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About 17230/29 Sabari Express

17229/30 Sabari Express Time Table and Route Map

Planning to travel in the religious and well known Sabari express? Handled as per Southern Indian Railways zone, it has been running on daily basis and that too in between Hyderabad Deccan and Thiruvananthapuram Central across the country. The distance travelled by the train is 1568 kms. Running with an average operating speed of 53 km/hour, it takes 30 hours and 25 minutes of time to cover the entire distance. It operates with train numbers 17229 and 17230. As scheduled, train 17229 leaves Thiruvananthapuram Central at 07:15 hours and reaches Hyderabad Deccan at 13:40 hours next day. Other side, train 17230 leaves Hyderabad Deccan at 11:25 hours and reaches Thiruvananthapuram Central at 18:20 hours next day.

Finding out online to get some insight about famous Hindu pilgrimage train Sabari express? Operating with two train numbers 17229 and 17230, it is been a daily running express train been handled as per South central railways zone of the Indian Railways. Sabari express is been running in between Thiruvananthapuram Central and Hyderabad Deccan. When it started, it used to run in between Hyderabad and Ernakulam station but later, it extended its services to Thiruvananthapuram Central. The train name is been named after a popular and reckoned Hindu pilgrimage site that is Sabarimalai.

The overall distance covered by the express is 1568 kms. Train 17229 Sabari express runs from Thiruvananthapuram Central to Hyderabad Deccan whereas train 17230 Sabari Express runs in the reverse direction. The total time taken by the train in covering the entire distance is about 30 hours and 25 minutes of time. As per its time schedule, train 17229 departs from Thiruvananthapuram Central at 07:15 hours and reaches at Hyderabad Deccan next day of the journey at 13:40 hours. On the other end, train 17230 departs from Hyderabad Deccan at 11:25 hours and arrives at 18:20 hours next day. The express is been comprised with 1 pantry car, sleeper class, third AC, second AC, and general class coaches.

An Information on 17229 and 17230 Sabari express

Sabri Express is a train that connects Hyderabad to Kerala. In hindsight, a train from the land of Nawabs to God’s own country. On the South-Eastern railway zone, it is considered to be one of the fastest trains. In 30 hours 25 minutes, the train is expected to cover a distance of 1568 km. The train passes through the state of Hyderabad to Telangana and finally to Thiruvananthapuram

The train has both sitting as well as sleeping arrangements and the compartment is quite spacious. All the standard compartments of Indian railways like 3rd AC, 2nd AC, sleeper, general and pantry class are part of this train. In terms of Sabari express schedule, the train departs at 7.15 am from Thiruvananthapuram and touches Hyderabad the next afternoon at 1.40 pm. The train up to the point of Guntur as well as Erode has the WDP 4 and from there it is WAP 4 till the final destination. The exact measurements of the pathway gauge stand out to be 1,676 mm.

In terms of the compartments of the train, they are quite clean. On each train journey, two or three stations are identified by the Indian railways. It is at these stations systematic cleaning is undertaken by the staff incorporating the modern technological methods. In the viewpoint of the people, the train derives its name from the famous pilgrimage center of Kerala known as Sabarimala. Quite a few important stations are covered on this route like Kollam, Erode, Salem, and Guntur. From the starting to the ending point of this train, you can come across people boarding this train. In terms of accommodation facilities, the reviews of this train have been positive. The cleaning along with the punctuality is also of the top draw, making it one of the safest trains to travel in India.

For all those who have been part of the growth as well as the development stage of Indian railways for the last few years cannot keep on admiring the efforts taken by them. Each and every department has been given adequate attention and within a short span of time it has gone on to become a market leader in each domain. In every department, the traditional methods have been disbanded and some changes have been made.

For example, some new trains have been added and for some, the routes have been extended. Another example that strikes our mind is the food of Indian railways. There was a time when the food served in the trains was a nightmare and people used to avoid it as chances of falling sick were high. Even one could not rely on the local vendors on the platforms as they resorted to the use of outdated items and in the process, increase their profit margin. As a passenger, you had no resort rather than carrying food which became difficult during long journeys. But with the emergence of private vendors, the situation has improved leaps and bounds as you can avail fresh and quality food.

