Nearest Railway Station to Etah

Nearest Railway Station to Etah

Looking for an insight related to the nearest railway station to Etah? It is the Etah railway station. Etah railway station is just a km away from the city and it will take a maximum of 5 minutes in reaching there via road, using an auto or a taxi. Other railway stations that you can consider to reach Etah city is Awa Garh and Jawaharpur Kamsan Halt station that lies in close vicinity and it is going to take in a maximum of half an hour, depending on the traffic in reaching there. The municipality town is located in the Etah district in Uttar Pradesh, India and is famous for the Awagarh fort that is visited by many from all over the world. The prime occupation of the people here is agriculture. The region is pretty much fertile and is situated in between Ganga and Yamuna. As per the information, farmers are harvesting about three crops in a year. The water needed for doing irrigation is available all year round and the major agricultural products that are harvested here include barley, wheat, rice, jawar, bajra, maize, etc. Adding to this, the soil is highly suitable for tobacco cultivation.

Trains Passing Through ETAH/Etah

04191X Agra Fort – Etah Passenger Special (UnReserved) Passenger Rake 20:35 destination
04192X Etah – Agra Fort Passenger Special (UnReserved) Passenger Rake origin 06:00
54467 Tundla – Etah Passenger (UnReserved) Passenger Rake 08:00 destination
54468 Etah – Tundla Passenger (UnReserved) Passenger Rake origin 08:30
54469 Tundla – Etah Passenger (UnReserved) Passenger Rake 12:40 destination
54470 Etah – Tundla Passenger (UnReserved) Passenger Rake origin 16:00

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