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12171/12172 Mumbai LTT – Haridwar & Haridwar – Mumbai LTT AC Express

The Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Haridwar AC-Superfast Express is regarded to be a train that is superfast and belongs to Central Railways Zone of the Indian Railways. Right from its introduction, this train has been helping passengers to board at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and in between to reach the holy city of Haridwar by alighting them at the Haridwar Junction.

This train is said to operate with the number 12171 when it runs from LTT to Haridwar Junction. On its way back to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, the number is changed to 12172. The 12171/12172 Mumbai LTT -Haridwar AC Express (LTT-HW) is said to serve commuters of different states like Maharashtra, M.P., U.P., Delhi and Uttarakhand.

Coach Composition –

This superfast express is said to comprise at present the following coaches. There is a single AC 1st Class, two AC two-tier, nine AC three-tier and two end-on generator coaches. However, there is no pantry car coach in it. But passengers can avail hot, delicious, hygienic food at the several halts that the train would stop from time to time. Coach composition similar to other Indian trains could be changed by the Railway Board according to the present needs, requirements and booking circumstances.

Service –

This superfast express is said to cover a total distance of about 1771 kilometres. The total time taken for reaching the destination from its origin station is around 29 hours and 15 minutes, with an average speed of about 60.55 km/hr. On its return, the time taken by the train is just 28 hours and 55 minutes. According to Indian Railways rules, this train qualifies to be a Superfast Express, and is eligible for including superfast surcharge that is to be paid by the passengers. However, the rates charged are still very reasonable and considered to be the lowest, when compared with the other developing or developed nations across the globe.

Its Routes –

The different major stations that it crosses and halts are Nasik Road, Bhusaval Jn., Bhopal Junction, Jhansi Jn., Hazrat Nizamuddin, and finally, terminating at Haridwar Junction.

Traction –

The whole route still is to be completely electrified. Previously, a WCAM 3 engine that was Kalyan based used to haul this express from the LTT till Bhusaval Junction. After which, it was handed over to the WAP 4, Bhusaval based one until Hazrat Nizamuddin. From here the WDM 3D, which is Tughlakabad, is said to power the train throughout the remainder of its journey.

With the Central Railways moving progressively towards complete changeover to AC traction from DC, it is presently hauled by WAP 4 based on Bhusaval from LTT till Hazrat Nizamuddin and then being taken care of by the WDM 3A that is Tughlakabad based to power remaining journey.

Timings –

This superfast express is said to leave the LTT Terminus each Monday and Thursday at about 07:55 hours. It reaches its destination Haridwar Junction at about 13:10 hours the following day. On its return, the train is said to leave Haridwar Jn. every Tuesday and Friday at about 18:50 hours, to reach its destination LTT at about 23:45 hours, the following day.

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
LTT LOKMANYATILAK origin 07:55 Origin
KYN Kalyan Junction 08:28 08:30 2 min
NK Nasik Road 11:12 11:15 3 min
BSL Bhusaval Junction 14:10 14:20 10 min
BPL Bhopal Junction 20:30 20:35 5 min
JHS Jhansi Junction 00:28 00:38 10 min
AGC Agra Cantt 04:00 04:05 5 min
NZM Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 06:55 07:30 35 min
MTC Meerut City 09:03 09:05 2 min
MOZ Muzaffarnagar 10:03 10:05 2 min
RK Roorkee 11:53 11:55 2 min
HW Haridwar Junction 13:10 destination Destination
Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
HW Haridwar Junction origin 18:50 Origin
RK Roorkee 19:38 19:40 2 min
MTC Meerut City 21:32 21:34 2 min
NZM Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 23:15 00:10 55 min
AGC Agra Cantt 03:05 03:10 5 min
JHS Jhansi Junction 05:55 06:05 10 min
BPL Bhopal Junction 10:30 10:45 15 min
BSL Bhusaval Junction 16:35 16:45 10 min
NK Nasik Road 19:40 19:45 5 min
KYN Kalyan Junction 22:58 23:00 2 min
LTT LOKMANYATILAK 23:45 destination Destination

All about 12138/12137 Punjab Mail

There are many people who would like to visit the state of Punjab either as a tourist or to their native land to enjoy the vacations. Whatever be the purpose, this state is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful one, well-known for its greenery and rich culture. Moreover, this land is full of history and has various monuments and places that are a must visit for every tourist. One can avail the 12138/12137 Punjab Mail, which is considered to be Superfast Express train belonging to the Central Railways Zone.

