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Overview of Tirupati Railway Station – TPTY

Tirupati is a standout amongst the most holy and keen holy visit spot in India. Most popular for the home Lord Venkateswara or the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, one of the eight most hallowed spots of Lord Vishnu. Located in exact southeast of the state Andhra Pradesh, Tirupatilis spotted in the Chittoor region at the hills of the Eastern Ghats. Expanded in around 26.8 square kms, Tirupati has a normal height of 162 meters above ocean level. The saying Tirupati is a mix of two terms “tiru” and “pathi” with “tiru” being a Tamil word signifying “respectable” and “pathi” a Sanskrit word implying ‘spouse’. In this manner, the saying Tirupati signifies ‘respectable spouse’.

Food famous of Tirupati Railway Station (TPTY) –

The main cuisine of Tirupati is an amalgamation of Tamil and Telegu food, since Tirupati was a portion of Tamil Nadu earlier in 1953 and later turned to a portion of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu both have a plentiful utilization of Chilly in their cuisines other than this flavors like Cardamom, curry leaves, mustard seeds, peanuts, coconut milk and some more, whereas tomato and tamarind are utilized for enhancing the curries. The utilization of rice and lentils is basic while cooking South Indianmeal, rice being the major staple food item.

The conventional consuming food In temples includes sitting on the floor, having the meal served on a banana leaf which includes (daddojanam) curd rice,( pulihora)tamarind rice, sweet rice,Vada and sweet-pongal, miryala-pongali, Payasam, Jaggery, Murukku, Dosa and kesari. It is believed as exceptionally fortunate to consume food at theTemple.

Services at Tirupati Railway Station (TPTY) –

Tirupati station, which is conceivably spotted in the heart of the sacred town of Tirupati, is nearby the Central bus stand, worshiping places and all the significant lodgings. This is one of the demanding and busy station among the stations of South Central Railways with numerous entries and leaving of railways linking with different goals like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Nagarsol, Howrah, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on almost all major spots in India. This is a widespread gage track station with 7 platforms.

The stations provide many AC and Non AC waiting rooms, Dormitory, separate ladies waiting room, publication book stalls, enquiry counter, vehicle parking, ATM facility, separate tourism enquiry counter, telephone booths, cloak room, wheelchair facility, and lots of food outlets. You can have best quality and fresh food through TravelKhana.

More about Tirupati Railway Station –

A plan to advance Tirupati into a top class station was endorsed by the Railway Ministry in 2008-09. Elevators, lifts, shopping centers, food courts, and diversion and entertainment focuses were added in the plan. Platforms at distinctive levels were considered to utilize the ground space accessible better. Separate way for arriving and exiting travelers, central lighting, and holding up rooms, seating corridors, and Internet installation are likewise imagined. Be that as it may the arrangement is pending due to the scarcity of money. The individuals in the locale have been requesting the for an additional line division with the base camp at Tirupati. Thepeople are looking for another Tirupati- Shirdi train, however these have not been acknowledged till now.

