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Overview of Aurangabad Railway Station – AWB

Aurangabad Railway Station (codenamed AWB) falls under the purview of South Central Railway Zone. The station is located on the Secunderabad- Manmad section and belongs to the Nanded division of the South Central Railway system. With five platforms , the station is well-connected to major stations such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Nasik, Pune, Nagpur, and other cities. Due to its strategic location close to Mumbai, the station has numerous super-fast, and express trains. The station handles high number of passengers, who are tourists to the nearby landmarks like Ellora, Ghrushneshwar, Daulatabad, and Ajanta Caves. Aurangabad was a famous city once ruled by the Mughal Empire, and still possess many ancient architectural buildings.

Aurangabad Railway station is located between Mumbai and Hyderabad major stations and act as a conduit for passengers in the central station. The railway lane between Aurangabad and Manmad is currently undergoing revamp, and post the upgrade, the average speed of the trains can go up to 120 KMPH from the current 75 KMPH. This would help passengers to reach Manmad within 90 minutes from the present two hours. The Southern Railway management is working on key projects to upgrade Aurangabad station to be a satellite station in the region absorbing the passenger traffic within the Zone. The increase in the passenger inflow at the station supplements the upgrade initiative, and very soon Aurangabad will be one of the major stations in Southern India.

The station is located 10 Kilometres from the Aurangabad International Airport and the Inter-city bus stand is nearby under 2 Kilometres. The high frequency of trains to the station makes this mode of transportation comfortable to the tourists. Aurangabad Station is the gateway for tourism, and hence famously called tourist’s paradise in Maharashtra. There are many tourist locations near the railway station such as Ajanta Caves (27 KM), Ellora Caves (29 KM), and Grishneshwar (30 KM).

Facilities available at Aurangabad Railway Station –

Aurangabad Railway Station hosts thousands of passengers on a daily basis. The facilities available at the station provide passengers an access to clean drinking water, well-maintained cafeteria, provision of paid air-conditioned waiting halls, and general resting rooms. The station is also equipped with book stalls on three platforms, automatic ticket vending machines, digital display boards, separate commuting services to differently abled and old age passengers, and other value added services. The station has a large prepaid parking area, prepaid taxi services, and monitored by CCTV surveillance from Railway Police Force (RPF) throughout the station. Aurangabad Station is one of those stations where maintenance services are actively performed for all the super-fast and express trains. The station has five reservation counters, and five platforms are always occupied with arrival and departure of trains.

Restaurants near Aurangabad Railway Station –

There are many restaurants near the Aurangabad railway station serving delicious food to satiate the passengers. Some of these restaurants serve a variety of regional food for the benefit of the high influx of tourists to the city. There are many hotels near the station to offer boarding facilities to the tourists, and most of the hotels have their in-house restaurant serving those staying at the place. The best restaurants near the station are:

  1. TravelKhana – 08800313131
  2. Tandoor Restaurant
  3. Wrap N Roll Restaurant
  4. Hotel Angeethi
  5. Hotel Abhinadhan
  6. Madhuban Exclusive Garden Restaurant

Famous Food of Aurangabad –

Aurangabad was erstwhile Mughal Empire’s military base, and still retains the Mughal culture with high population of Muslims in the region. The dishes are familiar to those in Hyderabad, and Lucknow. The popular food items of Aurangabad are Biryani Badshahi, Chand Ka Tukda, and Murg Noorjeha. The place is a delight for the non-vegetarians with myriad varieties from the Tughlaq cuisines portfolio. The city is also famous for sweets like Mawa Jelebis and Gulab Jamun. The specially prepared Paya, the local delicacy – a soup like curry, is prepared by cooking meat on the wood oven with various spicy ingredients for many hours. This is usually served as a healthy breakfast. Another famous food to try in Aurangabad is the Aurangabad Cantukky, inspired from the Kentucky Fried Chicken, and tastes great.

Trains Passing through Aurangabad Railway Station –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
7405 AWB TPTY SPL origin 18:40
11045 Dikshabhoomi Express(KOP-DHN) 16:25 16:30
11046 Deekshabhoomi Express(DHN-KOP) 09:00 09:05
11201 LTT AJNI EXPRES 00:20 00:30
11202 AJNI LTT EXPRES 06:25 06:30
11401 Nandigram Express(CSTM-NGP) 23:40 23:45
11402 Nandigram Express(NGP-CSTM) 21:30 21:35
12071 Mumbai Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi Express(CSTM-AWB) 20:35 destination
12072 Aurangabad Mumbai Jan Shatabdi Express(AWB-CSTM) origin 06:00
12715 Sachkhand Superfast(NED-ASR) (NED-ASR) 13:35 13:40
12716 Sachkhand Superfast(ASR-NED) (ASR-NED) 11:30 11:35
12729 Pune-Nanded Express(PUNE-NED) 05:18 05:20
12730 Nanded-Pune Express(NED-PUNE) 01:20 01:22
16004 NSL MAS WKLY EX 14:45 14:50
16733 Rameswaram-Okha Express(RMM-OKHA) 09:40 09:45
16734 Okha-Rameswaram Express(OKHA-RMM) 07:20 07:25
17001 Sainagar Shirdi Secunderabad Express(SNSI-SC) 20:45 20:50
17002 Secunderabad Sainagar Shirdi Express(SC-SNSI) 04:55 05:00
17019 Ajmer – Hyderabad Express(AII-HYB) 18:45 18:50
17020 Hyderabad – Ajmer Weekly Express(HYB-AII) 01:20 01:22
17057 Devagiri Expres(CSTM-SC) 04:05 04:10
17058 Devagiri Express(SC-CSTM) 23:20 23:25
17063 Ajanta Express(MMR-SC) 22:40 22:45
17064 Ajanta Express(SC-MMR) 03:45 03:50
17205 Sainagar Shirdi-Kakinada Express(SNSI-CCT) 20:45 20:50
17206 Sainagar Shirdi Express(CCT-SNSI) 04:55 05:00
17207 Sainagar Shiridi Vijayawada Express(SNSI-BZA) 20:45 20:50
17208 Vijayawada Sainagar Shirdi Express(BZA-SNSI) 04:55 05:00
17213 Naraspur-Nagarsol Express(NS-NSL) 06:25 06:30
17214 Nagarsol Narsapur Express(NSL-NS) 12:35 12:40
17231 NS NSL EXP 07:30 07:35
17232 NSL NS EXP 12:35 12:40
17617 Mumbai-Nanded Tapovan Express(CSTM-NED) 13:15 13:20
17618 Nanded-Mumbai Tapovan Express(NED-CSTM) 14:30 14:35
17687 Dharmabad Express(MMR-DAB) 17:50 18:00
17688 Dharmabad Manmad Express(DAB-MMR) 10:05 10:10
18504 SNSI VSKP EXP 23:20 23:25
22801 VSKP SNSI SF EX 07:30 07:35
22802 SNSI VSKP EXP 23:05 23:10