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About 12834/33 Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express

12833/34 Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express Time Table

Planning to travel in popular Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express? Running in between Ahmedabad and Howrah junctions, it is operating with train numbers 12833 and 12834. The distance covered by the train in overall is 2087 kms. Running with a good average speed of 56.28 km/hour, the superfast train takes about 37 hours and 5 minutes of time to cover the entire distance. As scheduled, train 12833 leaves Ahmedabad every day at 00:15 hours and reaches Howrah at 13:30 hours on second day of the travel. Train 12834 on the other side leaves Howrah every day at 23:55 hours and reaches Ahmedabad at 13:25 hours on second day of the travel.

Checking out online to get some rail information related to 12833/34 Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express? Belonging to Indian Railways, it is a superfast express running train heading in between Howrah junction and Ahmedabad junction across the country. It is been operating with train numbers 12833 and 12834. Train 12833 Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express runs from Ahmedabad to Howrah and train 12834 Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express runs in the reverse direction.

It has been comprised with 2 AC 2 tier, 13 sleeper class, 2 AC 3 tier, 1 pantry car and 4 general unreserved coaches. Likely to all other trains running all along and as per Indian Railways demand, this coach composition could be changed at any point of time. The total distance that is been covered by the train is 2087 kms. Train 12833 runs with an average speed of 55.53 km/hour and takes 37 hours and 35 minutes of time in covering the distance. Train 12834 runs with an average speed of 56.28 km/hour and takes 37 hours and 5 minutes of time in completing the distance. As it is been categorized under superfast running express, the fare includes a surcharge as well. The routeing of the express is been crossing via Rourkela junction, Kharagpur junction, Raipur junction, Bilaspur junction, Bhusawal junction, Nagpur junction, Surat, Vadodara junction and Nandurbar railway station. Aside from this, it is been hauled by WAP4 Vadodara or Santragachi shed throughout the travel.

As scheduled, train 12833 departs from Ahmedabad junction on daily basis at 00:15 hours and reaches Howrah station on second day of travel at 13:30 hours. Train 12834 leaves from Howrah junction on daily basis at 23:55 hours and reaches Ahmedabad junction on third day at 13:25 hours. Backed with both seating cum sleeping kind of arrangements, if needed, extra pillows and quilts are been provided in the AC coaches. In total, it takes halts at about 62 in between. Supposed to be well managed and hygienic, this express is been preferred by lots of passengers from all over known to be connecting so many travellers from all around. The train services are undoubtedly reckoned to be reliable and authentic and famous for its efficacy and punctuality. Though, in certain technical faults or flaws, a minor delay is been seen and it is always good to check on Spot your train utility and make sure whether it is been running all along right on time or not on that day. And make sure to plan your vacations or business meets properly, check out the seats and always book tickets within time to avoid any hassle at the last time. So, what are you thinking of? Check out the number of seats and do book tickets within time. And for fresh and yummy e-catering food services, make sure to order from Travel Khana to get none but the best food that could meet all your hunger pangs and cravings for sure. Have a safe travel!

Howrah Ahmadabad Superfast Express train, as the name suggests, runs between Howrah Junction in Calcutta, West Bengal and Ahmadabad Junction in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. This train is operated by South Eastern Railways and managed by Indian Railways.

It has been categorized as a superfast train because of its average speed of 68 km/hr. Superfast surcharge is additionally charged for this train as per the rules of Indian Railways because it runs above an average speed of 55 km/hr. This charge is already inclusive of the ticket fare between these two cities or any stops along the way.

Indian trains have been called as the best way to explore and enjoy the Indian culture and diversity at its best through their journeys. One can not only take pleasure in the ever changing landscape but also get to interact with people coming from different parts of the country, traveling together in the same trains. Gujarat and West Bengal are both famous tourist destinations and are known for their respective idiosyncrasies, which are responsible for attracting thousands of tourists connected by Howrah Ahmadabad Superfast Express.