About Punjab Mail –

This train is said to ferry passengers from Mumbai with its end destination being Firozpur. From Mumbai CST, it operates as number 12137, and on its return as number 12138. This express train is said to connect both the places, besides Firozpur Janata Express.

Its History –

Punjab Mail’s inaugural run is said to have been carried out on 1st June, 1912. It was then called popularly the ‘Punjab Limited.’ Its initial coverage was to take passengers from Ballard Pier and its final destination being Peshawar. It used to ferry civil servants, British officers along with their family directly from ships to North-West Frontier and Delhi, in British India. But in 1914, origination station got changed to Victoria Terminus. However, in 1947 after India’s partition, terminus of the train was brought to Firozpur, present on India – Pakistan border.

Its Coaches –

Punjab Mail presently is provided with one AC First Class cum AC 2-tier coach, one AC 2 and 3 tier coach, one AC 2-tier coach, Five AC 3-Tier coaches, four General Unreserved coaches, ten Sleeper Class coaches and one pantry car.

Like the other train services rendered throughout the country, coach composition could be amended at any point of time by the Indian railways, depending on the prevailing circumstances and necessity. Moreover, it also is said to carry Railway Mail Coach, thereby earning ‘Mail’ title with its name.

Services –

This express train does cover a distance of about 1930 kilometres. The total time taken to cover this huge distance is 34 hours, moving at an average speed of 56.76 km/hr. The down train covers the distance back in 33 hours and 55 minutes, moving at an average speed of 56.90 km/hr.

Traction –

This train is said to be hauled by three locomotives during its entire journey. WCAM 3 dual traction or the WCAM 2/2P locomotive is said to haul from Kalyan shed, to Igatpuri from Mumbai CST. Then WAP 4 from Ghaziabad hauls it until New Delhi. Following it, Bhagat Ki Kothi shed presents WDP 4 which hauls the train from rest of the journey till Firozpur Cantonment.

Other Details –

This express train in total has 56 stops when it travels from Mumbai and 54 stops on the way back from Firozpur. The total distance covered is 1,930 km (1,199 miles). It provides daily services to its passengers and is always packed up. There is no rake sharing facility offered in it. The operating speed is 68 mph/hr (110 km) maximum.

