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About 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express

More to  18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express

Want to get rail info about train nos. 18477 and 18478 Kalinga Utkal Express? Are you looking for an express running in between famous and widely visited pilgrimage joints across the nation that is Puri and Haridwar? If yes, Kalinga Utkal Express is the answer of all. Also been popular and reckoned all over as Utkal Express, Kalinga Utkal Express is been operating with two train nos. that is 18477 and 18478. Counted among one of the significant and vital express managed by the Indian Railways, it is a connecting train linking the vastly recognized and well known pilgrimage centres that are Haridwar and Puri across the country.

The average speed of the express is about 53 km/hour and it is known to be covering an overall distance of 2378 kms. Adding to this, the express is known to be comprised with four different classes of coaches including sleeper class, AC 3 tier, AC 2 tier and general coaches. Apart from general coach class, it is must to get a confirmed reservation in order to travel in other three classes. As per the information, pantry car is been attached in the express. Moreover, people can also book tickets in the same as per Tatkal scheme. Throughout the journey, the express is been moved on an alternate basis using locomotive of WDM 3A LDH in between HW-NZM and WAP 7 TKD in between NZM-PURI. In between Haridwar station to Puri station, the total stoppages took by the train are at Roorkee, Sakhi Gopal, Tapri, Bhubaneswar, Muzaffarnagar, Khurda road junction, Deoband, Cuttack, Meerut city, Bhadrakh, Meerut Cant, Jaipur K Road, Ghaziabad, Soro, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Basta, Mathura station, Balasore, Faridabad, Jaleswar, Faridabad, Hijilli, Raja ki Mandi, Ghatsila, Dhaulpur, Chakulia, Agra Cant, Tatanagar junction, Morena, Sini, Dabra, Raj Kharsawan junction Chakradharpur, Gwalior, Manoharpur, Datia, Goilkera, Babina, Bisra, Jhansi junction, Rourkela, Talbahat, Bondamunda, Malkheri, Raj Gangpur, Lalitpur, Jharsuguda junction, Khurai, Bamra, Patharia, Brajrajnagar, Saugor, Raigarh, Katni Murwara, Belpahar, Damoh, Kharsia, Umaria, Baradwar, Chandia road, Sakti, Nowrozabad, Naila, Shahdol, Akaltara, Birsinghpur, Champa, Amlai, Bilaspur junction, Burhar, Belgahna, Anuppur junction, Pendra road and Kargo road junction.

Train no. 18477 Kalinga Utkal Express runs on daily basis from Sunday to Saturday starting from Puri at about 20:55 hours IST and reaches Haridwar on third day at 17:30 hours. On the other hand, train no. 18478 Kalinga Utkal Express runs on daily basis and leaves from Haridwar junction at 7 AM and reaches Puri station on third day at 7:35 AM. In all, in an overall journey of 2 days and about an hour, the express take halts at total 73 stations. As it has pantry car attached, people can get food from that and even consider opting for e-caterings services like of Travel Khana. Engaged in providing high quality and freshly prepared yummy and hot food delivery in train to passengers on time at economical prices, it is definitely a must consider service provider for sure. So, enjoy your travel and avail services of the e-catering provider and get back with lots of fond memories.

Highlights of
Kalinga Utkal Express –

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 48h 0m
Halts: 74
Distance: 2366 km
Avg Speed: 49 km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Utkal Express is also known as Kalinga Utkal Express and is an important express train of the Indian Railways. It is a connecting train between the two most famous pilgrimage centres, Haridwar and Puri in India. It runs at an average speed of 53 Kmph and covers a distance of 2378 Kilometres.

There are four types of coaches in Kalinga Utkal Express- Sleeper class, AC two tier, AC three tier and General. Except General Coach, all the other coaches require a reservation. Tatkal scheme and Pantry car are also available on this train.