Highlights of Sabari Express –

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 29h 40m
Halts: 40
Distance: 1566km
Avg Speed: 53km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Sabri Express Running between the city of Nawab (Hyderabad) and the City of Gods (Kerala), train no 17299/17230 called the Sabari Express, is one of the fastest trains of South Central Railway Zone. The train is believed to cover a distance of around 1568 km in 30 hours and 25 minutes. The main destination for the train is Hyderabad and Telangana to Thiruvananthapuram.

With quite spacious compartments, the train serves daily with both seating and sleeping arrangement. The train is serving with first AC, 2-tiers AC, 3-tier AC, Sleeper class, general arrangements. There is provided a proper and hygienic food and water services. Starting time of the train is at 7.15 am from Trivandrum and reaches Hyderabad at around 1.40 pm in the afternoon next day. Up to Guntur and Erode with WDP-4, and then from Guntur its WAP -4 to Trivandrum. The dimension of the pathway gauge is 1,676 mm.

Compartments of this train are quite spacious and clean. Every day, at two to three stations in between the destination, the cleaning staffs of Indian Railways implement quite modern cleaning technology. According to people, the Indian Railways has named the train after the famous South Indian Hindu pilgrimage site called Sabarimala Temple.

Proper accommodation facilities while travelling has given the train a good review from passengers. This train covers quite important places like Kollam, Varkala, Kayamkulum, Karunagappally, Ernakulam, Palakkad, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Tirupati, Nellore, and Gudur. Almost every place of the south starting from Hyderabad to Kerala, passengers board this train. This is because of its punctuality and cleanliness. This has been one of the safest trains to travel till date.

17230/Sabari Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Sabari Express runs with the number 17230 and is considered to be a daily express train that is managed by the South Central Railway Zone. It runs between the stations Hyderabad Deccan, Telengana and Trivandrum Central, Kerala. It is a popular train among Lord Ayappa devotees who make a wish to visit the Sabarimala to pay their offerings and pray for their overall wellbeing. Previously, this train ran between Hyderabad Deccan & Cochin Harbor Terminus railway stations. However, on in 27th March 2005, it got extended to Trivandrum Central to accommodate the requests of the devotees of Sabarimala.


This train has derived its name from the popular Hindu Pilgrimage center, Sabarimala. It is a mail express train and started its first service 32 years ago on 6th April, 1987. Since then, this train is always noticed to be fully crowded for passengers travelling from Hyderabad to Sabarimala temple.

Speed and timing

The total distance covered by this train is 1568 km (974 miles) and the average journey takes approximately 31 hours & 35 minutes. It offers daily frequency. There is also provided onboard catering facilities to ensure that passengers reach their destination in good health and fully satisfied. The operating speed of the train is 120 km/hr maximum, with the average being 53 km/hr. It shares its rakes with Narasapur Express.


There are in total 41 stops in between the two stations.

Coach composition

The train is fitted with 24 coaches and has an ICF rake. There is present 1 pantry car, 1 2nd AC coach, 14 sleeper coach, 3 2nd seating unreserved coaches and 3 3rd AC coach. The train’s engine reverses at Shoranur Jn.