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
FZR Firozpur Cantt origin 21:40 Origin
FDK Faridkot 22:05 22:07 2 min
KKP Kot Kapura 22:21 22:23 2 min
GJUT Gangsar Jaitu 22:38 22:40 2 min
GNA Goneana 22:54 22:56 2 min
BTI Bhatinda Junction 23:25 23:35 10 min
MAUR Maur 00:02 00:04 2 min
MSZ Mansa 00:19 00:21 2 min
BLZ Budhlada 00:35 00:37 2 min
BRZ Bareta 00:50 00:52 2 min
JHL Jakhal Junction 01:08 01:10 2 min
TUN Tohana 01:24 01:26 2 min
NRW Narwana Junction 01:45 01:47 2 min
JIND Jind Junction 02:20 02:23 3 min
ROK Rohtak Junction 03:12 03:14 2 min
BGZ Bahadurgarh 03:44 03:46 2 min
SSB Shakurbasti 04:11 04:13 2 min
DKZ Delhi KishanGanj 04:25 04:27 2 min
NDLS New Delhi 04:50 05:15 25 min
FDB Faridabad 05:44 05:46 2 min
KSV Kosi Kalan 06:57 06:59 2 min
MTJ Mathura Junction 07:37 07:40 3 min
RKM Raja Ki Mandi 08:21 08:23 2 min
AGC Agra Cantt 08:50 08:55 5 min
DHO Dhaulpur 09:30 09:32 2 min
MRA Morena 09:55 09:57 2 min
GWL Gwalior Junction 10:28 10:33 5 min
DBA Dabra 11:11 11:13 2 min
DAA Datia 11:34 11:36 2 min
JHS Jhansi Junction 12:25 12:35 10 min
BAB Babina 12:58 13:00 2 min
LAR Lalitpur 13:45 13:47 2 min
BINA Bina Junction 14:45 14:50 5 min
BAQ Ganj Basoda 15:23 15:25 2 min
BHS Vidisha 15:52 15:54 2 min
BPL Bhopal Junction 16:50 16:55 5 min
HBJ Bhopal HabibGanj 17:05 17:07 2 min
HBD Hoshangabad 18:05 18:07 2 min
ET Itarsi Junction 18:35 18:40 5 min
BPF Banapura 19:04 19:06 2 min
HD Harda 19:37 19:39 2 min
KKN Khirkiya 20:04 20:06 2 min
KNW Khandwa Junction 21:40 21:45 5 min
BAU Burhanpur 22:33 22:35 2 min
BSL Bhusaval Junction 23:25 23:35 10 min
JL Jalgaon Junction 23:59 00:01 2 min
CSN Chalisgaon Junction 00:59 01:01 2 min
MMR Manmad Junction 01:50 01:55 5 min
NK Nasik Road 02:45 02:50 5 min
DVL Devlali 02:58 03:00 2 min
IGP Igatpuri 04:25 04:30 5 min
KYN Kalyan Junction 06:20 06:25 5 min
DR Mumbai Dadar Central 07:02 07:05 3 min
CSTM Mumbai CST 07:35 destination Destination
Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
CSTM Mumbai CST origin 19:40 Origin
DR Mumbai Dadar Central 19:52 19:55 3 min
KYN Kalyan Junction 20:35 20:40 5 min
KSRA KASARA 21:43 21:45 2 min
IGP Igatpuri 22:20 22:25 5 min
DVL Devlali 23:08 23:10 2 min
NK Nasik Road 23:20 23:25 5 min
MMR Manmad Junction 00:27 00:30 3 min
CSN Chalisgaon Junction 01:14 01:16 2 min
JL Jalgaon Junction 02:08 02:10 2 min
BSL Bhusaval Junction 02:40 02:50 10 min
BAU Burhanpur 03:28 03:30 2 min
KNW Khandwa Junction 04:55 05:00 5 min
KKN Khirkiya 05:48 05:50 2 min
HD Harda 06:18 06:20 2 min
BPF Banapura 06:50 06:52 2 min
ET Itarsi Junction 07:35 07:40 5 min
HBD Hoshangabad 07:58 08:00 2 min
HBJ Bhopal HabibGanj 09:10 09:12 2 min
BPL Bhopal Junction 09:35 09:40 5 min
BHS Vidisha 10:17 10:19 2 min
BAQ Ganj Basoda 10:48 10:50 2 min
BINA Bina Junction 12:00 12:05 5 min
LAR Lalitpur 12:57 12:59 2 min
BAB Babina 13:42 13:44 2 min
JHS Jhansi Junction 14:20 14:30 10 min
DAA Datia 14:50 14:52 2 min
DBA Dabra 15:14 15:16 2 min
GWL Gwalior Junction 15:55 16:00 5 min
MRA Morena 16:25 16:27 2 min
DHO Dhaulpur 16:50 16:52 2 min
AGC Agra Cantt 17:50 17:55 5 min
RKM Raja Ki Mandi 18:02 18:04 2 min
MTJ Mathura Junction 18:42 18:45 3 min
KSV Kosi Kalan 19:13 19:15 2 min
FDB Faridabad 20:24 20:26 2 min
NZM Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 20:51 20:53 2 min
NDLS New Delhi 21:15 21:50 35 min
DKZ Delhi KishanGanj 22:06 22:08 2 min
SSB Shakurbasti 22:20 22:22 2 min
BGZ Bahadurgarh 22:40 22:42 2 min
ROK Rohtak Junction 23:20 23:23 3 min
JIND Jind Junction 00:13 00:15 2 min
NRW Narwana Junction 00:38 00:40 2 min
TUN Tohana 00:57 00:59 2 min
JHL Jakhal Junction 01:17 01:20 3 min
BRZ Bareta 01:33 01:35 2 min
BLZ Budhlada 01:46 01:48 2 min
MSZ Mansa 02:01 02:03 2 min
MAUR Maur 02:23 02:25 2 min
BTI Bhatinda Junction 03:40 03:50 10 min
GNA Goneana 04:01 04:03 2 min
GJUT Gangsar Jaitu 04:16 04:18 2 min
KKP Kot Kapura 04:35 04:37 2 min
FDK Faridkot 04:49 04:51 2 min
FZR Firozpur Cantt 05:50 destination Destination

