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Overview of Railway Stations in Indore

Indore Junction Railway Station (codenamed INDB) is the one of the largest railway junctions in Madhya Pradesh. The station falls under the administrative control of Western Railways Zone of Indian Railways and is located in the middle of the Indore city with an easy access to the passengers. This station was built in 1921 and electrified in 2011. Indore Junction railway station is also one of the few ISO Certified Stations of India and is well-connected with all parts of the country. The railway lines from North West of the junction connect with Ujjain, from south to Indore Mhow, from North to Dewas Junction and Khandwa Junction to the east of the Indore Junction. This strategic location makes Indore a central hub in Madhya Pradesh and the third busiest station in the Western Railway Zone.

The junction can be divided into two categories based on the gauge: broad and metre. The broad gauge network is for the super-fast, express, and fast passenger trains. The super-fast and express trains run daily from the Indore Junction. The metre gauge rail network is for the local train services. The local train network connects the urban and sub-urban regions of the Indore City and registers huge passenger flow on a daily basis. Indore Subway railway is operated by Western Railways Zone. The metropolitan rail network is sophisticated in design and is the largest sub-urban rail system in Madhya Pradesh with high passenger density at the nine local stations. Each railway station has basic passenger amenities.

Indore Junction is also equipped with best passenger amenities in terms of waiting halls, cool drinking water supply, cafeteria, automated ticket vending machines, book stalls, prepaid taxi services, huge parking facility and police surveillance at all the five platforms. There are three broad gauge tracks and two metre gauge tracks at the station. The proximity of the junction close to the city makes an easy choice for passengers to commute within Indore. The furthest place from this junction the local train network can take is Ujjain in the north and Khandwa in the south. The station is well-connected to major stations and some of them are Mumbai, Nagpur, Dehradun, Jabalpur, Pune, Bangalore, Udaipur, Amritsar, Patna, and Bhopal.

The station is located at 7 Kilometres from the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport of Indore. The Bhopal International Airport is located 163 Kilometres from the Indore Junction. Indore Junction (BG) station grew into a significant junction over the years with high volume of passengers on the routes coupled with the growth in economic activity at Indore over the last few decades. The nearest railway stations to Indore are Lakshmibai Nagar (3 KM), Rajendra Nagar (7 KM), Lokmanya Nagar (4 KM), and Indore Mhow (22 KM).

Lakshmibai Nagar Railway Station –

This station codenamed LMNR is located three kilometres from the Indore Junction. Lakshmibai Nagar also houses the Indore Rail Yard. The station is on the broad gauge rail network and is connected with Bhopal, Ujjain, Jaipur, Jabalpur, and other cities within Madhya Pradesh. The station has three platforms, four tracks and modern parking facilities available at considerable price. The electrification of the railway track from Indore Junction to Ujjain was completed in 2011.

Rajendra Nagar Railway Station –

This station is one of the oldest local train hubs founded in early 1970. Rajendra Nagar codenamed as RJQ lies on the Delhi- Hyderabad metre gauge railway network. The upgrade from metre to broad gauge is currently under progress and hoping this work will be completed in mid-2015. This local train station is famous for its residential communities and is preferred transportation to the urban part of Indore. The station is equipped with two passenger reservation counters and other basic amenities on the two platforms.

Lokmanya Nagar Railway Station –

Lokmanya Nagar (codenamed LKMN) is also on the Delhi- Hyderabad metre gauge network. With one reservation counter, the station has low passenger density. Currently, the station is undergoing an upgrade to broad gauge line next year. This station served as the gateway for transportation during the late 1970’s.

Indore Mhow Railway Station –

Mhow station codenamed as MHOW is one of the local train stations within Indore city. The station is located in the southern part of Indore and is 22 Kilometres from the Indore Junction.