On its journey, the train moves alternatively by WDM3A LDH between HW-NZM & WAP7 TKD between NZM-PURI. After starting from Haridwar Junction, following is the list of stations where the train halts, which include it passing through Roorkee, Tapri, Muzaffarnagar, Deoband, Meerut City, Meerut Cant, Ghaziabad, H Nizamuddin, Mathura Jn, Faridabad, Raja Ki Mandi, Dhaulpur, Agra Cantt, Morena, Dabra, Gwalior, Datia, Babina, Jhansi Jn, Talbahat, Malkheri, Lalitpur, Khurai, Patharia, Saugor, Katni Murwara, Damoh, Umaria, Chandia Road, Nowrozabad, Shahdol, Birsinghpur, Amlai, Burhar, Pendra Road, Anuppur Jn, Kargi Road, Belgahna, Bilaspur Jn, Champa, Akaltara, Naila, Sakti, Baradwar, Kharsia, Belpahar, Raigarh, Brajrajnagar, Bamra, Jharsuguda Jn, Raj Gangpur, Bondamunda, Rourkela, Bisra, Goilkera, Manoharpur, Raj Kharsawan JN Chakradharpur, Sini Jn, Tatanagar Jn, Chakulia, Ghatsila, Hijilli, Jaleswar, Balasore, Basta, Soro, Jajpur K Road, Bhadrakh, Cuttack, Khurda Road JN, Bhubaneswar, Sakhi Gopal and finally arrives at Puri Station .

Running daily from Sunday to Saturday, the 18477 up Utkal express, the departure time from Puri is at 20:55 PM and its arrival time is at 17:30 PM on the third day at Haridwar and for 18478 down Utkal express the departure time from Haridwar is at 7:00 AM daily and its arrival time is at 7:35 AM the third day at Puri. In its total scheduled running time of 2 days and 1 hour, it stops at 73 stations.

18477/Kalinga Utkal Express Puri to Haridwar Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Puri(PURI) origin 20:50 origin 0
Sakhi Gopal(SIL) 21:08 21:10 2 0
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 21:45 21:50 5 0
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 22:18 22:23 5 0
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 22:58 23:03 5 0
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 00:01 00:03 2 1
Bhadrak(BHC) 00:48 00:50 2 1
Soro(SORO) 01:12 01:14 2 1
Balasore(BLS) 01:40 01:45 5 1
Basta(BTS) 02:05 02:07 2 1
Jaleswar(JER) 02:23 02:25 2 1
Hijli(HIJ) 03:18 03:20 2 1
Chakulia(CKU) 04:29 04:30 1 1
Ghatsila(GTS) 04:55 04:56 1 1
Tatanagar Junction(TATA) 05:50 06:00 10 1
Sini Junction(SINI) 06:29 06:30 1 1
Rajkharsawan Junction(RKSN) 06:49 06:50 1 1
Chakradharpur(CKP) 07:17 07:27 10 1
Goilkera(GOL) 07:51 07:52 1 1
Manoharpur(MOU) 08:22 08:23 1 1
Bisra(BZR) 08:46 08:47 1 1
Bondamunda(BNDM) 08:57 08:58 1 1
Rourkela Junction(ROU) 09:15 09:30 15 1
Rajgangpur(GP) 09:57 09:58 1 1
Bamra(BMB) 10:26 10:27 1 1
Jharsuguda Junction(JSG) 11:30 11:40 10 1
Brajrajnagar(BRJN) 11:48 11:50 2 1
Belpahar(BPH) 11:59 12:01 2 1
Raigarh(RIG) 12:39 12:44 5 1
Kharsia(KHS) 13:10 13:12 2 1
Sakti(SKT) 13:23 13:25 2 1
Baradwar(BUA) 13:38 13:40 2 1
Champa Junction(CPH) 13:57 14:02 5 1
Janjgir Naila(NIA) 14:13 14:15 2 1
Akaltara(AKT) 14:27 14:29 2 1
Bilaspur Junction(BSP) 15:20 15:35 15 1
Kargi Road(KGB) 16:05 16:07 2 1
Belgahna(BIG) 16:28 16:30 2 1
Pendra Road(PND) 17:40 17:45 5 1
Anuppur Junction(APR) 18:35 18:40 5 1
Amlai(AAL) 18:51 18:53 2 1
Burhar(BUH) 19:02 19:04 2 1
Shahdol(SDL) 19:35 19:40 5 1
Birsinghpur(BRS) 20:16 20:18 2 1
Nowrozabad(NRZB) 20:26 20:28 2 1
Umaria(UMR) 20:51 20:56 5 1
Chandia Road(CHD) 21:14 21:16 2 1
Katni Murwara(KMZ) 22:55 23:10 15 1
Damoh(DMO) 00:28 00:30 2 2
Patharia(PHA) 00:54 00:56 2 2
Saugor(SGO) 01:47 01:50 3 2
Khurai(KYE) 02:38 02:40 2 2
Bina Malkhedi Junction(MAKR) 03:28 03:30 2 2
Lalitpur Junction(LAR) 04:54 04:55 1 2
Talbahat(TBT) 05:17 05:18 1 2
Babina(BAB) 05:42 05:43 1 2
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 06:30 06:40 10 2
Datia(DAA) 07:00 07:02 2 2
Dabra(DBA) 07:25 07:26 1 2
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 08:00 08:05 5 2
Morena(MRA) 08:55 08:57 2 2
Dholpur Junction(DHO) 09:46 09:48 2 2
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 10:45 10:50 5 2
Raja Ki Mandi(RKM) 10:58 11:00 2 2
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 11:45 11:50 5 2
Kosi Kalan(KSV) 12:18 12:20 2 2
Faridabad(FDB) 13:43 13:45 2 2
Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) 14:40 15:00 20 2
Ghaziabad Junction(GZB) 15:48 15:50 2 2
Meerut City Junction(MTC) 16:28 16:30 2 2
Meerut Cantt.(MUT) 16:35 16:37 2 2
Muzaffarnagar(MOZ) 17:33 17:35 2 2
Deoband(DBD) 18:07 18:09 2 2
Tapri Junction(TPZ) 19:13 19:15 2 2
Roorkee(RK) 19:55 20:00 5 2
Haridwar(HW) 21:00 destination destination 2

