Overview of Railway Stations in Jaipur

With one of the most wide-spread rail networks in the world, Indian Railways serves millions of people every day. Indian Railways is the most convenient way of transportation for people India as it has very low fares and has better connectivity to remote places. Indian Railways can be called as the backbone of Indian infrastructure as it carries freight of thousands of tonnes every day for various destinations. It is not only good for Indians to travel with Indian Railways, but it also provides best services for foreign tourists visiting India.

Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan in the western India. It is also called Pink City and is famous for its forts and other historical buildings and heritage. Historical buildings like Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal and City Palace provide tourist the best experience of being at this magnificent city. The best time to visit Jaipur is from October to February, as, at this time, the climate of the city is best for exploring the best of the city without being dehydrated.

Railway station in Jaipur (JP) –

Jaipur Railway station is the main station of Jaipur constructed in 1875 and is situated in the Jaipur city. It comes under the North Western Railway of Indian railways and serves as headquarter for this division. It is the largest railway station out of all the stations in Jaipur. The elevation of Jaipur railway station from the sea level is 428 metres. It is a terminus railway station and many trains terminate here.

The Jaipur railway station is connected with other parts of the country with the meter gauge and broad gauge rail lines. Daily around 35000 passengers arrive at Jaipur station. The number of broad gauge trains arriving at the station is 88 and the number of metre gauge trains arriving at the station is 22 trains, which make it the busiest station in entire Rajasthan. There are seven platforms at station and has trains departing for all the major cities of the state and country such as Udaipur Jodhpur, Ajmer, Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. India’s most luxurious train ‘Palace on wheels’ has Jaipur as a major stoppage in its schedule.

The main lines that pass through Jaipur are Delhi-Ahmadabad line, Sawai Madhopur- Jaipur line and Jaipur-Sikar line. The Sawai Madhopur- Jaipur line terminates at Jaipur.

Major Trains that arrive at Jaipur Station are;

  • 12035- Jaipur Agra Fort Shatabdi Express
  • 12015- New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi Express
  • 12215- Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bandra Terminus Garib Rath Express
  • 12181- Dayodaya Express
  • 12307- Howrah Jodhpur Express
  • 12239 -Jaipur Duronto Express
  • 12395- Ziyarat Express
  • 12315- Ananya Express
  • 12463- Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express
  • 12461- Mandore Express
  • 12955-Jaipur Superfast Express
  • 12915-Ashram Express

There are twenty-six trains that pass from Jaipur station or have it a major stoppage. The Jaipur railway station is equipped with all the modern security systems such as metal detectors, CCTV surveillance, X-Ray Baggage checking and railway Police Force. Apart from that, it has both AC and Non-AC retiring rooms and separate waiting rooms for ladies and gents. It also has a paid parking for over one thousand vehicles.

There are a fully functional computerised reservation counter and unreserved ticket counter along with an enquiry booth and railway assistance booth.

Gandhinagar Jaipur Railway Station (GADJ) –

Gandhinagar railway station is a small station situated in the Gandhinagar area of the city and serves the southern part of Jaipur city. Gandhinagar station is very close to Tonk road and Jawaharlal Nehru Marg of Jaipur.

This station has two platforms and two entry and exit points, on at each side of the station. There are many trains from and to Delhi, which have a scheduled stoppage at this station.

Some Major Trains are;

  • Jammu Ajmer Express
  • Udaipur Gwalior Express
  • Jaipur Amritsar Express
  • Marudhar Express
  • Agra Fort Ajmer Intercity
  • Allahabad Mathura Express
  • Bareilly Bhuj Express
  • Jaipur Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker Express
  • Ranikhet Express
  • Jaipur Agra Fort Shatabdi Express
  • Ala Hazrat Express

Durgapura Railway Station (DPA) –

Durgapura railway station is situated at a distance of 8 KM from Jaipur railway station and has an elevation of 401.38meters above sea level. Many major trains like Jaipur Superfast Express and Dayodaya Express pass through this station. It has two platforms and two exit/entry points, one at each side of the station.

These are some of the major railway stations in Jaipur.

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