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Get a Confirmed Ticket by opting for Vikalp Scheme of Indian Railways

How to GET A CONFIRMED TICKET BY OPTING FOR VIKALP SCHEME OF INDIAN RAILWAYS? The Vikalp scheme is applicable for all passengers travelling in any of the train class or type. Under this scheme, passengers can opt for maximum 7 trains and can be availed by even waiting list passengers. Choosing for this scheme doesn’t necessarily mean that confirmed berth will be provided to the passengers in alternate train. It depends on train running as well as berth availability. Once the berth is confirmed in the alternate train, the cancellation charges will depend on the train status/berth availability in the same. As per this scheme, it is possible that the boarding and terminating junction might change to nearby cluster junctions. Also, you can be transferred to any of the alternate train chosen and departed between 30 to 72 hours from the scheduled departure of the original train in which you booked. The choice of the scheme is available at a much later stage prior to charting and it is always preferable to check PNR status once the charting is prepared and shared. Once Vikalp scheme is successfully opted by any passenger, it cannot be changed further.

Want to know about how to check vikalp pnr status? Well first of all, do understand a fact that Vikalp scheme do not guarantees or assures an alternative accommodation on another train, it is simply a way or say an alternative as the name of the scheme too suggests. As per this scheme, while at the time final chart gets prepared and there is no confirmed accommodation available in your chosen train, and there is some available in other train then the system will allocate or assign that reservation in your name. It could also depict that you get upgraded to a Duronto or a Rajdhani express, without costing anything or it could also depict that you don’t get any accommodation at all. The Vikalp status could be checked only and only when your waitlisted ticket that you had, it is been confirmed as per the Indian Railways department and they arranged an alternative train for you with the help of Vikalp scheme. If you got an accommodation in an alternate train, and has confirmed seat then the PNR status could be easily checked via online, through SMS or even by calling at the railway station and seeking for the status with the personnel there. To check the same, people need only enter in their PNR number and once it is entered, it will clearly depict about the status of your ticket. Hope the information is useful and wishing you a safe travel.

In the recent rail budget of India, Vikalp Scheme is been introduced, according to which the prime objective is to assist waitlisted passengers of Indian Railways. This scheme is applicable in all superfast express and daily mail trains running all around the nation. At present, Vikalp Scheme is been announced as a pilot project across Delhi – Jammu and Delhi – Lucknow domains. Focusing on helping passengers to travel in an alternate train in case their original train tickets doesn’t get confirmed, it is a beneficial and well thought strategy that let people to go for alternate accommodations and get confirmed seats.

The scheme is devised considering the benefit of the passengers and as per this, passengers can at least travel to their respective stations or nearby with the help of an alternate train. Irrespective of the booking quota and other factors, passengers who have waitlisted tickets can opt for travel in alternate trains under Vikalp scheme. Though there are few things to consider of and they are mentioned in below.

  • There is no guarantee that passengers will get confirmed seats and they will be able to travel in alternate trains only and only if the seats are available in the same.
  • If passengers are using Vikalp scheme then maybe they will be dropped anywhere across nearby station to their desired station.
  • IRCTC can transfer the passenger to any of the available alternate trains and it is bound to begin within 12 hours of the departure time of the original train.
  • A passenger will only be eligible for opting for Vikalp scheme if they are waitlisted in the original trains after the final chart is been prepared.
  • After final chart is prepared, it is mandatory for passengers to check for PNR status to ascertain whether they are selected for the alternate train.

Aside from this, there are certain rules and regulations too that are mentioned below.

  • Passengers will not be charged anything extra from the Indian Railways and will not be provided with any refund in case there is difference in fare.
  • If a passenger gets a confirmed seat berth in an alternate train as per Vikalp scheme then his/her name will not be there in the waitlist criterion of the original train.
  • IRCTC will proffer individual lists for confirmed passengers and waitlisted passengers travelling in a train and also one for the transferred passengers.
  • If a passenger is transferred to an alternate train then as per this scheme, they will not be able to travel in their original train.
  • There is absolutely no issue if a passenger wants to travel with carrying their original tickets and is allowed to travel in alternate train with that ticket also.

In all, if anyone wants to clarify anything else about Vikalp Scheme, they can contact PRS enquiry counters for the same available at the railway stations or get support from call centre assistance of Indian Railways. Happy travel!