18478/Kalinga Utkal Express Haridwar to Puri Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Haridwar(HW) origin 06:10 origin 0
Roorkee(RK) 07:18 07:23 5 0
Tapri Junction(TPZ) 08:08 08:10 2 0
Deoband(DBD) 08:30 08:32 2 0
Muzaffarnagar(MOZ) 09:00 09:02 2 0
Meerut Cantt.(MUT) 09:45 09:47 2 0
Meerut City Junction(MTC) 10:01 10:03 2 0
Ghaziabad Junction(GZB) 11:00 11:02 2 0
Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) 11:50 12:05 15 0
Faridabad(FDB) 12:24 12:26 2 0
Kosi Kalan(KSV) 13:40 13:42 2 0
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 14:15 14:20 5 0
Raja Ki Mandi(RKM) 15:01 15:03 2 0
Agra Cantt.(AGC) 15:15 15:20 5 0
Dholpur Junction(DHO) 16:18 16:20 2 0
Morena(MRA) 16:50 16:52 2 0
Gwalior Junction(GWL) 17:31 17:36 5 0
Dabra(DBA) 18:09 18:11 2 0
Datia(DAA) 18:37 18:39 2 0
Jhansi Junction(JHS) 19:15 19:25 10 0
Babina(BAB) 19:48 19:50 2 0
Talbahat(TBT) 20:12 20:14 2 0
Lalitpur Junction(LAR) 20:43 20:45 2 0
Bina Malkhedi Junction(MAKR) 22:08 22:10 2 0
Khurai(KYE) 22:28 22:30 2 0
Saugor(SGO) 23:15 23:20 5 0
Patharia(PHA) 00:08 00:10 2 1
Damoh(DMO) 00:38 00:40 2 1
Katni Murwara(KMZ) 03:40 03:50 10 1
Chandia Road(CHD) 05:04 05:06 2 1
Umaria(UMR) 05:26 05:31 5 1
Nowrozabad(NRZB) 05:48 05:50 2 1
Birsinghpur(BRS) 06:00 06:02 2 1
Shahdol(SDL) 06:45 06:50 5 1
Burhar(BUH) 07:06 07:08 2 1
Amlai(AAL) 07:17 07:19 2 1
Anuppur Junction(APR) 07:40 07:45 5 1
Pendra Road(PND) 08:30 08:35 5 1
Belgahna(BIG) 09:29 09:31 2 1
Kargi Road(KGB) 09:44 09:46 2 1
Bilaspur Junction(BSP) 11:00 11:15 15 1
Akaltara(AKT) 11:40 11:42 2 1
Janjgir Naila(NIA) 11:59 12:01 2 1
Champa Junction(CPH) 12:16 12:21 5 1
Baradwar(BUA) 12:34 12:36 2 1
Sakti(SKT) 12:47 12:49 2 1
Kharsia(KHS) 13:01 13:03 2 1
Raigarh(RIG) 13:32 13:37 5 1
Belpahar(BPH) 14:10 14:12 2 1
Brajrajnagar(BRJN) 14:26 14:28 2 1
Jharsuguda Junction(JSG) 15:10 15:20 10 1
Bamra(BMB) 15:49 15:50 1 1
Rajgangpur(GP) 16:21 16:22 1 1
Rourkela Junction(ROU) 16:50 17:05 15 1
Bisra(BZR) 17:20 17:21 1 1
Manoharpur(MOU) 17:42 17:43 1 1
Goilkera(GOL) 18:12 18:13 1 1
Chakradharpur(CKP) 18:45 18:55 10 1
Rajkharsawan Junction(RKSN) 19:12 19:13 1 1
Sini Junction(SINI) 19:28 19:29 1 1
Tatanagar Junction(TATA) 20:20 20:30 10 1
Ghatsila(GTS) 21:08 21:10 2 1
Chakulia(CKU) 21:32 21:34 2 1
Hijli(HIJ) 22:56 22:58 2 1
Jaleswar(JER) 00:01 00:03 2 2
Basta(BTS) 00:18 00:20 2 2
Balasore(BLS) 00:45 00:55 10 2
Soro(SORO) 01:18 01:20 2 2
Bhadrak(BHC) 02:05 02:07 2 2
Jajpur Keonjhar Road(JJKR) 02:43 02:45 2 2
Cuttack Junction(CTC) 03:45 03:50 5 2
Bhubaneswar(BBS) 04:30 04:35 5 2
Khurda Road Junction(KUR) 05:05 05:10 5 2
Sakhi Gopal(SIL) 05:46 05:47 1 2
Puri(PURI) 06:20 destination destination 2

