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Overview of Shimla Railway Station – SML

Indian Railways have developed to a great extent in last few years. Every year, Indian Railways introduces new trains to make the journey more comfortable and convenient. It not only provides a daily convenient way of transportation to people of India but is also the best way to explore India for tourists coming to India from other countries. Being one of the largest rail networks of the world, Indian Railways carries millions of people and thousands of tonnes of freight on a daily basis.Shimla, a hill station of north India, is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and is very popular amongst tourists and is one of the most visited tourist destinations all over India. One of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India, it provides a perfectly romantic environment for newlywed couples. The snow clad mountains and the picture perfect natural scenery of the place attract thousands of tourists every year. One of the best attractions in Shimla is the trip to Kalka on a toy train.

There are three railway stations in Shimla namely Shimla Main Station (SML), Summer Hills (SHZ) and Jutogh.

  • Shimla Station –

The Shimla main station comes under the direct control of Northern division of Indian Railways. The Shimla station has narrow gauge railway line, which has a width of 2 feet and 6 inches only, which connects Shimla with the main railway network of India. The biggest station with which Shimla is connected is the Kalka station in Panchkula of Haryana. The railway route of Kalka-Shimla is 96KM long. Tourists prefer to travel this route on slowly running toy train for a better panoramic view of the hills and valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

The narrow gauge rail network of Shimla station was built in 1898 after the construction of Delhi-Kalka broad gauge railway line was completed, to connect Shimla with the main Indian rail network as Shimla was the summer capital for British India. There are many trains that originate from Shimla and terminate at the Kalka station.

Various Trains that Originate at Shimla Station are;

  • 5247- Shimla Kalka NG Passenger
  • 72451- Shimla Kalka rail motor
  • 52451- Shivalik deluxe express
  • 52455- Himalayan Queen
  • 52453- Shimla Kalka NG Express

The facilities at Shimla railway station for passengers include a retiring hall, a ticket counter, a reservation centre, foot-over bridges, and ATM and enquiry booth. The Shimla railway station has a total of four platforms, which are connected with over-bridges.

When you visit Shimla railway station, you must try the delicious food served at the restaurants near the railway station. You can find restaurants serving Indian food, Chinese food, Tibetan food and many other cuisines.

Some of the Restaurants near the Shimla Railway Station are;

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Topaz Restaurant
  • China Town Restaurants
  • Yarrows
  • Restaurant Baithak
  • Cedar Garden
  • Mezbaan
  • Baljees Restaurant
  • Summer Hills Railway Station –

Summer Hills Railway Station lies on the Kalka-Shimla railway lie and is a major stoppage before reaching Shimla. All the trains coming from or going to Kalka pass this station. It is at a distance of five Km from Shimla main railway station just below the Himachal Pradesh University campus. It is so beautifully built that people visiting it call it a station out of a fairy tale.

Summer Hills station has two platforms, an enquiry booth and a well-managed ticket counter. The foot-over bridges are provided for passengers to travel between two platforms.

Some of the Restaurants that serve a variety of Delicious Food are;

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Bhagsu Indian and Chinese
  • Saroor Restaurant
  • Honey Dew
  • Alfa Restaurant
  • Jutogh Station –

Jutogh railway station is a small railway station in the town of Totu, which is situated at a distance of 7 Km from Shimla main city. It is also a major stoppage for the trains coming from Kalka and going to Shimla city. Jutogh station has two platforms connected with over-bridge for convenience of passengers.

If you would like to enjoy some food and beverages while visiting Jutogh Railway station then these are the best two cafes near railway station.

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Shankar Cafe GSSS Totu
  • City Cafe

These are the three railway stations serving the passengers visiting the beautiful city of Shimla.

Trains Passing through Shimla Railway Station (SML) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
Shivalik Deluxe Express
Shivalik Deluxe Express
Kalka Shimla NG Express
Shimla Kalka NG Express
Kalka Shimla NG Passenger
Shimla Kalka Passenger
Kalka Shimla Rail Motor
Shimla Kalka Rail Motor