Hyderabad Deccan Nampally(HYB) origin 11:15 origin 0
Secunderabad Junction(SC) 11:35 11:40 5 0
Charlapalli(CHZ) 12:01 12:02 1 0
Nalgonda(NLDA) 13:40 13:41 1 0
Miryalaguda(MRGA) 14:09 14:10 1 0
Nadikude Junction(NDKD) 14:54 14:55 1 0
Piduguralla(PGRL) 15:20 15:21 1 0
Sattenapalle(SAP) 15:55 15:56 1 0
Guntur Junction(GNT) 17:00 17:20 20 0
Tenali Junction(TEL) 18:04 18:05 1 0
Nidubrolu(NDO) 18:19 18:20 1 0
Bapatla(BPP) 18:39 18:40 1 0
Chirala(CLX) 18:54 18:55 1 0
Ongole(OGL) 19:49 19:50 1 0
Singarayakonda(SKM) 20:09 20:10 1 0
Nellore(NLR) 21:09 21:10 1 0
Gudur Junction(GDR) 22:03 22:05 2 0
Renigunta Junction(RU) 23:38 23:40 2 0
Tirupati Main(TPTY) 00:05 00:10 5 1
Chittoor(CTO) 01:04 01:05 1 1
Katpadi Junction(KPD) 02:33 02:35 2 1
Jolarpettai Junction(JTJ) 03:58 04:00 2 1
Morappur(MAP) 04:34 04:35 1 1
Salem Junction(SA) 05:28 05:30 2 1
Erode Junction(ED) 06:35 06:40 5 1
Tiruppur(TUP) 07:23 07:25 2 1
Coimbatore Main Junction(CBE) 08:20 08:25 5 1
Palakkad Junction(PGT) 09:47 09:50 3 1
Ottappalam(OTP) 10:14 10:15 1 1
Shoranur Junction(SRR) 10:50 11:10 20 1
Thrissur(TCR) 11:57 12:00 3 1
Aluva(AWY) 12:50 12:52 2 1
Ernakulam Town(ERN) 13:15 13:20 5 1
Kottayam(KTYM) 14:37 14:40 3 1
Changanassery(CGY) 14:48 15:00 12 1
Tiruvalla(TRVL) 15:08 15:10 2 1
Chengannur(CNGR) 15:18 15:20 2 1
Mavelikara(MVLK) 15:33 15:35 2 1
Kayamkulam Junction(KYJ) 15:58 16:00 2 1
Karunagappalli(KPY) 16:13 16:15 2 1
Kollam Junction(QLN) 16:45 16:50 5 1
Varkala Sivagiri(VAK) 17:13 17:15 2 1
Thiruvananthapuram Central(TVC) 18:50 destination destination 1

17229/Sabari Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Thiruvananthapuram Central(TVC) origin 07:15 origin 0
Varkala Sivagiri(VAK) 07:49 07:50 1 0
Kollam Junction(QLN) 08:15 08:20 5 0
Karunagappalli(KPY) 08:44 08:45 1 0
Kayamkulam Junction(KYJ) 08:58 09:00 2 0
Mavelikara(MVLK) 09:09 09:10 1 0
Chengannur(CNGR) 09:19 09:20 1 0
Tiruvalla(TRVL) 09:29 09:30 1 0
Changanassery(CGY) 09:39 09:40 1 0
Kottayam(KTYM) 10:12 10:15 3 0
Ernakulam Town(ERN) 11:45 11:50 5 0
Aluva(AWY) 12:08 12:10 2 0
Thrissur(TCR) 13:02 13:05 3 0
Shoranur Junction(SRR) 14:25 14:45 20 0
Ottappalam(OTP) 15:04 15:05 1 0
Palakkad Junction(PGT) 15:32 15:35 3 0
Coimbatore Main Junction(CBE) 16:40 16:45 5 0
Tiruppur(TUP) 17:28 17:30 2 0
Erode Junction(ED) 18:20 18:30 10 0
Salem Junction(SA) 19:25 19:30 5 0
Morappur(MAP) 20:19 20:20 1 0
Jolarpettai Junction(JTJ) 21:18 21:20 2 0
Katpadi Junction(KPD) 22:30 22:32 2 0
Chittoor(CTO) 23:13 23:15 2 0
Tirupati Main(TPTY) 00:30 00:35 5 1
Renigunta Junction(RU) 00:50 01:00 10 1
Gudur Junction(GDR) 02:33 02:35 2 1
Nellore(NLR) 03:04 03:05 1 1
Singarayakonda(SKM) 03:59 04:00 1 1
Ongole(OGL) 04:29 04:30 1 1
Chirala(CLX) 05:18 05:20 2 1
Bapatla(BPP) 05:33 05:35 2 1
Nidubrolu(NDO) 05:53 05:55 2 1
Tenali Junction(TEL) 06:28 06:30 2 1
Guntur Junction(GNT) 07:00 07:20 20 1
Sattenapalle(SAP) 07:59 08:00 1 1
Piduguralla(PGRL) 08:27 08:28 1 1
Nadikude Junction(NDKD) 08:50 08:51 1 1
Miryalaguda(MRGA) 09:29 09:30 1 1
Nalgonda(NLDA) 10:00 10:01 1 1
Charlapalli(CHZ) 11:40 11:42 2 1
Secunderabad Junction(SC) 12:15 12:20 5 1
Hyderabad Deccan Nampally(HYB) 12:55 destination destination 1