Trains Passing through Tirupati Railway Station (TPTY) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
2873 VSKP TPTY SF WEEKLY SPL 04:30 destination
7211 CCT QLN SPL 08:45 08:50
7405 AWB TPTY SPL 15:30 destination
8301 SBP YPR SPECIAL 09:25 09:30
8302 YPR SBP EXP 07:33 07:35
12544 Tirupati-Yesvantpur Tri Weekly Intercity(TPTY-YPR) origin 14:50
12625 Kerala Express 03:55 03:57
12626 Kerala Express 20:52 20:54
12643 Trivandrum – H.Nizamuddin Swarna Jayanti Express 07:30 07:35
12644 H.Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Swarna Jayanti Express 17:10 17:12
12645 Millennium Express 07:30 07:35
12646 Millennium Express 16:50 16:55
12659 Gurudev Express 09:33 09:35
12660 Shalimar-Nagercoil Gurudev Express 03:25 03:27
12707 Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express origin 05:45
12708 Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express 21:35 destination
12731 Tirupati-Secunderabad Express(TPTY-SC) origin 16:40
12732 Secunderabad Tirupati Express(SC-TPTY) 10:35 destination
12733 Narayanadri SF Express origin 18:25
12734 Narayanadri SF Express 06:05 destination
12763 Padmavati SF Express origin 17:00
12764 Padmavati SF Express 07:00 destination
12765 TPTY AMI SUP EXPRESS(TPTY-AMI) origin 15:10
12766 AMI TPTY SUP EXPRESS(AMI-TPTY) 06:40 destination
12769 SEVEN HILLS EXP origin 15:10
12770 SEVEN HILLS EXP 06:35 destination
12797 Venkatadri SF Express 07:30 07:35
12798 Venkatadri SF Express 18:30 18:35
12835 Hatia-Yesvantpur SF Express 22:00 22:05
12836 Yesvantpur-Hatia SF Express 14:35 14:40
12845 Bhubaneswar – Yesvantpur SF Express 03:25 03:27
12846 Yesvantpur – Bhubaneswar SF Express 14:35 14:40
12863 Howrah-Yesvantpur SF Express 23:20 23:25
12864 Yesvantpur-Howrah SF Express 02:30 02:35
12867 Howrah-Puducherry (Aurobindo) Express 01:20 01:22
12868 Puducherry-Howrah (Aurobindo) Express 19:45 19:50
12889 Tatanagar-Yesvantpur SF Express 22:00 22:05
12890 Yesvantpur-Tatanagar SF Express 14:35 14:40
16053 Chennai Central-Tirupati Express 17:40 destination
16054 Tirupati-Chennai Central Express origin 10:10
16057 Saptagiri Express 09:45 destination
16058 Saptagiri Express origin 17:50
16203 Garudadri Express 20:10 destination
16204 Garudadri Express origin 06:45
16317 Himsagar Express 09:33 09:35
16318 Himsagar Express 01:20 01:22
16354 KACHEGUDA EXP 01:05 01:10
16359 Ernakulam – Patna Express 11:10 12:30
16360 Patna – Ernakulam Express 09:50 10:00
16381 Jayanti Janta Express 15:10 15:15
16382 Jayanti Janta Express 03:15 03:20
16687 Navyug Express 09:33 09:35
16688 Navyug Express 06:05 06:10
16733 Rameswaram-Okha Express 11:10 11:15
16734 Okha-Rameswaram Express 06:05 06:10
16779 Tirupati-Madurai Bi-Weekly Express(TPTY-MDU) origin 12:40
16780 Madurai-Tirupati Bi-weekly Express(MDU-TPTY) 10:35 destination
16787 Tirunelveli-Jammu Tawi Express(TEN-JAT) 09:33 09:35
17209 Seshadri Express 18:00 18:05
17210 Seshadri Express 05:25 05:30
17229 Sabari Express 00:30 00:35
17230 Sabari Express 00:10 00:15
17401 Tirupati-Machilipatnam Link Express origin 19:40
17402 Machilipatanam-Tirupati Link Express 04:35 destination
17403 Tirupati Narsapur Express origin 19:40
17404 Narasapur Tirupati Link Express 04:35 destination
17405 Krishna Express origin 05:25
17406 Krishna Express 21:25 destination
17407 Pamani Express(TPTY-MQ) origin 10:40
17408 Pamani Express(MQ-TPTY) 16:35 destination
17415 Haripriya Express origin 21:00
17416 Haripriya Express 08:50 destination
17429 Rayalaseema Express 06:40 destination
17430 Rayalaseema Express origin 16:25
17479 Puri-Tirupati Express 16:35 destination
17480 Tirupati-Puri Express origin 10:35
17481 Bilaspur-Tirupati Express 16:35 destination
17482 Tirupati-Bilaspur Express origin 10:35
17487 Tirumala Express origin 20:50
17488 Tirumala Express 05:20 destination
18637 HTE YPR EXP 22:00 22:05
18638 YPR HATIA EXP 07:33 07:35
22120 TPTY DOUBLE DEC 18:15 destination
22615 Tirupati-Coimbatore Intercity Express(TPTY-CBE) origin 14:50
22616 Coimbatore-Tirupati SF Intercity Express(CBE-TPTY) 13:40 destination
22617 Yesvantpur-Tirupati Tri Weekly Intercity(YPR-TPTY) 13:40 destination
22618 Tirupati-Yesvantpur Tri Weekly SF Intercity(TPTY-YPR) origin 14:50
22851 MAQ VIVEK EXPRESS(SRC-MAQ) 17:10 17:12
22852 SRC VIVEK EXPRESS(MAQ-SRC) 14:35 14:40
22855 Santragachi-Tirupati SF Express(SRC-TPTY) 18:00 destination
22856 Tirupati-Santragachi SF Express(TPTY-SRC) origin 19:55
22871 Bhubaneswar – Tirupati (Weekly) SF Express 09:25 destination
22872 Tirupati – Bhubaneswar Weekly Express origin 12:45
22879 BBS TPTY SUP EX 09:25 destination
56213 Chamarajanagar-Tirupati Fast Passenger 05:35 destination
56214 Tirupati-Chamarajanagar Fast Passenger origin 21:35
57273 Hubli – Tirupati Passenger 21:45 destination
57274 Tirupati – Hubli Passenger origin 06:05
57404 Katpadi Tirupati DEMU 09:10 destination
66021 Chennai Moore Market – Tirupati MEMU 23:10 destination
66022 Tirupati – Chennai Moore Market MEMU origin 05:10

Overview of Railway Stations in Tirupati

Tirupati is a major pilgrim center in the world with millions thronging its Venkateswara Swamy temple. It is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh in the Eastern Ghats. The Venkateswara temple is on the Tirumala hills at the height of 853 meters, 20 km from Tirupati. A rich pilgrimage city, Tirupati is an educational and financial hub.

