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Have a family holiday in Ahmedabad

Ahmadabad being the second most important city in the state of Gujarat is the place where a large scale of cotton is manufactured. It is also known as the Manchester of India. There are many places to visit once one reaches this city for a holiday.

Gandhi Ashram or Sabarmati Ashram: This is the most popular tourist destination in Ahmadabad as this Ashram was the residence of Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who is still known as the Father of the Nation. He had contributed a lot in India’s freedom struggle and many things and revolutions started from here from this ashram. It is from here, the famous Dandi March was initiated by Gandhi. This was a shelter for many freedom fighters at that point of time. Now, this has been turned into a museum where everyday things are kept and displayed which were integral parts of Mahatma Gandhi’s daily life. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, this place has a serene and peaceful ambience.

Kankaria Lake: This was earlier known as ‘Hauj e Kutub’ when it was built long ago in 1451 CE and was built by Sultan Kutubuddin. There is also a garden built in the middle of the lake, which has been named as Nagina Wadi. This is an Urdu word, which means beautiful garden. This place is one of the most favorite picnic spots for the local people here as it also provide a kid’s playground with some exciting rides and a toy train. This place remains always filled up during weekends and one must visit this place once in Ahmadabad.

Sidi Sayed Masjid: This is a mosque which was built many years ago in 1573 and is considered to be one of the oldest mosques in India. The entire mosque was built by pure marble, and there is a beautiful design made of Net on the wall which is worth a watch. This place has a lot of tourist attractions every year.

Laal Darwaza: This is a place which faces a lot of tourist visit every day because this is the place where one gets to shop all the traditional Gujarati Artifacts. Here, many stalls have been set up on the pavements and footpaths as they sell all the things in a very cheap rate. One needs to find out some exquisite things from here at a very cheap rate.

Vastrapur Lake: This is located in the west of Ahmadabad and has been taken care of by Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation. This is an open space with fresh breeze and one comes here to relax from the daily chores of city life. This is a nice place for morning and evening walks.

If one wants to order food online in train at Ahmedabad junction, they should know the special dishes provided here. Most of the dishes served here are vegetarian and the amount of sugar and ghee used in the local food is high. One can try the most famous Gujarati Thali here which serves a variety of local dishes in a single platter.