Coach Information –

The train comprises of AC 2 and AC 3 Tier, Sleeper Class and General Unreserved class in its coach composition. There is also an additional pantry car attached to the train, which serves meals to the travellers at an extra charge, exclusive of the ticket fare. The passengers can buy the meals on their journey, which are prepared fresh and served on request.

There are both seating and sleeping arrangements in the train with extra facility of blankets and pillows in the AC coach. Just like any other train, the coach composition of the train is subject to change as per the demand of the travel season.

Service Information –

Howrah Ahmadabad Superfast Express operates as 12834/Howrah – Ahmedabad SF Express when it departs from Howrah Junction every day at 23.55 hrs and arrives at Ahmadabad Junction at 1300 hrs on the third day. The train number changes to 12833 when it leaves from Ahmadabad junction at 23.55 hrs and arrives at Howrah Junction at 1330 hrs on the third day.

Throughout its journey, the train covers a distance of 2087 kilometres in 37 hours and has a total of 62 stops in between. Travelling at a speed of approximately 55.53 km/hr, the train has been categorized as a superfast express train.

Routing Information –

In its course of travel, the train crosses from Kharagpur Junction, Rourkela Junction, Bilaspur Junction, Durg Junction, Nagpur Junction, Bhusawal Junction, Surat and Vadodara.

This superfast train is well-managed and connects millions of travellers to their respective destinations through its sound network. The train service is highly reliable and is known for its timeliness and efficiency. However, in certain unforeseeable circumstances, the passengers may experience delay or even cancellation, which can be checked online on real time basis through the online train running status. This technological advancement has helped many travellers to plan and manage their travel with proper effectiveness. Bookings need to be made prior to the travel date to get confirmed reservations.

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 37h 15m
Halts: 61
Distance: 2084km
Avg Speed: 56km/hr
Cleanliness: Average
Punctuality: Good
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12834/Howrah Ahmedabad Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Howrah Ahmedabad Express is considered to be in the superfast express train category and runs between the major Indian stations Howrah, West Bengal and Ahmedabad Jn., Gujarat. This train operates with the number 12834 and connects the states of West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. It offers passengers in this route with daily services.


This train starts its journey from Howrah at 23:55 hours and reaches Ahmedabad at 13:25 hours the third day. The total distance covered by it is about 2087 km, which is completed in 37 hours 05 mins. Its average speed is 55.90 km/hr (35 mph), while its operating speed is maximum of 68 mph (110 km/hr) and being a superfast express, there is included superfast surcharge on the fare. Vadodara or Santragachi based WAP 4 hauls the train.


There are in total 61 halts and the train runs halting at major stations like Kharagpur Jn., Rourkela Jn., Bilaspur Jn., Raipur Jn., Nagpur Jn., Bhusawal Jn., Nandurbar Rly Stn, Surat and Vadodara Jn.

Coach composition

This train has an ICF rake and fitted with 23 coaches in total. The coach breakup are 2 2nd AC coach, 13 sleeper coaches, 1 pantry car coach & 2 3rd AC coach.


The fare for an adult will be Rs.2010 for 3AC and Rs2940 for 2AC, Rs.430 for General Coach, and Rs.760 for sleeper coach.

Since it connects to major Indian cities frequented by businessmen and people seeking employment avenues, it is crowded most of the time.

