Want to Book a Coach for the wedding?

Looking for an entire coach to book for the wedding or any special event in a train? Seeking for information related to how to book a coach for wedding? Well, these days the process is been simple and one person needs to meet with the chief reservation officer at the nearby station, discuss with him or her about the total number of passengers that needs to travel along with showing him or her with a wedding card as a proof for verification. Depending on the situation and availability, he checks and let that person know about the situation whether they will be able to travel in one coach or not, or their group needs to be scattered and so. Though, it is important to be aware of few pointers in advance while booking for a coach for marriage. The time span to book your coach for the wedding is 6 months in advance and at least 30 days in advance before the wedding date. The person can book only 7 coaches at a time for the wedding. The pricing for the same booking of up to 7 coaches is Rs. 50,000 each coach and in case additional coach is been booked, extra Rs. 10,000 needs to be incur in the same. This pricing is valid for a journey that lasts to 7 days. So, get in touch with the Railways department and get a coach for all the passengers for the marriage event and make the time for everyone simply memorable.

There are a number of cities and towns from where one can get a train to reach another destination easily. Being geographically a vast country, the role of trains in India is very important. With modern technologies, these days one can easily check the ticket and seat availability online and hence a majority of the people prefers to travel by train only. In many cases, one may see the wedding procession also moving by train.

For more than one person in the procession, one needs to go for a group booking. There are many areas where one can see a hundred or more people in the wedding procession and, in such situation, one needs book train coach for marriage. These days such booking is also made easier by the department. However, while going for booking one needs to provide the details of all the passengers and complete some formalities too. The person who wants to complete the formality needs to go through the process before moving ahead and provide all the necessary information so that the booking can be done as per his requirement easily.

The process:

One needs to first decide how many passengers will be there and prepare a list that must have the name as well as age and sex of the passengers. He needs to meet the chief reservation officer at the nearby station and with the wedding card as a valid proof handover the list. He will check the availability of seats and as per the situation will guide if all the passengers will be accommodated in one compartment or they will be scattered in different groups. One needs to pay the ticket and booking amount and get the tickets booked according to the date of journey.

A few important points:

Here one must note some important points of booking a coach for marriage through FTR services.

  • One must book the coach before 30 days of journey date. However, the booking can be done maximum before 6 months from the date of journey.

  • One can book maximum 7 coaches.

  • The fare for the same up to 7 coach is 50,000 INR per coach and in addition to that per coach, one needs to pay 10,000 additional. This rate is valid for a journey up to 7 days only.

Train caoch booking

Terms & conditions for FTR Registration

1. Pilot for WR: Online booking of FTR is on pilot basis and currently booking is allowed for journey starting from stations of Western Railway only.

2. Booking period: FTR registration can be done maximum 6 months in advance and minimum 30 days prior to journey date.

3. Payment realization: Party will provide the booking type, journey details of coaches, and route. After submission of the request, party will get a reference number and registration amount to be paid. Party will pay the registration amount against provided reference number to get FTR number. Payment of registration amount must be received within 6 days (including FTR request submit day). After 6 days, FTR Reference Number will be flushed and party will be required to follow the above mentioned process again to book coach/train.

4. Permissible number of coaches:

Coach Booking: P arty can book maximum 10 numbers of coaches on FTR in a single train in one tour programme.

Train Booking: P arty can book maximum 24 coaches in FTR train including 2 SLR coaches as mandatory.

5. Refund process: In case of cancellation, either by party or by Railway, refund will be processed as per existing manual process through Chief Commercial Manager (PM) of the concerned Railway.

6. Registration Amount:

Coach Booking: Registration amount for booking of a coach up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs. 50, 000/- per coach. Beyond 7 days of tour journey period, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day/per coach will be payable and added in the registration amount.

Train Booking: Registration amount for booking of a train, for minimum of 18 coaches (including minimum two SLR coaches) and up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs. 9,00,000/-. Beyond 18 passenger coaches, additional Rs. 50,000/- per coach will be added in the registration amount. For tour period beyond 7 days, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day per coach will be added in registration amount.

Even for booking of a train with less than 18 coaches, registration amount for 18 coaches as minimum will be charged.

The above amount may change in case of any revision by Ministry of Railways from time to time.

7. Registration of coaches/trains does not guarantee allotment of coaches/trains. This will be subject to the operational feasibility and availability of coaches.