Overview to train 17229/30 Sabari Express

The leading halting stations in between the travel are at Varkala Sivagiri, Karunagappally, Kayamkulam, Mavelikara, Chengannur, Tiruvalla, Changanassery, Kottayam, Aluva, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Shornur, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Katpadi, Morappur, Tirupati, Chittoor, Renigunta, Nellore, Gudur, Chirala, Ongole, Bapatla, Tenali, Nidubrolu, Sattenapalle, Guntur, Piduguralla, Nalgonda, Nadikudi, Charlapalli, and Secunderabad junction. The running frequency of the express is been on daily basis and is known to be boarded by passengers in large numbers who want to travel in between or at other locations of the route. Considering the traction purpose, it is been hauled by WDP 4 loco shed and afterwards by WAP 4 shed till it reaches its final destination. Though, the train already has a pantry car attached but people can also think of availing lip smacking and fresh food deliveries in running trains as per the desire and wish of travellers to the fullest. And for getting hot and timely food deliveries at any of the station and as per the demand and wishes of travellers, make sure to do order from Travel Khana that is a recognized and well known service provider proffering quality and affordable services in trains to passengers directly over their seat berths within stipulated time period. And make sure to check out Spot your train utility accessing which can help passengers know about real time information about trains involving its arrival time, departure time, exact location, time needed to travel the entire distance, source and destination station and more without any hassle. So, have access to technology and all information and enjoy a hassle free and safe journey. And also do remember to plan your journeys in advance and do book your tickets within time to avoid any hassle that could be created at the last minute.

Looking online to grab an insight about famous and highly preferable train that is Sabari express? This post will help passengers in getting an insight about the same and that too without any hassle and with ease. Running with two train numbers 17229 and 17230, Sabari express is a daily running train that is been operated as per South Central railway zone of Indian Railways and is known to be running in between Thiruvananthapuram Central and Hyderabad Deccan. When it began its operations, it used to run in between Hyderabad Deccan and Ernakulam station and later in year 2005, the services are been extended to Thiruvananthapuram Central.

The train name is been named after a reckoned and well known Hindu pilgrimage site that is Sabarimalai. Been reckoned among one of the fastest trains, the overall journey that is been covered by the express is of 1568 km and train covers the same in an expected 30 hours and 25 minutes of time frame. The express is supposed to cross Hyderabad state heading towards Telangana and finally to Thiruvananthapuram. Train number 17229 Sabari express runs from Thiruvananthapuram Central to Hyderabad Deccan and on the other hand, train number 17230 Sabari express runs in the opposite direction.