Howrah Junction(HWH) origin 23:55 origin 0
Mecheda(MCA) 00:50 00:51 1 1
Panskura Junction(PKU) 01:10 01:11 1 1
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 02:00 02:05 5 1
Tatanagar Junction(TATA) 03:50 03:55 5 1
Chakradharpur(CKP) 04:49 04:56 7 1
Rourkela Junction(ROU) 06:17 06:32 15 1
Rajgangpur(GP) 07:00 07:01 1 1
Bamra(BMB) 07:30 07:31 1 1
Jharsuguda Junction(JSG) 08:08 08:10 2 1
Brajrajnagar(BRJN) 08:18 08:20 2 1
Belpahar(BPH) 08:29 08:31 2 1
Raigarh(RIG) 09:08 09:13 5 1
Kharsia(KHS) 09:35 09:37 2 1
Baradwar(BUA) 09:57 09:59 2 1
Champa Junction(CPH) 10:16 10:21 5 1
Janjgir Naila(NIA) 10:30 10:32 2 1
Akaltara(AKT) 10:44 10:46 2 1
Bilaspur Junction(BSP) 11:40 11:55 15 1
Bhatapara(BYT) 12:27 12:29 2 1
Tilda(TLD) 12:47 12:49 2 1
Raipur Junction(R) 13:30 13:40 10 1
Bhilai Power House(BPHB) 14:04 14:06 2 1
Durg Junction(DURG) 14:32 14:37 5 1
Raj Nandgaon(RJN) 15:03 15:05 2 1
Dongargarh(DGG) 15:29 15:31 2 1
Amgaon(AGN) 16:11 16:13 2 1
Gondia Junction(G) 16:40 16:45 5 1
Tirora(TRO) 17:06 17:08 2 1
Tumsar Road Junction(TMR) 17:25 17:27 2 1
Bhandara Road(BRD) 17:42 17:44 2 1
Kamptee(KP) 18:15 18:17 2 1
Nagpur Junction(NGP) 19:00 19:10 10 1
Ajni(AJNI) 19:19 19:20 1 1
Wardha Junction(WR) 20:24 20:27 3 1
Pulgaon Junction(PLO) 20:49 20:50 1 1
Dhamangaon(DMN) 21:08 21:09 1 1
Chandur(CND) 21:24 21:25 1 1
Badnera Junction(BD) 22:10 22:15 5 1
Murtizapur Junction(MZR) 22:43 22:45 2 1
Akola Junction(AK) 23:15 23:20 5 1
Shegaon(SEG) 23:44 23:45 1 1
Jalamb Junction(JM) 23:57 23:58 1 1
Nandura(NN) 00:09 00:10 1 2
Malkapur(MKU) 00:34 00:35 1 2
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 01:40 01:45 5 2
Jalgaon Junction(JL) 02:22 02:25 3 2
Dharangaon(DXG) 03:10 03:12 2 2
Amalner(AN) 03:37 03:40 3 2
Sindkheda(SNK) 04:16 04:17 1 2
Dondaicha(DDE) 04:38 04:41 3 2
Nandurbar(NDB) 05:12 05:22 10 2
Navapur(NWU) 06:23 06:28 5 2
Vyara(VYA) 07:10 07:12 2 2
Madhi(MID) 07:26 07:29 3 2
Bardoli(BIY) 07:46 07:48 2 2
Udhna Junction(UDN) 08:43 08:45 2 2
Surat(ST) 08:57 09:02 5 2
Bharuch Junction(BH) 09:54 09:56 2 2
Vadodara Junction(BRC) 10:56 11:01 5 2
Anand Junction(ANND) 11:42 11:44 2 2
Nadiad Junction(ND) 12:09 12:11 2 2
Maninagar(MAN) 13:02 13:04 2 2
Ahmedabad Junction(ADI) 13:25 destination destination 2

