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About Maur Dhawaj Express 12491/92

Looking for more details to Maur Dhawaj Express 12491/12492 Acknowledged as a superfast express train, the Jammu Tawi Muzaffarpur Maur Dhawaj Express 12491/12492 is been operated by the Northern Indian Railways zone plying in between Jammu Tawi station and Muzaffarpur railway station across the country.

Running with two train numbers that is 12491 and 12492, the superfast express train is been crossing 6 states including Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar and Uttarakhand. Train number 12492 runs from Jammu Tawi to Muzaffarpur station and train number 12491 in the opposite direction from Muzaffarpur to Jammu Tawi junction. The stoppages took by the train are at Ludhiana station, Saharanpur junction, Ambala Cantonment station, Bareilly, Moradabad, Gonda station, Shahjehanpur station, Chhapra, Gorakhpur station, and Hajipur junction. As per the information, the larger sections of the entire route is yet to be electrified and as of now, it has been using a Ludhiana based WDM 3A locomotive that powers the express throughout the excursion.

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Highlights of Maur Dhawaj Express –

No of Coaches Total – 18, AC – 3, SL- 9, GN – 6
Pantry Car No
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Good
Cleaning Good
Ticket Availability Good
Passenger Safety Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12491/Maur Dhawaj Express Sonpur to Jammu Tawi Route, Schedule & Time Table–

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
BJU Barauni Junction 5:00
SPJ Samastipur Junction 5:55 6:00 5m
MFP Muzaffarpur Junction 6:55 7:00 5m
HJP Hajipur Junction 8:03 8:05 2m
SEE Sonpur Junction» 8:15 8:17 2m
CPR Chhapra Junction 9:35 9:50 15m
SV Siwan Junction 10:35 10:40 5m
DEOS Deoria Sadar 11:50 11:55 5m
GKP Gorakhpur Junction 13:45 14:05 20m
GD Gonda Junction 16:40 16:55 15m
SCC Sitapur Cantt. 19:45 19:55 10m
SPN Shahjahanpur 22:05 22:07 2m
BE Bareilly Junction 23:02 23:07 5m
MB Moradabad Junction 0:40 0:50 10m
LRJ Laksar Junction 2:48 2:50 2m
SRE Saharanpur Junction 3:50 3:55 5m
UMB Ambala Cantt. Junction 5:05 5:10 5m
LDH Ludhiana Junction 6:41 6:55 14m
JRC Jalandhar Cantt. Junction 7:45 7:50 5m
PTKC Pathankot Cantt 9:40 9:45 5m
JAT Jammu Tawi• 11:50

12492/Maur Dhawaj Express Sonpur to Jammu Tawi Route, Schedule & Time Table–

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
JAT Jammu Tawi» 20:10
PTKC Pathankot Cantt 21:45 21:50 5m
JRC Jalandhar Cantt. Junction 23:30 23:33 3m
LDH Ludhiana Junction 0:25 0:35 10m
UMB Ambala Cantt. Junction 2:25 2:35 10m
SRE Saharanpur Junction 3:55 4:05 10m
LRJ Laksar Junction 4:52 4:54 2m
MB Moradabad Junction 6:55 7:05 10m
BE Bareilly Junction 8:28 8:33 5m
SPN Shahjahanpur 9:36 9:38 2m
MINJ Maingal Ganj 10:22 10:24 2m
SCC Sitapur Cantt. 11:40 11:50 10m
GD Gonda Junction 14:25 14:35 10m
GKP Gorakhpur Junction 17:30 17:45 15m
DEOS Deoria Sadar 18:30 18:35 5m
SV Siwan Junction 19:50 19:55 5m
CPR Chhapra Junction 21:05 21:15 10m
SEE Sonpur Junction 22:05 22:07 2m
HJP Hajipur Junction 22:23 22:25 2m
MFP Muzaffarpur Junction• 23:25 23:30 5m
SPJ Samastipur Junction 0:20 0:25 5m
BJU Barauni Junction 2:10