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Bangalore Cantt Railway Station – BNC

Bangalore Cantt is a suburb of Bangalore city and was established in the time of British Raj. At that time, it was used as a Military Cantonment for British army. It has an area of 13 sq. Km and spans from Residency in the west to Binnamangala in the east. The Bangalore Cantt area is now a major part of the city with many clubs, bungalows and churches. It is a major tourist attraction with shopping streets, and restaurants along with many spectacular buildings of the British age.

Bangalore Cantt Railway Station:

The Bangalore Cantt railway station or BNC is one of the three major railway stations serving the beautiful and busy city of Bangalore and is situated at station road, Vasanth Nagar and is controlled by the South Western Zone’s of Bangalore division. There are three platforms on this station and all of them are easily accessible with the foot over bridges.

Trains That Stop at Bangalore Cant Station Are;

  • Shatabdi Express
  • Ernakulam Express
  • Lalbagh Express
  • Bangalore-Karaikal Fast Passenger
  • Yesvantpur-Tirupathi Express
  • Chennai Express
  • Sangha Mitra Express
  • Bagmati Express

Face-lifting of Bangalore Cantt station was done in which its entrance and ticket counters were remodelled and were accessible for public from January 2011.

Facilities at the Bangalore Cantt Railway Station:

The basic amenities and facilities provided to passengers on this station are computerised reservation centre, booking office for unreserved tickets, spacious waiting hall, paid parking, air-conditioned VIP lounge, Inquiry booths, Food plaza, ATM of several major banks and proper sanitary services. Along with that, the porters are also provided with hand trolleys to carry the luggage of the passengers.

Due to a great need for medical facilities on the station, Bangalore division also started a medical clinic at Bangalore Cantt station, and this clinic provides free first aid and medical emergency services for the passengers.

Restaurants Near Bangalore Cantt Railway Station:

The restaurants of Bangalore Cantt are famous for the quality, taste and varieties of food served here. Here, you will not only find the best south Indian foods, but also be pleased to find that the restaurants here also serve a vast variety of international and North Indian Foods. Some of the restaurants that you must visit on your visit to Bangalore Cantt are as follows.

  • Travelkhana – Multi cuisine, North Indian, South Indian – Contact Number# 08800313131
  • Fishlan – Sujatha Complex,1st Main, Gandhinagar, Majestic Bangalore
  • Sukh sagar – 10, 3rd Main Road, Gandhinagar, Majestic Area
  • Queens Refreshment, Veg-Non Veg – INSIDE Shifa Hospital

Queens Road, Tankbund Road, Tasker Town,Shivajinagar

  • Pai Vihar Veg – Millers Road, Vasanth Nagar
  • Nakshatra Restaurant – INSIDE Hotel Fortune Select JP Cosmos

Tank Bund Road, Cunningham Cresent Road, Vasanth Nagar

  • Sanman Veg – Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar

Next To Al-Yousef Tower Business Complex

  • Mast Kalandar Restaurant – Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar
  • Hamsa Restaurant and Lodge – Hazrat Kambal Posh Road, Tasker Town,Shivajinagar
  •  Eden Park Restaurant – Venkataswamy Naidu Road, Cunningham Road, Shivajinagar

For those who are in search of the best luxury and facilities, the hotels near Bangalore Cantt station are the best option for accommodation and eating.

Some of the Popular Hotels in This Area are;

  • Jayamahal Palace Hotel – A Heritage Hotel – Jayamahal Road, Bangalore
  • Droog House – Nandidurga Road, Bangalore
  • Le Meridien Bangalore – Sankey Road, Bangalore
  • City Living – Queens Road, Bangalore
  • Gold Star – Queens Road, Bangalore
  • Young Island Comforts – Millers Road, Bangalore

Famous Food of Bangalore Cant Railway Station:

When you are in Bangalore, you will be overwhelmed with the variety of food available here in affordable prices. Being a major city in southern India, the food in Bangalore is mostly inspired from South Indian cuisine, but many of the restaurants here also serve delicious north Indian recipes along with Chinese and Thai food. The Thai food is served with an Indian twist by including a lot of spices and herbs to adopt it to the taste of Indians.

The major dishes that are served include, Idli, Pongal, Poori sagu, Dosas of many varieties, Khara Bath, etc. You can also enjoy awesome street foods such as kebabs, Panipuri, sev puri and bhel puri on the streets of Bangalore Cant.

With so many great places to visit and such awesome dishes to enjoy, Bangalore cantonment never fails to attract visitors from all over the country and foreign countries, as well.