12833/Ahmedabad Howrah Express Route, Schedule & Time Table 

Ahmedabad Junction(ADI) origin 00:15 origin 0
Maninagar(MAN) 00:23 00:25 2 0
Nadiad Junction(ND) 01:04 01:06 2 0
Anand Junction(ANND) 01:24 01:26 2 0
Vadodara Junction(BRC) 02:17 02:24 7 0
Bharuch Junction(BH) 03:12 03:14 2 0
Surat(ST) 04:15 04:20 5 0
Udhna Junction(UDN) 04:32 04:34 2 0
Bardoli(BIY) 04:59 05:01 2 0
Madhi(MID) 05:18 05:20 2 0
Vyara(VYA) 05:38 05:40 2 0
Navapur(NWU) 06:17 06:22 5 0
Nandurbar(NDB) 07:15 07:25 10 0
Dondaicha(DDE) 08:05 08:07 2 0
Sindkheda(SNK) 08:30 08:31 1 0
Amalner(AN) 09:14 09:17 3 0
Dharangaon(DXG) 09:44 09:46 2 0
Jalgaon Junction(JL) 10:35 10:40 5 0
Bhusaval Junction(BSL) 11:05 11:10 5 0
Malkapur(MKU) 11:53 11:55 2 0
Nandura(NN) 12:18 12:20 2 0
Jalamb Junction(JM) 12:28 12:30 2 0
Shegaon(SEG) 12:48 12:50 2 0
Akola Junction(AK) 13:25 13:30 5 0
Murtizapur Junction(MZR) 13:58 14:00 2 0
Badnera Junction(BD) 14:50 14:55 5 0
Chandur(CND) 15:15 15:17 2 0
Dhamangaon(DMN) 15:30 15:32 2 0
Pulgaon Junction(PLO) 15:47 15:49 2 0
Wardha Junction(WR) 16:15 16:18 3 0
Ajni(AJNI) 17:19 17:21 2 0
Nagpur Junction(NGP) 17:45 17:55 10 0
Kamptee(KP) 18:19 18:21 2 0
Bhandara Road(BRD) 18:50 18:52 2 0
Tumsar Road Junction(TMR) 19:06 19:08 2 0
Tirora(TRO) 19:23 19:25 2 0
Gondia Junction(G) 19:56 19:58 2 0
Amgaon(AGN) 20:13 20:15 2 0
Dongargarh(DGG) 20:57 20:59 2 0
Raj Nandgaon(RJN) 21:30 21:32 2 0
Durg Junction(DURG) 22:10 22:15 5 0
Bhilai Power House(BPHB) 22:24 22:26 2 0
Raipur Junction(R) 22:55 23:05 10 0
Tilda(TLD) 23:36 23:38 2 0
Bhatapara(BYT) 23:59 00:01 -1438 0
Bilaspur Junction(BSP) 00:55 01:10 15 1
Akaltara(AKT) 01:32 01:34 2 1
Janjgir Naila(NIA) 01:47 01:49 2 1
Champa Junction(CPH) 02:01 02:04 3 1
Baradwar(BUA) 02:19 02:21 2 1
Kharsia(KHS) 02:41 02:43 2 1
Raigarh(RIG) 03:06 03:11 5 1
Belpahar(BPH) 03:47 03:49 2 1
Brajrajnagar(BRJN) 03:58 04:00 2 1
Jharsuguda Junction(JSG) 05:00 05:02 2 1
Bamra(BMB) 05:32 05:33 1 1
Rajgangpur(GP) 06:02 06:03 1 1
Rourkela Junction(ROU) 06:31 06:46 15 1
Chakradharpur(CKP) 08:06 08:13 7 1
Tatanagar Junction(TATA) 09:15 09:25 10 1
Kharagpur Junction(KGP) 11:17 11:22 5 1
Santragachi Junction(SRC) 12:46 12:48 2 1
Howrah Junction(HWH) 13:30 destination destination 1

12833/34 Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express Fare & Coach Position Seat Map

The fare for a person who is been planning to travel in this famous superfast train that is Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express in general quota is 2,940 in 2A, 2,010 in 3A, 760 in SL and 430 in GN. In tatkal quota, the rate changes to 3,465 in 2A, 2,430 in 3A and 960 in SL. Comprised with 22 coaches in total, it includes sleeper class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, general unreserved and 1 pantry car service. The seats in S12 coach is like 20, 21, 22 and 24.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout:-

