Nearest Metro Station to Sadar Bazar Delhi

Are you at Sadar Bazar market and seeking for information related to nearest metro station to Sadar Bazar Delhi? Here, you will get the relevant information for sure. Have you ever been to Sadar Bazar in Delhi yet? Do you know about this market? Want to know about it? Well, it is a well known and famous shopping area located in the Delhi city. The name is indeed very common and people can actually found it across different cities and towns of the country especially North India, and in Delhi city, locals and even people who want to get something in bulk prefer to get the same from here. This market is been situated in Old Delhi city around the Western part of Khari Baoli street. Also been famous all over as the biggest wholesale market place in the city, people can look for a large range of products from household items to craft and more here at affordable prices.

Adding to this, it is even popular as the leading and prominent wholesale market for spices all across in Asia. Moreover, it is also a hub of many political, social and commercial activities held here altogether from time to time. Are you in the city and looking for a means to be there? The place is not only popular but also is well connected with the other parts of the city as well and people can take buses, private taxis or even auto rickshaws as per the desire and convenience. Even, Sadar Bazar railway station is nearby and connects to other remotest parts of the city as well in a proficient way. Aside from this, Delhi metro rail services are the best and fastest means to be there assisting all travellers to reach in minimal period of time.

Want to know now about the nearest metro station to Sadar Bazar market in Delhi? The nearest metro station to the famous and reckoned market in Delhi is Tis Hazari metro station lying at the red line of the metro railways and at an about 2 kms or 1.2 miles distance from the market. People can take an auto or a private cab to cover the distance or could even walk to be there within a time span of 10 to 15 minutes. Other nearby metro station where you can drop by to be at the market within time is R.K. Ashram marg metro station lying at the blue line of metro railways and at a distance of about 3 kms or 1.9 miles from the market that could be covered by an auto or a taxi or else, as per the convenience. Aside from this, Chandni chowk metro station is also nearby to the market and at a distance of 3 kms or 1.9 miles and people can easily take a cab or an auto from there to reach Sadar Bazar. In all, metro rail is undoubtedly the best and quickest means to explore the city and without much trouble, saving time and energy for them to explore more about the market.

Want to know about how to reach Sadar Bazaar from Kashmiri gate?
If yes, here you will get relevant details for sure. Sadar Bazaar is been situated at the western end of the Khari Baoli street and is well connected to rest of the city via auto, bus, trains and so. Kashmiri Gate ISBT is the nearest bus terminal, Chandni Chowk is the closest metro station and auto rickshaws connectivity is also there. The distance in between Kashmiri gate metro station and Sadar Bazaar is of 3 kms and by hiring a taxi or an auto rickshaw, the distance could be easily covered in like maximum 3 to 5 minutes of time. Sadar Bazaar is a famous and well known shopping market area in New Delhi city and the place remains usually crowded, packed with so many people on daily basis. A lot of people pay a visit to this market area especially to buy products and commodities in bulk and at affordable prices. The goods could be bought at wholesale prices from this market. Moreover, it is a famous wholesale spice market too. The railway station is nearby and many people prefer to travel via train to this place and meet their ends. So, travel with proper information beforehand and always use metro services to save your time as well as energy.

Want to know about how to reach St. Stephens Church from Delhi Sadar Bazar?

If yes, here you will get the relevant information for sure. The distance in between Sadar Bazar and St. Stephens Church is only 2.1 km and it will take hardly 10 to 15 minutes to cover the entire distance. People can cover the distance via metro, bus, via walk or hire an auto or a cab or so. Metro rail is the efficient and fastest means to travel from one destination to other, so in case you want to travel via the same, from Sadar Bazar, walk to the nearest metro station till Pul Bangash and wait for the red line there heading towards Dilshad garden and de-board at next station at Jhilmil. From there, it will be walking distance to St. Stephens Church. Aside from this, travellers can always hire private taxis or autos to travel from Sadar Bazaar to church and it all depends on the traffic at that time but it will be for sure in between maximum 10 to 15 minutes only. These days, private cabs like Ola or Uber are offering its excellent services to move from one destination to other and it is though a bit on higher price end but gives all comfort to its customers. So, as per the convenience, do take any means of transportation and have a safe travel.

Want to know about how to reach India gate from Delhi Sadar Bazar?

If yes, here you will find the relevant answer for sure. Sadar Bazar is a famous and well known market in New Delhi city, and a lot of people travel daily here as it is a wholesale market area and people used to buy things in bulk or stock at bargained prices. The distance in between Delhi Sadar Bazar and India Gate is 13 kms and it will take about 15 to 20 minutes of time to cover the distance. People can travel and cover the distance by an auto or by taking a private cab like Ola or Uber. Other option is to travel via metro service and the nearest metro station to Delhi Sadar Bazar market is Tis Hazari metro station. People can also take a metro from R.K. Ashram Marg metro station and drop by at the nearest metro station to India Gate like Central Secretariat station or Pragati Maidan metro station. From there, people can cover the remaining distance to India Gate either via walk or simply taking an auto as the distance is hardly 1-2 km away. The best time to have gala time at India gate is in the evening as the place lit up in the beautiful lighting there and there are so many activities there that people can enjoy to the most. Hope the information is useful and informative to you all.

Want to know about how to reach Sadar Bazaar from Vaishali Metro

Want to know about how to reach Sadar Bazaar from Vaishali Metro station? First of all, take down the metro from Vaishali metro station on the blue line heading towards Dwarka Sector 21, and get by at Mandi House and from there, walk till the Tilak Bridge station that is around 600 meters away and from there, get on the metro heading towards Sadar Bazaar. The process of covering this distance in between Sadar Bazaar and Vaishali metro station via metro is going to take 58 minutes and the fare that will be charged is Rs. 45. The distance in between Vaishali metro station and Sadar Bazaar is around 23.6 km and if you are going to travel via your own personal car or a private taxi through the NH 44 and Delhi Meerut highway, it is going to be taking about 54 minutes in covering the distance. Travellers can think of using the bus as well in covering the distance but it is always advisable to use the metro as compared to any other mode of transportation. Metro journey is safe and quick and is definitely recommended. Vaishali metro station is situated on the blue line of metro railways network and is serving the different suburbs of Vaishali, Vasundhara, Khora, Indirapuram, and many other neighbouring areas and hoods of the Ghaziabad. On the other side, Sadar Bazaar is counted among one of the oldest and widely visited areas of the city and lots of travellers prefer to come by here on daily basis and buy items at wholesale prices.

Want to know about how to reach Sadar Bazaar from Dwarka Metro

Want to know about how to reach Sadar Bazaar from Dwarka Metro station? The distance via road in between Dwarka metro station and Sadar Bazaar is of 24.8 km and it is going to take more than an hour in covering the same, via car or a private taxi, depending on the traffic and condition of the road. Metro is by far the most convenient and hassle free means of travelling for sure as it not only saves the traffic but also beat the heat as well. Take the metro from Dwarka Sector 11 metro station on the blue line heading towards Noida Electronic City, and get down at Karol Bagh and change the metro here heading towards Kashmere Gate and get down at Bara Hindu Rao. From Baa Hindu Rao, Sadar Bazaar is just at 900 m distance and it is going to take 10 to 12 minutes in reaching the market via an auto or walking. It is going to take about an hour only in covering the distance via metro and get there. Sadar Bazaar market is one of the widely visited and oldest markets of the Delhi city and not only locals but also people from all around go there to buy the spices, local products at reasonable prices.

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