Trains Passing Through Bangalore Cant Railway Station:

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
2354 PATNA PREMIUM S origin 15:30
6201 MYS SNSI EXPRESS(MYS-SNSI) 08:35 08:37
6316 BANGALORE EXP 09:18 09:20
6514 BANGALORE SPL 20:15 20:20
8637 HTE BNC G R SPL 06:00 destination
11013 Mumbai LTT-Coimbatore Express(LTT-CBE) 22:25 22:28
11014 Coimbatore Mumbai LTT Express(CBE-LTT) 16:10 16:12
11301 UDYAN EXPRESS 08:10 08:15
11302 UDYAN EXP 20:10 20:12
12027 Chennai Bangalore Shatabdi Express(MAS-SBC) 22:09 22:11
12028 Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi Express(SBC-MAS) 06:08 06:10
12295 SANGHAMITRA EXP 09:10 09:12
12296 Sanghamitra Express(PNBE-SBC) 20:00 20:05
12509 BangaloreCity-Guwahati SF Express(SBC-GHY) 23:40 23:45
12510 Guwahati-BangaloreCity SF Express(GHY-SBC) 11:05 11:10
12577 Bagmati SF weekly Express(DBG-SBC) 20:15 20:20
12578 Bagmati Weekly SF Express(SBC-DBG) 10:20 10:22
12591 Gorakhpur-Bangalore Express(GKP-SBC) 04:19 04:22
12592 Bangalore-Gorakhpur Express(SBC-GKP) 17:00 17:03
12607 Lalbagh Express(MAS-SBC) 21:08 21:10
12608 Lalbagh Express(SBC-MAS) 06:40 06:42
12609 Bangalore Express(MAS-SBC) 19:36 19:38
12610 Bangalore-Chennai Express(SBC-MAS) 08:10 08:12
12627 Karnataka Express(SBC-NDLS) 19:30 19:32
12628 Karnataka Express(NDLS-SBC) 13:08 13:10
12639 Brindavan Express(MAS-SBC) 13:35 13:40
12640 Brindavan Express(SBC-MAS) 15:20 15:22
12647 Kongu Express(CBE-NZM) 23:25 23:28
12657 Chennai – Bangalore Mail(MAS-SBC) 04:35 04:40
12658 Bangalore-Chennai Mail(SBC-MAS) 22:50 22:55
12677 BangaloreCity-Ernakulam Intercity Express(SBC-ERS) 06:25 06:27
12678 Ernakulam-BangaloreCity Intercity Express(ERS-SBC) 19:20 19:22
12683 Ernakulam Bangalore Superfast Express(ERS-SBC) 03:45 03:50
12684 Ernakulam SF Express(SBC-ERS) 18:55 18:57
12691 Chennai Sri Satya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam SF Express(MAS-SSPN) 05:01 05:05
12692 Chennai Sri Satya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam SF Express(SSPN-MAS) 23:10 23:12
12785 Kacheguda-Bangalore SF Express(KCG-SBC) 06:01 06:03
12786 Bangalore-Kacheguda SF Express(SBC-KCG) 18:30 18:32
12975 Mysore-Jaipur SF Express(MYS-JP) 13:10 13:12
12976 Jaipur-Mysore SF Express(JP-MYS) 12:20 12:25
16217 Mysore-Sainagar Shirdi Express(MYS-SNSI) 08:30 08:32
16218 Sainagar Shirdi – Mysore Weekly Express(SNSI-MYS) 02:55 03:00
16221 Kaveri Express(MYS-MAS) 23:55 23:58
16222 Kaveri Express(MAS-MYS) 03:23 03:25
16231 Mayiladuturai Mysore Express(MV-MYS) 05:05 05:10
16232 Mysore-Mayiladuturai Express(MYS-MV) 19:15 19:20
16315 Bangalore-Kochuveli Tri-Weekly Express(SBC-KCVL) 17:25 17:30
16316 Kochuveli-Bangalore Tri Weekly Express(KCVL-SBC) 08:03 08:05
16321 Bangalore Tiruvananthapuram Weekly Express(SBC-TVC) 17:25 17:30
16322 Tiruvananthapuram Bangalore Weekly Express(TVC-SBC) 08:03 08:05
16519 Jolarpettai Bangalore Express(JTJ-SBC) 07:32 07:34
16520 Bangalore Jolarpettai Express(SBC-JTJ) 17:40 17:42
16521 Bangarpet-Bangalore Express(BWT-SBC) 22:53 22:55
16522 Bangalore Bangarpet Express(SBC-BWT) 19:45 19:47
16525 Island Express(CAPE-SBC) 06:45 06:50
16526 Island Express(SBC-CAPE) 21:50 21:55
16529 Udyan Express(CSTM-SBC) 08:10 08:15
16530 Udyan Express(SBC-CSTM) 20:10 20:12
16591 Hampi Express(UBL-SBC) 05:27 05:32
16592 Hampi Express(SBC-UBL) 22:10 22:12
16731 Tuticorin Mysore Express(TN-MYS) 05:38 05:43
16732 Mysore-Tuticorin Express(MYS-TN) 21:30 21:33
17209 Seshadri Express(SBC-CCT) 13:30 13:35
17210 Seshadri Express(CCT-SBC) 11:48 11:53
17235 NAGERCOIL EXP 17:10 17:12
17236 BANGALORE EXP 08:28 08:30
18463 Prasanti Express(BBS-SBC) 11:19 11:20
18464 Prasanti Express(SBC-BBS) 14:10 14:12
22607 Ernakulam-Bangalore Weekly SF Express(ERS-SBC) 03:43 03:45
22608 Bangalore-Ernakulam Weekly SF Express(SBC-ERS) 18:55 18:57
22625 SBC DOUBLE DECK 12:40 12:45
22681 Mysore-Chennai SF Express(MYS-MAS) 23:10 23:12
22682 Chennai-Mysore SF Express(MAS-MYS) 05:01 05:05


Dehradun Railway Station – DDN

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand, and also one of the popular tourist places in India. The best way to reach here is through a train and Dehradun railway station is well connected with others major cities in the country. Located about two kilometres from the heart of the city, it is the terminus for Northern Railway network. This station is the gateway to Uttarakhand and is the busiest in the region. Dehradun railway station is code named DDN, and the next closest station is Rishikesh located at about 42 kilometres. The railway station was designed with an emphasis on the functional blocks, but not on the aesthetic structures.