As scheduled in the time table, train number 17229 departs from Thiruvananthapuram Central at 07:15 hours and reaches Hyderabad Deccan next day at 13:40 hours and on the other side, train 17230 departs from Hyderabad Deccan at 11:25 hours and reaches Thiruvananthapuram Central next day at 18:20 hours. The express is been comprised with 3rd AC, sleeper class, 2nd AC, general class coaches along with the availability of a pantry car services. The stoppages in between the travel are a Varkala Sivagiri, Kollam junction, karunagappally, Mavelikara, Chengannur, Tiruvalla, Changanassery, Kottayam, Ernakulam town, Aluva, Thrissur, Shornur junction, palakkad junction, Coimbatore junction, Tiruppur, Erode junction, Salem junction, Jolarpettai junction, Morappur, Katpadi junction, Chittoor, Tirupati, Renigunta junction, Gudur junction, Nellore, Ongole, Chirala, Bapatla, Nidubrolu, Tenali junction, Guntur junction, Sattenapalle, Piduguralla, Nadikudi junction, Nalgonda, Charlapalli and Secunderabad junction excluding source and final destinations. Though, the train already has pantry car services but people can also opt for availing delicious and fresh e-catering food services from Travel Khana that has carved a niche and recognition in the industry and that too within a short span of time frame. Interested passengers can simply go through their menu and check out the options available in vegetarian and non vegetarian and even in light meals and savour their taste buds to the fullest by placing an order with them at affordable prices. Aside from this, it runs on daily basis and is been boarded by passengers in such large numbers who are belonging from in-between or prominent locations of the route. Keep an eye on the running status of trains by accessing Spot your train utility and grab each little bit of information about trains in one go. Have a safe and happy travel.

Sabari Express- Connecting capital cities of Kerala and Telangana

Those who have seen the position and development of medium of mass transportation in India cannot restrain themselves from admiring the efforts made by the Indian railway in the last few years. These all efforts have paid the department in a much better way, and today it is known as the market leader in this field. There are a number of changes the department has brought in the last few years. A number of new trains are launched, and many train routes are also extended. Hence, the long route journey has been simplified than ever before.

The Sabari Express:

This famous express train is named behind the famous pilgrimage in the Kerala state Sabarimala. The train connects capitals of two different states which are Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the Kerala state and Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state. There are two trains which run as up and down the cities. The Sabari Express that starts from Thiruvananthapuram is known as train number 17229 while the train that starts from Hyderabad is known as train number 17230. There are 41 stops on the route of this train. It covers the distance of 1568 kilometres in 30 hours and 25 minutes. It is a daily express train and hence to get the ticket to move any of the destination on its route is not a big task. There are 2 Tier AC, 3 Tier AC, Sleper and general class coaches in the train to offer comfortable travelling experience to the travellers. The operating speed of the train is 80 km per hours, and there is also a facility of the kitchen on wheels as the pantry car is attached to the train.

Timings and technicalities:

This daily express train runs on a broad gauge track. It starts the journey from Thiruvananthapuram at 7:15 and reaches Hyderabad at 13:40 next day. The same way, from Hyderabad, it starts the travel at 11:25 and ends at Thiruvananthapuram at 18:20 next day. There are many important stations on the route of this train which include Kollam, Thrissur, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Palakkad, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Chittoor, Nellore, and Guntur.

The importance of the train:

This train is much important considering the connectivity of two states as well as the places of pilgrimage. As there are many important destinations on the route of this train, it plays a significant role for the traders as well as tourists who want to move to Kerala from an industrial city like Hyderabad. As there are many people who are associated with both of these states, this train is much useful for their commutation. Considering the flow of the passengers, including pilgrims, the train is kept as a daily express train. The Department has made various changes from time to time considering the utility of the route and extended the same. The train is operated by the South Central Railways Zone and considering the modernization of the railway; this train will also face a great modification in coming years. For the passengers of both of these states, this train is very much important.