18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express Train Coach Position Fare Chart And Seat Layout

Want to know about 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express Train Coach Position Fare Chart and Seat Layout? Kalinga Utkal Express is an important express of Indian Railways supervised by the East Coast Railways. The express connects Puri and Yog Nagari Rishikesh stations in the country. The service frequency of the express is daily and it covers a total distance of 2367 km in about 48 hours and 25 minutes. There are 22 coaches in the express, and it covers sleeper, AC two tier, AC three tier, and general compartments. It even has a pantry service in the express. The average speed with which it runs is 50 km/hour. As per the coach position seat layout, it has SLRs in the starting, followed by the AC two tier coach, AC three tier coaches, pantry service, sleeper, and general compartments. According to the fare chart, in general class, the pricing charged from an adult would be Rs. 3070 in AC 2 tier coach, Rs. 2070 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 775 in sleeper category. In child quota, the pricing would be Rs. 1510 in AC 2 tier, Rs. 1015 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 380 in sleeper category. Safe travel!

Second Tire AC Coach(2A):- Looking for an insight related to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in Kalinga Utkal express? If yes, do read on the following and you will get to know of the same here. Do you have any plans to travel in between Haridwar and Puri across the country or in between them somewhere? Did you get the tickets to travel in second tier AC coach in this train already? Want to know more of second tier 2A coach? The best way to grab details of any coach is to look at the seat map of the same as designed by the Railways. In accord to 2A seat map coach, the berths available in the same are lower berth and upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 46 berths are available in the same to seat and to sleep. Each different berth category is marked with different colour and there remains better understanding among the users. The train runs from both sides with train numbers 18477 and 18478. The train Kalinga Utkal express has 23 coaches available in total and among them; rake with number 16 belongs to 2A coach. There is even a pantry car attached within. Do make sure to get the tickets in the train on time through IRCTC platform, as per the seat availability and preference and leave nothing for the end time of journey. Have a safe travel!2a-aThird AC coach(3A):- Looking for updates related to Third Tier AC coach in Kalinga Utkal express? Want to travel in between Puri and Haridwar or somewhere in between these destinations? Looking to buy tickets in third class AC coach in the train and so? Well, to get to know the best of information about third tier AC coach and coach position, simply have a look at the seat map of the same as devised by the Indian Railways department and grab details from there. The train operates from both ends with train numbers 18477 and 18478 as of now. As per the designed third tier AC coach, it has berths involving lower berth, middle berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. The berths available to seat and to sleep in the train are 64 in total. Each berth category is been colour schemed with different one and the train has 23 coaches in total as of now by far. There is even a pantry car available in the train. Rakes 17, 18, 19 and 20 belongs to third tier AC coach in the train and if you do have a confirmed reservation in the train in the same coach, then with the help of seat number the coach position could be easily known and tracked off without any problem. Feel free to even order for fresh and hot e-catering food meal services in the train as per the wish at affordable prices. Have a safe travel! 3aSleeper Class(SL):- Did You Plan to travel from Utrakhand state to Odisha of India or nearby places? Did you wish to explore the place which is widely visited pilgrimage center across the country that is Puri & Haridwar? Are you looking online for the information of the train Kalinga Utkal Express? If yes, then you are at right place, here you will get all the information of Kalinga Utkal Express & about the Sleeper Class coach (SL) of Kalinga train. Also the other information of the Train in this article will help you out to know about train route, schedule &time table.