Second Tier AC Coach (2A):- Looking for relevant information and updates related to second Tier AC coach position, seat map layout and coach position in Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express? Here, you will definitely get the details. As the train name also depicts, the superfast train runs in between Howrah and Ahmedabad and operates with train numbers 12833 and 12834. In total, the superfast train has 22 coaches involving AC II tier, AC III tier, sleeper and general class coaches. To understand about second tier AC coach position, it is must to have a look first at the seat map layout of the respective coach that includes 4 berths in every compartment involving an upper berth, a lower berth, a side upper berth and a side lower berth. Each berth is been schemed into different colour and could be easily differentiated without any problem. Like, upper berth is been highlighted in blue colour, lower berth in green colour, side upper berth in pink colour and side lower berth in purple colour. If a person has confirmed reservation to travel in the train, he or she can look at the seat map of second tier AC coach, and with the help of seat number, could see and figure out the location and position of the coach and seating without any problem. Aside from this, in the superfast train, there is a pantry car attached already and to satisfy your taste buds with one of the favourite meal, onboard e-catering food meal services are there. Enjoy your travel! 2a-aThird AC coach(3A):- Looking online for Third Tier AC coach position and information in Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express? Here, you will get the relevant information. As the train name depicts, it runs in between Howrah and Ahmedabad in India and operates from both ends with train numbers 12833 and 12834. Planning to travel in this superfast train? Looking for tickets in third tier AC coach in this train? As devised by the Railways department, in third tier AC coach seat map, it has berths involving lower berth, upper berth, middle berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Every berth is been categorized in different colour span and people can easily make out the difference among them just by looking at the seat map layout and numbering system. The berths available to seat and to sleep in this third tier AC coach are 64 in total. The superfast train has 24 coaches in total and rakes 17 and 18 belong to third tier coaches. There is a pantry car attached with the train, and travellers can even seek for fresh food delivery in train, all depending on the wish and demand. Simply having a look at the time table of the train helps people in figuring out the details in clear and concise way and even with the help of seat number, exact coach position could be figured out without any problem. So, have a look at the seat map and have a safe travel.3aSleeper Class(SL): Seeking online for information related to Sleeper class (SL) in Howrah Ahmedabad superfast express? Do you have any plans to travel in sleeper class in this superfast train that runs in between Howrah and Ahmedabad across the country or in between them somewhere? The superfast train runs from both sides with train numbers 12833 and 12834. To get an insight about sleeper class coach and know more about that coach in detail, the best way is to look at the seat map of the same as devised by Railways. The berths available in the sleeper class coach are lower berth, middle berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 72 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. As of now, the superfast train has 23 coaches available in total and amongst them, rake with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16 belongs to sleeper class coaches. It even has a pantry car attached within. Do feel free to try out e-catering food meal services as desired from Travel Khana. In case, you have confirmed ticket to travel into this train, do know in prior about the seat position with the help of seat number and enjoy a safe and hassle free journey.sl
Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):- Railway has come up with various superfast express that allows you to commute between various places through trains in cheap and affordable prices. If you are planning to travel between Howrah and Ahmedabad, you must consider Howrah Superfast Express for your travel. With total 61 halts on the route, this express allows the travellers to teacher their destination superfast, taking 37 hours 15 minutes to cover the full distance at superfast speed of 68 km/hour. With various facilities like pillows and extra blankets, this express also offers laptop/mobile chargers and E-catering services in the train.

The train has 2 AC 2 tier coaches, 2 AC 3 tier coaches, 13 sleeper class, 1 pantry car and 4 general unreserved coaches, giving its passengers a lot of space to travel and ensuring their comfort. Howrah Express train is well-managed, connecting millions of travellers to places like Kharagpur junction, Rourkela junction, Bilaspur junction, Durg junction, Nagpur junction, Bhusawal junction, Surat and Vadodara.