17229/30 Sabari Express Train Coach Position Fare Chart And Seat Layout

Looking for rail information related to 17229/30 Sabari Express Train Coach Position Fare Chart and Seat Layout? Sabari Express is among one of the most prestigious trains supervised by Southern Central Indian Railways. It operates with train numbers 17229 and 17230 from both sides. The express connects Secunderabad and Thiruvananthapuram Central stations in the country. The running frequency of the express is daily and it covers a total distance of 1558 km in about 31 hours and 35 minutes. There are 23 coaches in total in the express including general, sleeper, pantry, AC two tier and three tier compartments. As per the coach structure, it has SLRs at the either end of the coaches, followed by general, sleeper, pantry, AC three tier and AC two tier coach in the end. The average speed with which it runs is 53 km/hour. It is always preferable to look for the seats in the express in advance and make the bookings at the earliest convenience. As per the fare chart, in general class, the pricing would be Rs. 610 in sleeper, Rs. 1640 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 2405 in AC 2 tier coach. In tatkal class, the surcharge would be of Rs. 706 in AC 2 tier, Rs. 480 in AC 3 tier coach.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout all Classes:- This Train Running on daily basis, it has been heading in between Hyderabad Deccan and Thiruvananthapuram Central in India. Supervised by the Southern Railways, it operates with train numbers 17229 and 17230 from both ends. Having 22 coaches in total as of now, it has second tier AC, third tier AC, general unreserved and sleeper class of coaches. It is such a highly preferable and in-demand train that people used to get tickets for the same from days. If you are also looking for seats, it is advisable to get those at its earliest as could be possible, to make sure a hassle free travel. There is even a pantry car in the train and as per the desire; people can always go for onboard e-catering services.

First AC Coach Type A:- Seeking for updates related to a very famous train Sabari express and its First AC Coach Type A coach position? If yes, go through the post and you will get some for sure. To know about first class coach type A, just first do check out its seat map, look for the cabin numbers and respective location on the same and then once you know your cabin number, you can actually see its location and travel with an insight about that. Each cabin has only 2 berths as first class AC means better privacy, spacious cabins, access to modern facilities and services, and more. Wishing you a happy travel!1a-a

Second Tire AC Coach(2A):- Seeking for updates related to second Tier AC coach position, seat map layout and coach position in Sabari express? Indeed, you will get some here for sure. The train is an old and quite popular one running in between Hyderabad Deccan and Thiruvananthapuram Central in India and operates with train numbers 17229 and 17230. In total, it has 23 coaches in total as of now and the coach composition covers AC II tier, AC III tier, sleeper class and general class of coaches. It even has a pantry car attached too within the train. To get to know about the coach position of second tier AC coach, it is always effective and robust to first do have a look at the seating map and accordingly figure out the details and your location with the help of seat number that must be printed over the rail ticket. If you do check out the seat map of second tier AC, it could be checked out that 4 berths are there in every compartment and every berth could be easily distinguished with the help of different colour used in them. The lower berth is in green colour, upper berth in blue colour, side lower berth in purple colour and side upper berth in pink colour. So, have a look at the seat berths, take out your seat number and evaluate with the seating number arrangement where to sit by during travel. Have a safe travel! 2a-a

Third Tire AC coach/(3A):- Want to get an insight about Third AC class coach position in the popular and highly in-demand train Sabari express? Planning to travel and get reservations in third AC class coach in this train? Wish to travel in between Hyderabad Deccan and Thiruvananthapuram Central in this express? Sabari express runs with train numbers 17230 and 17229. It has 23 coaches in total and the coach composition is been like covering second tier AC, sleeper, third tier AC and general class coaches. In case, you are travelling in third tier AC class coach, it is better and efficient to always have a look at the seat map of the same coach as defined and devised by the Indian Railways department. The class code of the same is 3A and the number of seats to sleep and seat are 64 individually in the same. There are five categories of berths in the coach involving a lower berth, a middle berth, an upper berth, a side lower berth and a side upper berth. Each berth is been marked in different colour and users can easily make out the difference in between them by simply having a look at the seat map of third tier AC coach. People can even mention the preference in terms of berth if they have any at the time of getting tickets and doing bookings. So, make sure to have a look at the seat map, get better understanding of the coach position and have a safe travel.3a

BE1 Coach:-  Looking for updated information related to BE1 coach position in Sabari express? Indeed, here you will get some for sure. BE1 coach refers to the extra coach that is been added in the train due to rush of passengers and travellers at the end time in the form of AC 3rd tier coach. Running on daily basis, this train is been heading in between Thiruvananthapuram Central and Hyderabad Deccan and operates with train numbers 17229 and 17230 from both ends. Planning to get seats and tickets in AC 3rd tier coach that is BE1 coach in this train? Do check out the seat map of the coach in order to grab details about the same and within minutes. 64 berths are available in every coach in order to sleep and to seat. Backed with berths involving lower berth, middle berth, side lower berth, side upper berth and upper berth, simply by checking out the seat map of the same could lead you to get clarity about everything within minutes. The seat number could help you in figuring out the exact coach position of the train within minutes and in prior only people can know about all the details. Out of the 24 coaches available in the train, rake 18, 19 and 20 belongs to BE1 coach and as per the sources; the train even has a pantry car available. Feel free to try your favourite cuisine been ordered from the e-catering food service provider and have a happy journey.