Kalinga Utkal Express which is operated by the East Coast Railway Zone which is run in between Puri to Haridwar and operated by the 2 number 18477 & 18478. If you want to know coach details the best way to grab the details of the coach is to simply have a look on the below seat map of the same and know of the position and other details of your coach of the train. Total Number of coaches it has 23 out of which there are 12 Sleeper Class (SL) coaches are there starts from S1, S2 to S12. Sleeper class is the most common coach of Indian Railways which can be afforded by most of the people. Sleeper Class is actually Non AC class but the fare is Rs.775 which is very normal and can be afford by most of the passengers. It carries 72 Passengers in a single coach as having regular sleeping berths of 3 by 3 in 2 long ways including lower, upper & middle berth. Sleeper coach in this train start from the sequence number 8 up to 20 Rake. Pantry Car is just next to the Sleeper S1 Coach in this train. Enjoy your journey with the normal sleeper fare and Have a safe journey. slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):- Thinking of travelling in the regular running KALINGA UTKAL EXPRESS in the Unreserved Second Class Compartment (GS) coach that is operated as per East Coast Railway Zone? The train operates in between Haridwar junction and Puri junction across the country and runs on daily basis. It runs from both ends with train numbers 18477 and 18478. The distance travelled by the train in total is 2366 kms. It stops by at around 75 halts in between the journey and runs with an average running speed of 49 km/hour. It takes 48 hours and 25 minutes of time to cover the entire journey. Amongst the availability of 23 coaches in the train, rake with numbers 2, 3 and 22 belongs to unreserved second class compartment GS coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within. If desired, do feel free to try out e-catering hot and quality food meal services as per the desire and convenience. To get the ticket in this coach and travel without any problem, make sure to reach the station within time and purchase the ticket from the counter at the station. Also, do go through the seat map to know more. Enjoy travel!

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- Do you have plans to travel in the regular running Kalinga Utkal Express and want to know about the coach that stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake (SLR)? The train is supervised by the East Coast Railway zone, and is known to be running on daily basis in between Puri terminal and Haridwar junction across the country. It covers a total distance of 2366 km in about 48 hours and 25 minutes of time. It stops by at 76 halts in between the journey and runs with an average speed of 49 km/hour. Considering the coaches availability, there are 23 coaches available in the train as of now and among them, the coach composition is been like involving second tier, third tier, sleeper and general class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within. The SLR coaches are basically the unreserved ones and people can travel in them simply by getting the tickets bought from the counter at station. As per the sequence of rakes, numbers 1 and 23 belongs to SLR coach. Travelling in them is not difficult, the only requirement is to buy tickets from the railway counter at station and get them on time. One portion is meant for the travellers and the other portion is meant for keeping out the luggage. The fare in general class that will be charged is Rs. 3170 in 2A, Rs. 2170 in 3A, Rs. 825 in SL and Rs. 450 in GN. In tatkal, the fare will change to Rs. 3695 in 2A, Rs. 2590 in 3A and Rs. 1025 in SL.

Utkal Express Timing from Bhubaneswar

Utkal Express is a superfast train that runs with the numbers 18477 & 14878 between the well-known pilgrimages cities of the country Puri & Haridwar. The train’s average speed is around 53 km/hr and covers a total distance of about 2378 km. it consists of 4 different types of coaches which includes the sleeper class, general coaches, AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier. There is also attached a pantry car to provide good hygienic and delicious, hot food to the interested passenger.

Train 18477 runs every day starting at 20:50 hours in the evening from Puri and reaches Bhubaneswar at 22.18. The halt is here for 5 minutes only and then it departs at 22:23 hours from Bhubaneswar to reach Haridwar station at 17:30 hours on the third day. Train 18478 runs every day at 07:00 hours in the morning from Haridwar Jn., to reach Bhubaneswar at 04:30 hours and Puri Station at 07:35 am on the third day. The overall journey takes about two days and an hour to reach the end destination and the total halt is about 73 stations. With pantry car attached, people can order for their favourite food.

