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Overview of Oorgaum Railway Station – OGM

Kolar Gold Fields lie near Bangarapet and the gold-bearing zone here extended for 65 km. There were four productive beds and more zones were opened in1880. Oorgaum was one of them and was the major Indian source of gold for decades. Then the mines went in a state of decline, and thus, were nationalized in 1956, but they kept losing money and were closed down in 2001. Many people here now commute to Bangalore, 100 km away, for their livelihood. There is the industrial area of Marikuppam and the Robertsonpet residential area near Oorgaum now.

Oorgaum Railway Station (station code OGM) of the South Western Railway is located near Bangarapet and is in the Bangalore division. Its neighbourhood stations are Champion and Coromandel. No express trains stops at the Oorgaum station. As many as 21 trains stop here every day and 18000 passengers use the station. Oorgaum is connected by daily train service to places like Bangarapet, Marikuppam, Bangalore, and Krishnarajapuram.

Passenger Facilities –

Oorgaum Railway Station has the ticket counters, railway inquiry counter, toilets and drinking water fountains for passengers.

Restaurants near Oorgaum Station –

The restaurants at Oorgaum include LJ Iyengar Bakery Restaurant, New Golden Breeze Restaurant, Sagar Bar and Restaurant and Jiggis Food Services.

Oorgaum Food –

Mince fry, snake gourd stuffed with minced meat, trotters in gravy, tipsy pudding, savoury meat crispies, and pork pickle are some of the popular Anglo-Indian cuisine dishes from traditional Kolar Gold Field area homes. They are still popular there. Also, common are the normal fare of dosas, idlis, uthappas, sambar and rice varieties, followed by the hot glass of coffee.