Sleeper Class coach(SL):- Looking online to seek details related to Sleeper Class coach (SL) in Sabari express? Do you have any plans to travel in the popular train that runs in between Hyderabad Deccan and Thiruvananthapuram Central or in between them somewhere? The train runs from both sides with train numbers 17229 and 17230. It runs on daily basis. Are you going to travel in sleeper class coach in this train? Did you get the tickets to travel into already? The best way to know more of the coach is to look at the seat map of sleeper class coach as devised by the Railways. The different berths available in sleeper coach are lower berth, middle berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 72 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. Sabari express has 24 coaches available as of now and amongst them, rake with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 belongs to sleeper class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within. Do know of the seat position in advance in the train with the help of seat number and by glancing at the seat map of SL coach. Do get the tickets within time and enjoy a safe and hassle free journey!slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS): From riches to rags, and the facilitated to the facilitators, Indian railways provides for everyone. Not only is it one of the largest employers in the world, but also the only channel of commutation for most Indians. The railways in India are the largest and the most sophisticated network of trains in the entire world. Now wonder so many people depend on it, to go about their daily lives and make ends meet. From super speciality trains, which are specially crafted to appease tourists, to the reliable express trains that run on most routes, the railways bring together people from all walks of life and all sections of the society, irrespective of their caste, colour, or financial background.

However, not everyone can afford to get a reserved seat of their one, and hence in order to accommodate that population, trains have various general compartments or coaches which are unreserved and anyone with a general ticket to their respective destination, and get aboard the train, without a guarantee of getting a seat.

The fact about unreserved second class compartment (UR) is that it supports majority of the crowd that can either not afford a reserved ticket, have to travel urgently and do not get a reservation, or travel between cities which are not so far apart. While the second class compartment is generally very crowded, the facilities in this coach can be said to be below average. The seating arrangement is mostly hard wooden without any soft padding above it. Also, the level of cleanliness is below the desired standard. The Indian railways have been trying hard to make the conditions better, and more hygienic.

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- Travel by Trains are one of the favourite way to commute by most of the people.  So are you also going to travel via train? The train which you opt for your entire journey is Sabari Express which is running in between Hyderabad (A city of Nawab’s) &Kerala (City of Gods) with the 2 operating numbers 17229 & 17230. You are searching online for SLR coach of Sabari Express & how this coach is differ from others coach? Here, you get such relevant information about SLR coach, so keep on reading full details mention below:

Indian Railways has variety of coaches in their ICF & LHB Rakes. SLR is also one of them. SLR:‘S’letter stands for Second class or Sitting accommodation, which is usually operated as Unreserved. Then letter ‘L’ means Luggage or Parcel Van of Railway that transports parcels or luggage with the help of SLR type coaches. Now the last ‘R’ is the Brake Van which meant for the Guard.Meanwhile itusually has the equipment that is required in connection with the duties of the Guard of any of the train. Therefore, the term SLR stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake, (SLR). This SLR compartments or coaches are present only in those trains that are running with the ICF coaches.