There is only one railway station in Dehradun and the proximity of the station to the city makes train journey preferable mode of transport to the city dwellers and tourists. It hosts multiple inter-city express trains connecting to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Indore, Allahabad, Kolkata, Ujjain, Varanasi, and Amritsar. The frequency of these long distance trains position Dehradun railway station as a central hub for transportation within the state. Every year, thousands of passengers visit Dehradun railway station to earmark the journey to Missouri and Rishikesh pilgrimage. Summer is a busy season for Dehradun railway station with a huge inflow of tourists to the city.

The airport is almost 24 kilometres from the station. The station is located near few landmarks such as Indian Military Academy (6 KM), Malsi Deer Park (10 KM), Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple (6 KM), and Tapovan (5 KM). The nearest railway stations to Dehradun are Harrawala (9 KM), Doiwala (20 KM), Kansrao (30 KM), Haridwar (52 KM), and Roorkee (97 KM).

Facilities available at Dehradun Railway Station –

The influx of passengers to the busiest Dehradun railway station makes the challenge of serving them quite complex. The facilities offered at the station do provide relief to the passengers and make the experience fulfilling. The ticketing facility is computerized and passengers can check their ticket reservation status from the online kiosks located inside the railway station. The 24×7 enquiry counter service provide real-time updates on the passenger queries. The railway station is also equipped with comfortable passenger waiting rooms for all categories. The first class passengers can retire to the well-maintained air-conditioned retiring halls. The restrooms and guest rooms are tidy and the service staffs are courteous for any requested help. The railway station also houses non-vegetarian and vegetarian refreshment counters to satiate the passengers.

The railway station’s other attraction is the tourism shop, which houses the indigenous cultural items of the natives and sells a variety of books on regional literature. There is also a provision of clean drinking water on each platform of the station. The other significant amenities at the railway station include a magazine stall, outlet of the General Police Force (GPF), Railway Protection Force (RPF), and a telephone booth accordingly. The station also has a help desk to provide any support to the tourists who visit the city. It is equipped with a large vehicle parking facility to accommodate the visitors, and there is a pre-paid taxi service outside the station for the benefit of the tourists to the region.

Restaurants near Dehradun Railway Station –

If passengers are not satiated with the food offerings at the cafeteria inside the Dehradun railway station, they have myriad options near the station.

  • Travelkhana Restaurant – Contact # 08800313131

These restaurants are located within a radius of 3 kilometres, and tourists can visit them to savour the regional delectable dishes. Hotel Ambassador is the closest motel to the Dehradun railway station, and the Inter State bus station is over 1 kilometre away. So, those tourists who fail to board the train, the bus services fill the void during the peak summer season.

Famous Food of Dehradun –

The cuisines of Dehradun are prepared with a large amount of milk, and locals prefer to have vegetarian dishes. Dehradun food contains high levels of nutrition      and is cooked from lentils.  Gahat ki Dal, Singodi, Kaafli, and Kumaoni Raita are the popular regional dishes. The city also houses tea plantations and tourists can taste variety of tea flavors.

Trains Passing through Dehradun (DDN) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
New Delhi – Dehradun Shatabdi Express
Dehradun – New Delhi Shatabdi Express
New Delhi-Dehradun Jan Shatabdi Express
Dehradun-New Delhi Jan Shatabdi Express
New Delhi – Dehradun AC Express
Dehradun – New Delhi AC Express
Kochuveli – Dehradun SF Express
Dehradun-Kochuveli Weekly SF Express
Upasana Express
Upasana Express
Dehradun Chennai Express(DDN-MAS)
Doon Express
Doon Express
Mussoorie Express
Mussoorie Express
Sangam Express Slip(ALJN-DDN)
Link Express (Sangam Slip)
Kathgodam – Dehradun Express
Dehradun – Kathgodam Express
Varanasi – Dehradun Janta Express
Dehradun – Varanasi Janta Express
Ujjaini Express
Ujjaini Express
Indore-Dehradun Express
Dehradun-Indore Express
Dehradun – Amritsar (Lahori) Express
Amritsar – Dehradun (Lahori) Express
Rapti Ganga Express
Rapti Ganga Express
Rapti Ganga Express
Rapti Ganga Express
Mumbai Bandra Terminus- Dehradun Express
Dehradun – Mumbai Bandra Terminus Express
Uttaranchal Express
Uttranchal Express