These days, to carry a wedding procession by railway is much helpful compared to all the other means of mass transportation. One can move the whole group even if it is in a huge number together and hence the journey can be more enjoyable. In the event like a wedding, it is important to have all the relatives reach the destination at the same time and hence the railway can be the best option. For the longer route procession, it is the best option than any other as the passengers can have space to roam, washroom to fresh and berths to sleep, rest and sit. Hence the journey by railway is more comfortable than any other medium. Even the department of the railway also has improved its services and hence passengers can have fresh and clean compartments also to have a pleasant journey.

Wish to book the entire coach for the wedding for your loved ones?

Looking for relevant information related to the same? If yes, here you will get to know of the same so read on to the following. The process to book an entire coach in a train is very simple indeed. If you are one of them who want to do the same, you just have to first get down to the nearest railway station, meet with the chief reservation officer there, show him or her, the wedding card as a proof and seek for the booking of a coach. You have to discuss with him or her, the total number of passengers who are going to travel and once all the details will be gathered, depending on the availability and situation, he will let you know about the fact whether the coach is available or not, and can be booked or not. It is advisable to know few points in advance if you are thinking to book a coach in a train for wedding. People can book the coach in advance up to 6 months and minimal at least 30 days in advance prior to the wedding date. A person can reserve about 7 coaches for a wedding at a time. For the same, the pricing for each coach is Rs. 50,000 and if additional coaches are booked, it is Rs. 10,000 extra. This pricing is applicable for a travel up to 7 days. Hope the information is clear and knowledgeable.

Charges of Wedding Coaches In Indian Railway

The Charges of Wedding Coaches in Indian Railway is Rs. 50,000 each coach. Now, people can book up to 7 coaches in full in advance meant for wedding or marriage purposes and the time span in advance that could be done is of 6 months. At least 30 days advance booking needs to be done to book the coach in a train as per Indian Railways for wedding. In addition to 7 coaches, if the person needs to book another coach in extra, then 10,000 needs to be paid in addition and it will be added in the registration amount. The price is valid and will be considered as even for only 7 days of travel only. Aside from this, the registration amount for booking in a train for minimal 18 coaches including at least 2 SLRs for a period of 7 days is Rs. 9, 00,000. Beyond the 18 coaches, each coach booking in extra will be seeking for Rs.50, 000 in the registration amount. For a travel tour in the train beyond 7 days of time, extra Rs. 10,000 each day each coach is going to be added in the registration amount. The amount can change for the wedding coach booking, depending on updates and changes provided by Ministry of Railways from time to time. The registration of trains or coaches doesn’t assure any guaranteed allotment of trains and coaches. It will be subjected to availability of the coaches as well as operational feasibility.

Wedding Coach Charges of Kashi Express

Want to know of the Wedding Coaches Charges of Kashi Express? Planning to book coaches in the Kashi Express for a wedding purpose? A person can book about 7 coaches at a time for the wedding in Kashi Express. Each coach will cost Rs. 50,000 at the time of booking, and in case, more coaches need to be booked or are needed, then it is going to charge Rs. 10,000 in extra. Being a regular running express, Kashi Express operates in between Gorakhpur station and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus across the country and comes under the supervision of North Eastern Railways zone. It runs on daily basis and operates from both sides with train numbers 15017 and 15018. It is supposed to be covering a total of 1708 km in a travel time of 36 hours and 35 minutes. It stops by at 71 halts in between the journey and operates with an average operating speed of 47 km/hour. There are 23 coaches available in Kashi Express and composition wise, it is having second tier, third tier, sleeper and general class coaches. In any of the coach, you can book the wedding coaches as desired or preferred and enjoy with the group altogether.

Wedding Coach Charges of Purushottam Express

Purushottam Express is an old and famous train belonging to East Coast Railways. It is operating with train numbers 12801 and 12802 from both ends. The express runs on daily basis and is connecting Puri and New Delhi in the country. It is covering a total distance of 1863 km in about 31 hours. Puri is a wedding destination and a lot of marriages happen here. Do you want to know Wedding Coach Charges in the Purushottam Express? Well, the charges of wedding coaches in the Purushottam Express is Rs. 50,000 each coach. Nowadays, people can book up to 7 coaches in advance in full meant for wedding purposes. The advance booking for the coaches for the wedding in the express can happen up to 6 months. So, if you want to book the coaches in the express, make sure to do the booking in advance at earliest possible to avoid anything for the end time. One has to show the proof of the wedding, the card to make sure that the event is there and accordingly the coaches can get book. The average speed of the express is 62 km/hour. It stops by at 29 halts between junctions.

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