Train Sabari express is running on all the 7 days of the week. It is heading in between Hyderabad Deccan (HYB) and Thiruvananthapuram Central (TVC).  It comes under south central railway zone. Being operated by 17229/30 it has 24 number of coaches in total. And out of all there is only 2 coaches has been attached which is of ‘SLR’ category. And this is a common thing, means in the case of most of the passenger trains, there are 2 SLR coaches always. One of the SLR coach in Sabari express is next to the engine and the second SLR coach is located at the end of the rake which is on 24th position. These SLR coaches are generally divided into two parts, one which is for luggage and the other one is for seating of the passengers of the train. The SLR coaches are generally unreserved type of coaches and exclusively for any type of physically handicapped or disable person. Also we can say these type of coach compartments are usually reserved for the differently abled people. In that place only, there will be a small compartment for the Railway Guard that is at the end of the train that is, in turn, equipped with all the different and required controls for the guard. There is a pantry car attached within , still if you are craving for something more delicious & fresh then no need to worry. You have to order online food from TravelKhana which deliver hot & fresh food in train on your own berth. Do get the booking in this train on time &Have a great Train journey.

Stoppages of 17230/29 Sabari Express

The Stoppages of 17230/29 SABARI EXPRESS are at 40 halts in total as of now. Few of the prominent ones are at Ernakulam Town, Shoranur, Erode, Katpadi, Tirupati Main, Renigunta, Guntur, etc. The respective halt time at these stations is of 10 minutes at Guntur station, 5 minutes at Renigunta station, 5 minutes at Tirupati Main station, 5 minutes at Katpadi station, 5 minutes at Erode station, 20 minutes at Shoranur station, 5 minutes at Ernakulam town, etc. At other stations, the respective halt time is in between 2 to 5 minutes only. Sabari Express is an old and famous train and is supervised by the South Central Railways. It is boarded by thousands of travellers on daily basis and operates on daily basis in between Secunderabad station and Thiruvananthapuram Central station across the country. The distance that the Sabari Express takes is 1557 km and the travel time is of 29 hours and 10 minutes. It operates with a speed of 53 km/hour. There are in total 24 coaches available in the express so far and it has second tier, third tier, sleeper, and general class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within the express.

Seat Availability of 17230/29 Sabari Express

Sabari Express is an old and quite a famous express operating with train numbers 17229 and 17230 from both ends. It belongs to South Central Railways zone and is connecting Secunderabad junction and Thiruvananthapuram Central junctions in the country. The service frequency of the express is on daily basis. It covers a total distance of 1558 kms in 31 hours and 35 minutes. It has 23 coaches, including AC 2 tier, sleeper, general and AC 3 tier, and a pantry car. Are you looking for the seat availability in the 17320/29 Sabari Express? There are Indian railways and other resources where one can look for the tickets and can book them in advance to avoid any hassle for the last minute. So, look for the tickets in the desired coaches and book them at earliest. In unreserved category, one can buy the tickets from the railway counter at the station. The running speed of the express is 52 km/hour and it stops by at 40 halts between the junctions. In general category, the net fare would be Rs. 140 in sleeper, Rs. 495 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 700 in AC 2 tier. In tatkal quota, the fare that will be charged in extra is Rs. 38 in sleeper, Rs. 194 in AC 2 tier, and Rs. 137 in AC 3 tier.

Fare Chart of 17230/29 Sabari Express

Sabari Express is a famous old train, connecting Thiruvananthapuram Central and Secunderabad junction in the country. The train is belonging to South Central Indian Railways zone and is operating with train numbers 17229 and 17230 from both ends. It is running daily and is covering a total distance of 1558 km in about 31 hours and 35 minutes. Do you want to know the Fare Chart of 17230-29 Sabari Express? There are 23 coaches in the express, including a pantry car, AC second tier, AC third tier, sleeper and general category. Travellers can look for e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana at catchy prices. In general category, the fare is Rs. 2470 in 2A, Rs. 1705 in 3A, Rs. 640 in SL, Rs. 390 in 2S, and Rs. 345 in GN. In tatkal category, the fare is Rs. 2995 in 2A, Rs. 2125 in 3A, Rs. 825 in SL, Rs. 405 in 2S. In child category, the fare is Rs. 1215 in 2A, Rs. 835 in 3A, Rs. 310 in SL, Rs. 390 in 2S and Rs. 175 in GN. For a senior citizen female, it would be Rs. 1265 in 2A, Rs. 875 in 3A, Rs. 330 in SL, Rs. 205 in 2S and Rs. 345 in GN.