  • Tirupati Railway Station –

Tirupati is well-connected by the railway network to cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Trivandrum and Hyderabad. Renigunta Junction on the busy Chennai-Mumbai railway line is 15 km away. Tirupati Main Railway Station has five platforms and Tirupati’s other railway station, Tirupati West, serves as the terminal point for trains starting from Tirupati. Other stations at Tirupati are CRS Railway Station, Tiruchanoor Halt, and Chandragiri.

Tirupati Main Railway Station has as many as 17 tracks. Tracks from No.1 to 6 except No.4 receive trains and allow passengers to alight on platforms. The No.4 track, which has no platform, is deployed for shunting the engines. One of the tracks No.7 to No.13 is used to ferry rakes for intermediate overhaul. The remaining tracks have trains and surplus coaches parked on them. Four tracks have pit lines to facilitate maintenance and clean-up under the carriages.

The recent surge in a number of trains connecting the temple city has led to congestion at the yard. There are 28 trains that originate/terminate at Tirupati.

South Indian Railway Company opened a meter gauge line in 1891 started from Villupuram through Katpadi to Pakala. The Katpadi-Gudur line, on which Tirupati is located, is a broad gauge route now.

Tirupati Station Modernization Plan –

A plan to develop Tirupati into a world class station was approved by the Railway Ministry in 2008-09. Escalators, lifts, shopping malls, food plazas, and entertainment and recreation centers were included in the plan. Platforms at different levels were conceived to use the ground space available better. Separate routes for arriving and departing passengers, centralized lighting, waiting rooms, retiring rooms, seating areas, and Internet kiosks were also envisaged. But the plan is hanging fire because of the paucity of funds. The people in the region have been demanding the carving out of a new railway division with the headquarters at Tirupati. They are seeking a new Tirupati- Shirdi train, but these have not been accepted so far.

  • Tirupati West Halt Railway Station –

Tirupati West Halt Railway Station (station code TPW) is in the Guntakal Junction railway division of the South Central Railway. It has ten trains running from it every day. Many trains originate, terminate or pass through this station. These include Tirupati Main-Katpadi Junction Passenger and Guntakal Junction-Tirupati Main passenger. The station serves 15000 passengers every day. Tirupati Airport is 16 km from Tirupati West Halt Railway Station.

  •  Chandragiri Railway Station –

Chandragiri Railway Station of the South Central Railway is Guntakal Junction division. Stations close to it are Tirupati West Halt and Tirupati. Many passenger trains stop here and the nearest airport is at Tirupati.

Restaurants near Tirupati Railway Station –

Tirupati has many good restaurants and hotels to enjoy the food and stay here at the best prices. Some of the popular restaurants are Hyderabad House, Maurya Restaurant, Idly Factory, Andhra Spice, Carrots,Vrinda Restaurant, Saptagiri Woodlands Restaurant Flavours, Hotel Dilli’s, Sri Kasi Annapurna Vasavi, Bajaj Woodlands, Manasa Fast Food, Trupati Multicuisine Restaurant, etc. It has only one 5 star hotel named Fortune Select Grand Ridge Hotel but has a number of 4-star, 3-star, 2-star, 1-star and budget hotels.

Food Delicacies of Tirupati –

Local Tirupati food has Tamil and Telugu cuisine influence. Rice is the main course and Chilli and spices are used freely. Tirupati has only vegetarian food as it does not allow non-vegetarian food. It also does not have bars and pubs. The traditional temple food, served on a banana leaf, includes curd rice, tamarind rice, vada and chakkara-pongal, miryala-pongali, appam, payasam, jaggery, murukku, dosa and seera. The Venkateswara temple offers laddus as prasadam. The temple authorities prepare 150,000 laddus daily. Other Tirupati sweets include sheermal, semia payasam, halwa, kaja and sweet rice. The spicy Andhra thali has rice, sambar, a curry dish, pickles, poriyaland kurma, papadum and a dosa. Popular Tirupati beverages include rich and creamy mango lassi, badam milk and masala paal.