If your plan is sudden and you want to travel in this superfast train, but have no earlier reservations in Howrah express, do not worry. This exceptional express train has unreserved coaches for such passengers, providing you the opportunity to experience the journey in this express and travel through the unreserved second class compartments. You could buy your tickets for the unreserved second class compartment and still enjoy the facilities of Howrah Express. These are the compartments made specifically for people who buy tickets from the station. It is just that you cannot sleep in this train as all the seats are for sitting purpose only.

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- 
Have you been thinking to travel in the superfast train that is HOWRAH AHMEDABAD SUPERFAST EXPRESS in the Seating cum Luggage Rake (SLR) coach that runs on daily basis and in between Howrah junction and Ahmedabad junction across the country? It runs with train numbers 12833 and 12834 from both sides. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 2085 kms. It runs with an operating speed of 56 km/hour and takes about 37 hours and 30 minutes to cover the entire distance. It is stopping by at 62 halts within the journey. The train has 23 coaches available in the train and amongst them, rake with numbers 1 and 22 belongs to SLRs. It is always essential to do reach the station within time and get the tickets from the counter at its earliest as could be possible. There is a pantry car attached too in the train. If needed, do order for the fresh and quality food delivery in train services from Travel Khana. Also, have a look at the seat map of the coach to know more about the same and seat position in the train with the help of seat number. Safe travel!

12833/34 Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express Train Fare

Do you have plans to travel in the superfast express that is Howrah Ahmedabad mail? Want to get an idea of the 12833/34 HOWRAH Ahmedabad Superfast Express Train Fare? The superfast express is been supervised by South Eastern Railways and is known to be running on daily basis in between Howrah junction and Ahmedabad junction across the country. The distance that is travelled by the train is 2087 km and the operating speed is 56 km/hour. It stops by at 62 halts in between the travel and the travel time is of around 37 hours and 30 minutes. There are 24 coaches available in the train as of now in total and it covers second class tier, third class tier, and general and sleeper class category coaches. Even, there is a pantry car attached within as of now. In general class category, the fare charged from a person is Rs. 3030 in 2A, Rs. 2095 in 3A, Rs. 805 in SL and Rs. 430 in GN. In tatkal class, the fare will be Rs. 3555 in 2A, Rs. 2515 in 3A, and Rs. 1005 in SL class category. From a child, the fare charged will be Rs. 1515 in 2A, Rs. 1050 in 3A, R. 410 in SL and Rs 220 in GN. In child tatkal class, the fare will change to Rs. 2040 in 2A, Rs. 1470 in 3A, Rs. 610 in SL. From a senior citizen female, the fare charged will be Rs. 1565 in 2A, Rs. 1095 in 3A, Rs. 430 in SL.

Stoppages of 12833/34 Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express

The Stoppages of 12833/34 HOWRAH Ahmedabad Superfast Express are at 62 stoppages in total as of now. Few of the prominent ones are at Kharagpur, Tatanagar, Chakradharpur, Rourkela, Raigarh, Champa, Bilaspur, Raipur, Durg, Gondia, Nagpur, badnera, Akola, Bhusaval, Nandurbar, Navapur, Surat, and Vadodara. The respective halt time at these stations is of 5 minutes at Vadodara, 5 minutes at Surat, 5 minutes at Navapur, 10 minutes at Nandurbar, 5 minutes at Bhusaval, 5 minutes at Akola, 5 minutes at Badnera, 5 minutes at Nagpur, 5 minutes at Gondia, 5 minutes at Durg, 10 minutes at Raipur, 15 minutes at Bilaspur, 5 minutes at Champa, 5 minutes at Raigarh, 15 minutes at Rourkela, 7 minutes at Chakradharpur, 5 minutes at Tatanagar, and 5 minutes at Kharagpur. At other stations, the halt time varies between 2 to 5 minutes in maximum. The superfast express is supervised by the South Eastern Indian Railways and operates on daily basis in between Howrah station and Ahemdabad station across the country. The distance that the express covers in total is 2087 km and the travel time is of 37 hours and 30 minutes. It runs with an operating speed of 56 km/hour.