The major halts between the two major stations are Sakhi Gopal, Khurda Rd. Jn., Bhubaneshwar, Tapri, Roorkee, Muzaffarnagar, Deoband, Cuttack, Meerut City, Bhadrakh, Meerut Cantt. Jaipur K. Rd., Ghaziabad, Soro, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Basta, Mathura, Balasore, Faridabad, Jaleswar, Faridabad, Hijili, Raja ki Mandi, Ghatshila, Dhaulpur, Chakullia, Agra Cantt.,  Tatanagar Jn., Morena, Sini, Dabra, Raj Kharsawan, etc.

Throughout the journey, this express train moves on alternate basis with locomotive WDM-3A LDH between Howrah and Nizammuddin stations and with WAP 7 TKD between Nizamudding and Puri, between Haridwar and Puri stations.

Stoppages of 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express

The Stoppages of 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express are at 76 halts in total in between. Few of the major halts are at Khurda Road, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Balasore, Tatanagar, Chakradharpur, Rorukela, Jharsuguda, Raigarh, Champa, Bilaspur, Pendra Road, Anuppur, Shahdol, Umaria, Katni Murwara, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra Cantt, Mathura, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and so. The respective stoppage time at these stations is of 20 minutes at Hazrat Nizamuddin, 5 minutes at Mathura, 5 minutes at Agra Cantt, 5 minutes at Gwalior, 10 minutes at Jhansi, 15 minutes at Katni Murwara, 5 minutes at Umaria, 5 minutes at Shahdol, 5 minutes at Anuppur, 5 minutes at Pendra Road, 15 minutes at Bilaspur, 5 minutes at Champa, 5 minutes at Raigarh, 10 minutes at Jharsuguda, 15 minutes at Rourkela, 10 minutes at Chakradharpur, 10 minutes at Tatanagar, 5 minutes at Balasore, 5 minutes at Cuttack, 5 minutes at Bhubaneswar, and 5 minutes at Khurda Road. Kalinga Utkal express comes under the supervision of East Coast Railways zone and runs on daily basis in between Puri terminal and Haridwar station across the country. It covers a total distance of 2366 km in a travel time of 48 hours and 25 minutes. It operates with a speed of 49 km/hour.

Seat Availability of 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express

Kalinga Utkal Express is quite an important mail express as it is connecting two pilgrimage centres of the country, Puri and Haridwar. The train is always in demand, and it is always advisable to book tickets in this express in advance so that there could be no hassle for the last minute of time. Are you looking for the ways to check seat availability in the 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express? There are sources available including Indian Railways where just by mentioning desired dates of travel, one can look for the seats that are vacant in the respective coach, and can book them as per the preference. The train belongs to East Coast Railways, and runs on daily basis. It covers a total distance of 2367 kms in about 48 hours and 25 minutes. The train has 22 coaches, including AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, general and sleeper category. There is also a pantry car attached within the express. In general category, the fare would be Rs. 775 in sleeper, Rs. 2070 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 3070 in AC 2 tier. From a child, the fare would be Rs. 380 in sleeper, Rs. 1015 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 1510 in AC 2 tier.

Fare Chart Of 18477/78 Kalinga Utkal Express

Kalinga Utkal Express is one of the significant trains belonging to East Coast Indian Railways and operating with train numbers 18477 and 18478 from both ends. The train is connecting Puri and Haridwar stations in the country. It is covering a total distance of 2367 km in about 48 hours and 25 minutes. The service frequency of the express is daily. Do you want to know the fare Chart of 18477-78 Kalinga Utkal Express? The coaches available in the express are AC second, AC third, sleeper and general category compartments. In general class, the fare would be Rs. 685 in sleeper, Rs. 1840 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 2705 in AC 2 tier coach. In tatkal class, there would be an additional surcharge of Rs. 210 in sleeper, Rs. 540 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 796 in AC 2 tier. In child quota, the fare would be Rs. 335 in sleeper, Rs. 900 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 1330 in AC 2 tier. In senior citizen female category, the fare would be Rs. 355 in sleeper, Rs. 945 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 1380 in AC 2 tier coach. Have a safe and hassle free travel!