Overview of Indian Railway Luxury Trains

Since we can remember, India has enjoyed a reputation of being a destination of luxury. Here, a mere meal can escalate to the degree of being divine, a sombre journey has the potential to become a saga of sophistication, and a stay can re-define ideas of elegant living.

And this obsession, with a larger-than-life luxury, is celebrated in real, everyday schedules, as well. With a legacy of luxury, as old as eternity, the luxury trains from the stable of Indian Railways and IRCTC turn a simple journey into a tryst with regal living. These trains are truly the epitome of Indian luxury and sophistication done to perfection.

  • The Maharaja Express –

If you thought that a train journey can never offer sophisticated journey experience, think again, India’s Maharaja Express is the answer to Europe’s Oriental Express. The new age Maharaja Express is the property of IRCTC since 2010. The idea at work here is the same that defined the kingly life in India during the reigns of kings and the British Raj. From décor, dining to facilities, this train has everything done in the perfect royal style.

Wi-Fi connection, satellite TV, DVD viewing, air conditioning are just a few of the services that you will enjoy during the week long journey covering five different itineraries. Two of these focus on the Delhi-Rajasthan circuit while the other cover wider routes across India touching the most regal destinations.

From on-the-train luxury to off-the-train guided tours, this train is one of the best tourist trains in the world.

  • Palace on Wheels –

This was the original luxury tourist train of India. The inspiration came from the personal coaches that served the kings of Rajasthan, Nizams of Hyderabad, and of course, the Viceroys of the British Raj.

The coaches of these trains, the ‘Chambers’ or the ‘Saloons,’ bring a slice of royal life for the passengers. From personal attendants, air conditioning, satellite TV and internet connections, five-star toilet and room facilities are the essential part of the itinerary on board.

The Palace on Wheels along with the Maharaja Express has helped the tourism in Rajasthan flourish. The universal and timeless charm of these trains has made them a top seller in the Indian Railways repertoire.

  • The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels –

These trains exclusively cater to the tourists in Rajasthan looking for extra orbital experience. All the facilities, that define the luxury class train journeys, are present here, as well. The itinerary takes the passengers to the most colourful wildlife sites and iconic palaces of Rajasthan. The journey fittingly ends in Agra. Since the launch of the trains in 2009, passengers have shown great appreciation and favours to the journeys.

  • The Deccan Odyssey –

Indian luxury is not only about Rajasthan or the Raj. In 2004, the Maharashtra Tourism, along with the Taj Group’s help, launched the Deccan Odyssey itineraries. These trains offer a five-star luxury travel extravaganza covering various routes across western and south-western parts of the country.

From 3 nights’ stay to a full week’s sojourn, passengers can avail various itineraries based on travel routes. Gujarat, Maharashtra, parts of Karnataka as well as parts of Agra are covered by these routes. Wildlife to cultural tourism, spiritual to the historical journey – Deccan Odyssey will take you to themed holidays with unmatched luxury.

  • The Golden Chariot –

In 2008, Karnataka Tourism launched their flagship luxury trains, the Golden Chariot. The name comes from the iconic wheel of the temple in Hampi. These trains offer the quintessential luxury facilities like spa treatment, internet connectivity, etc.

The coaches are named after ancient kingdoms and the entire design and décor, just like all other luxury trains, revolve around the theme of India’s royalty. Passengers are taken to various historical and cultural sites in Karnataka and given guided tours.

  • The Kolkata Metro –

Indian Railways counts the Kolkata Metro service as a luxury service. And quite rightly so! The metro rails are the most preferred way of travelling in the busy city that saves time, effort, and of course, money. No wonder, all other metros are now following Kolkata Metro’s footstep for better intra-city transport ease.

Whether it’s vacation of a lifetime or a way of daily commute, the luxury trains of India make life easier in more than one way.