, ghee, lauki, and yes lots and lots of dry fruits.



Malpua – Made up with flour, they are first fried in hot ghee and then soaked in sugary syrup and bite of it actually fill your mouth with all the goodness of sweet and sugar.



Goan coconut cake – It is made up with fresh coconuts and rose water. Tasty and quite different, it is an attractive looking moist cake enriched with nutty flavour.



Karachi/Bombay halwa – It is a different kind of halwa made up with sugar syrup, corn flour and ghee embedded with crushed cashews.



Patishapta – They are very soft crepes and pancakes made up with a filling of jaggery and coconut. It is another highly recommended sweet to try out.



Puran Poli – Quite a favourite and popular dish of Maharashtra, it is a chapatti stuffed with jaggery and Bengal gram that is cooked in a normal way. It is served with ghee or aamras to consume.



Bebinca – It is another excellent sweet comprising seven layers including coconut milk, egg yolk, sugar, maida, and a pinch of nutmeg. It is a highly famous sweet of Goa and when offered with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it is undoubtedly very much difficult to resist.


Don’t you think, Indian sweets are full of rich flavours and textures? Try them now and have a healthy and blessed life.

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